Lost a golf club? Call Clubfinders!

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen for most golfers. You look in your golf bag and discover that one of your clubs is missing. What do you do?

Clubfiners Golf shop in Plano

Clubfinders Golf shop in Plano

If you are still on the golf course, you can turn the cart around and go back and check with the group or groups behind you. It helps, if you can remember where you last used the club.

If it’s later in the day, after you have already left, you can call the course and ask if someone has turned it in. All courses have a lost and found. Sometimes you get lucky, but sometimes you don’t, especially if the club that’s been lost is a wedge.

If none of those options are successful, you have a couple of choices. You can contact the manufacturer and see if they have a replacement available, but of course this can prove costly.

Or you can do as I did more than 15 years ago when I heard about Clubfinders Golf, a family-run shop in Plano that specializes in supplying replacement single irons.

I provided details of the model I used, and they attempted to find as close a match as possible from their inventory. To my surprise, it was actually my old club with the same identification numbers that someone had brought into the store! Of course, I had to pay the going rate, but I was still happy to be able to put the club back in my golf bag.

“We’ve been in business since 1995, offering one of the largest used-clubs inventories anywhere, plus over 20,000 single clubs, including some discontinued models,” said owner Darren Petty. “We also sell full sets of used clubs and everything from a putter to a driver, sell used and new balls, do club repair and offer to buy or give store credit for your old clubs.”

The idea for the family-run business got its start with Petty’s former father-in-law Jim Johnson, who started buying old clubs in 1993 at garage sales and selling them online from his home.

Petty said Johnson decided to specialize in finding individual clubs for players who had lost or broken a club by following the lead of the “Pongman,” who did that at his driving range in Arizona, after Ping agreed to stop producing the Ping Eye Two iron, when the USGA questioned the legality of the grooves on this model. In 1998, Johnson expanded by taking over the sub-lease of a Goldmark driving range, located near Highway 75 and 635 in Dallas. When the lease ran out in 2000, the business moved to its current location.

If you need to replace a specific lost or damaged club, just call Clubfinders Golf toll free at 1-888-234-6325 or 972-633-1033 to speak to a sales associate. Or if you live in the area you can stop by their store in Plano, located near Highway 75 and the George Bush Tollway, just South of the old Collin Creek Mall.

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