More President’s Cup Fiasco

The way I see it, the ONLY things that Michael Jordan brings to the table as a “co-captain” for this year’s President’s Cup team are 2 things: a huge ego and big, smelly cigars.  It’s not as if Jordan can play golf that well to the point where he can give some useful advise should one of the players request it. It’s not as if Jordan is the world’s best cheerleader or motivational speaker…accept when it comes to talking about himself.

It must have been hard for him to have to bow out of his “duties” as a co-captain, but given the labor turmoil the NBA is going through, and as an owner of an NBA team, it was the only call Jordan had. Replacing Jordan is long-time player John Cook who at least is a real-live Tour player and has experience in playing on a Ryder Cup.

Captain Fred Couples made his decision to bring Cook on-board because he has a professional relationship with him but also because he felt it would be a good fit for Tiger Woods. It’s true that Woods and Cook are buddies because they have played a lot of golf together when they were neighbors, but to openly say that this pick was done to coddle Tiger even more is pathetic. Freddie, what are you going to do next for Tiger…send someone in to help him dress or have someone  cut up his meat? This all might be worth it IF Tiger performs the way everyone is hoping…especially Fred Couples.

Dennis Silvers

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