Celebrate July 4th with Patriotic Golf Shoes

If you are a USA fan, now you can wear your heart on your shoe.

Okay, I promise this is my last post about shoes – unless they come out with some really cool skull and crossbone pirate models.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the good old US of A.

I’ve already mentioned that I am a big fan of the Adidas Tour 360 golf shoe, and not just because I got mine for free (I did, in the interest of full disclosure). Rather I like them because I try to always walk, and I have worn a couple of pairs of these straight out of the box for 18 with no breaking in and always enjoyed good results. I can swear they are comfortable, but I am not good enough to critique the “performance.” Then again, if your score is reliant on your shoes, you might have bigger problems

For today, I’ll stick to fashion in my analysis.

In conjunction with the recent US Open, and just in time for Independence Day, Adidas made just 3,500 pairs of this custom patriotic version. 300 will be sold online direct from the manufacturer, the rest you’ll have to hunt down at specialty golf shops. These are the same model, the Tour 360 4.0, that were worn by Adidas sponsored athletes at the US Open and will be worn at the Ryder cup. Besides the cool flags, the shoes themselves are red, white and blue and run $180. If you can’t find yours in time for July 4th weekend, don’t fret: the other 300 pairs I mentioned go on sale online July 12th.

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