Antigua rain jacket helps keep you dry

When playing in the rain, a comfortable rain-proof suit or jacket certainly should be in your golf bag, helping you to stay dry.

Antigua rain jacket

Antigua rain jacket

I would recommend the Highland 100404 jacket, part of Antigua’s Spring 2014 Collection, after giving it a test this fall on a few damp day. I definitely stayed dry. It was also very comfortable, giving me plenty of freedom of motion when making swings. In addition, I believe golfers will like the styling and the color combinations, including Dark Royal/Black and Dark Red/Gun Metal.

Of course, having a rain jacket doesn’t do you any good if you leave in the car. I certainly wish I had taken it to Costa Rica after my wife and I got soaked at Hacienda Pinilla when we ventured out to see the par 3 by the ocean and I got slightly wet at Reserva Conchal when I got caught out on the 17th tee. I did see a double rainbow driving back to the cart return area. Unless you are in Costa Rica between December and June, rain is likely, making a rain suit or jacket necessary.

Back in Texas, I wore the jacket over a sweater when I did venture out in icey sub-freezing conditions in an effort to stay a little warmer. In fact, it even helped cushion a fall on the ice when I fell going to the mail box. I was lucky and not hurt as some others were during the ice storm.

Of course, the Antigua shirts in my closet are among my favorites and I will add some of the new styles this spring when they are available, especially after hearing about some of the new colors.

“The Antigua collection for Spring 2014 offers a new color direction with a bit of sport vibe as added influence,” said Sean Greggs, director of product development and marketing support. “Atomic adds a punch of orange pop, Glow is a hot nod to neon, Aquarius is the cleanest of true-blue—the shade just before dusk, Aster is a imperialistic purple with a bluish lean toward regal, and Light Apple is reminiscent of an apple whipped to a sorbet.”

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