Carnahan golf’s Burnside putter a can’t miss on the greens


The head is white, with a gunmetal milled face, so the contrast makes it easy to align. In addition, the putter has two alignment lines on its top edge that make proper alignment even easier. The putter is completely customizable and is available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. The putter retails on the company’s website ( for $120.00 – a steal for the quality and performance of the club.
I traditionally do not find white club heads aesthetically pleasing. But in this case the color is not  a distraction. In fact, it’s quite pleasing to the eye. I was most impressed with how the putter performs; the milled face produces a solid sound with an extremely soft and forgiving feel; and the ball rolls beautifully off the club.
The Burnside putter by Carnahan Golf is one of the best looking, feeling and performing putters on the market. I highly recommend anyone looking for a traditional blade putter check it out.

Limited edition burnside putter from Carnahan Golf

I have been using a limited edition Burnside putter by boutique club maker Carnahan Golf the past few weeks. The Burnside (named after a bridge in Portland, Oregon, the company’s headquarters), is a traditional flange designed blade putter.

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