Golf Second-Home Real Estate in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach has a lot more than golf, but also has a lot of golf

Periodically I bring you detailed and useful info on one of North America’s best destinations for a golf-based second home.

I write the most popular and widely read column on second-home real estate in the English language. My column is called “Life on Vacation,” and runs every Friday in USA Today, which also happens to be the number one newspaper in, you guessed it, the USA.

Because of my expertise on this topic, I have been invited to speak at real estate conferences, appear on real estate radio shows, and so on and so on, mainly because literally no one else in this country covers the second home market at the level I do. Since I have been writing this column week in and week out for nearly three years, I thought it would make sense to share some of what I have learned with you, my dear readers.

When I highlight a golf destination, it is because I think it stands out as a second home locale, the kind of place I might buy a second home if they paid me more. By following the link to my original USA Today story on this destination you can find in depth coverage of the market, prices, neighborhoods, the pros and cons and examples of what you might get for different prices.

This week I cover none other than the “Golf Capital of the World.” The greater Myrtle Beach area has over 100 courses and is known as one the best valued golf vacation destinations in the world. Guess what? It is not only golf vacations that are bargains here. It is also a great place to buy an inexpensive second-home and play golf most of the year in good weather. Basically Myrtle Beach offers a bit of everything, a vast medley of golf, golf and more golf, alongside tons of dining, drinking and entertainment choices. Then there are the huge expanses of sandy beaches, the family friendly appeal, and my favorite, more mini-golf courses than any place on earth. Read on…

Here is a link to my USA Today article on second-home real estate in Myrtle Beach.

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