Mizuno MP-650 fairway woods right on money

Mizuno's new MP-650 fairway wood

I recently made a change in my bag with the addition of a new fairway wood. I replaced my Tour Edge Exotics with the new Mizuno MP-650, 15 degree wood. I am a very picky player when it comes to equipment – especially my woods. I find them to be the most difficult clubs to find that meet all my desired criteria. 

I prefer a fairway wood that I can stand over at address and not get distracted by extras such as lines, graphics, shapes or colors that often come on the crowns of the newer clubs. Additionally, I look for a fairway wood that is versatile enough to be hit off the fairway as well as off the tee on short par fours. This unfortunately presents a problem since most manufacturers design fairway woods for either ease of playability from the fairway or playability from the tee, the clubs are rarely married to create a club that can do both easily. 

The new Mizuno MP-650 is the perfect head shape for me. It has no unwanted distractions, and the face depth is great. The club is extremely versatile – I can hit it from the fairway with ease as well as tee it up and have no worries that I will be able to create the desired shots from the tee.

Sound is an aspect of a golf club that I believe gets overlooked. However, Mizuno has designed a club in the MP-650 that sounds fantastic at impact. It has a very dead, muted, yet solid sound that is distinct and lets me know that I have made solid contact. The ball also comes off the face very hot, which is also important. But it does not feel like it springs off like other titanium faces. That is, I can feel the ball staying on the face for a longer period of time.

Although the club is designed with its internal weighting to generate a favored left to right ball flight, I have found that it is easy to maneuver the ball and curve it right to left and left to right depending upon my desired shot shape. I enjoy seeing the ball get up in the air, without the ballooning effect, this club has provided that.
If you are interested in looking for a clean high performing fairway wood, the MP-650 might be your club.


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