Design master Tom Wishon debuts 575MMC irons

Tom Wishon's 575 MMC irons

Tom Wishon, my favorite golf club designer and one of the best in the business, has come up with what he says is the industry’s first cavity to muscle back mixed set, with each progressively different back shape created by precision CNC Machining.

Wishon, president of Tom Wishon Golf Technology, says each 575MMC (Machined Muscle & Cavity) iron starts as a soft 1035C carbon steel raw forging with a completely blank and flat back. The back shape of each 575MMC iron is then individually “carved” by precision CNC machining to ensure complete precision for the progressive center of gravity position and progressive MOI. Wishon says his Durango, Colo., based company is the first to employ the use of CNC machining to create the full back design of a forged iron with their high MOI model 560MC forged carbon steel irons.

Progressive irons sets have been around a long time, but Wishon says 575MMC employ a “more precise” form of CNC machining to create a mixed set of cavity back 3 to 7 to muscle back 8 to A-Wedge forged irons in a progressive back weight distribution design.

Starting with the 3-iron, according to Wishon, the back design of each cavity back iron is CNC machined to create a progressive cavity design that allows the cavity mass to progress from lowest on the 8-iron to slightly higher on each successive cavity back through the 7-iron. The progression of the back design continues in the muscle back 8 through wedges as Wishon uses the precision CNC machining to allow the muscle back mass to progress from mid blade on the back of the 8 to highest on the PW and AW.

By employing smaller machining cutters, Wishon says he has not only created a unique progressive rear weighting transition of the cavity to blade design, but with a “finely grained milling effect” that speaks clearly to the beauty and precision of the forged carbon steel design.

To be sure, the 575MMC aren’t for every player. You have to be as skilled a player as Wishon is a craftsman to use them, but if you can, you won’t be disappointed.



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