Top 20 Weight Loss Foods

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Whether slimming down after the Holidays or reducing body fat for a firmer physique, CNK has 20 Fat Loss Foods that will help you look, feel and perform your best this year. Each food has been carefully chosen to prevent insulin spikes, increase metabolism, curb cravings and support permanent weight loss. Say good-bye to fad diets, weight loss drugs and quick-fix injections. There’s no need to torture or deprive yourself to achieve a beautiful body. Learn how to include these figure-friendly foods into your daily diet to minimize your waistline, while maximizing your overall health.

1. Almonds
Rich in fiber and unsaturated fat, almonds help lower insulin levels, reduce cravings and provide high satiation.

2. Apple cider vinegar
High in acetic acid, ACV lowers a food’s glycemic load, improves digestion, prevents overeating and increases satiety.

3. Avocados
Packed with monounsaturated fat and fiber that boost metabolism and support overall health.

4. Blueberries
Rich in polyphenols that support fat loss and fiber that prevents insulin spikes.

5. Cabbage family vegetables
Cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies are great nutrient-dense, low-carb, high-fiber foods to include.

6. Chili peppers
Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a spicy, thermogenic or heat-inducing compound that increases metabolism.

7. Cinnamon
With huge blood sugar lowering benefits, cinnamon can reduce the glycemic index of a meal by up to 29%!

8. Citrus fruits
Lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges are high in vitamin-C, bioflavonoids and phytochemicals that support immunity, improve digestion, increase fat burning, decrease insulin levels and support overall health.

9. Cocoa powder
Raw, organic, unsweetened cocoa powder is packed full of antioxidant-rich phytonutrients such as polyphenols and flavonoids.

10. Coconut Oil
Similar to lean protein, coconut oil’s medium-chain fats have a metabolism-boosting thermic effect. It also supports immunity, lowers blood sugar, balances hormones and improves overall health.

11. Coffee
Rich in antioxidants organic coffee enjoyed in moderation can result in a short-term increase in metabolism.

12. Free-range eggs
With over a dozen reasons to enjoy eggs, it’s no surprise that protein-rich eggs can support weight loss.

13. Ginger
High in capsaicin, a calorie burning compound, ginger is excellent for metabolism, digestion and immunity.

14. Grass-fed meat
An excellent source of lean, metabolism-boosting protein, grass-fed meats like beef or bison, are a rich in CLA that aid fat loss and support muscle mass.

15. Green leafy vegetables
Rich in phytonutrients, chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, green leafy veggies are great nutrient-dense, low-carb, high-fiber foods to include.

16. Green tea
Catechins found in green tea have excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, metabolism-boosting, insulin-lowering and anticancer benefits.

17. Walnuts
Walnuts are excellent for lowering insulin levels, reducing sugar cravings and providing high satiation. They’re also an excellent source of omega-3s and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and promote overall health.

18. Water
A great calorie-free beverage, water boasts many benefits, including fat loss.

19. Wild salmon
Rich in protein and omega-3s, salmon reduces inflammation, improves insulin levels, decreases depression, provides high satiation, and supports fat loss.

20. Whey protein
For those who can tolerate whey, this form of protein powder is a highly digestible source of metabolism-boosting amino acids.

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