The Magic of Asking Better Questions



If I ask you “Why is the sky blue?” your mind will start searching for the answers regardless of whether you know the answer or not. The brain is just like that. I’ll bet that at the very least, you pictured a blue sky in your mind.


If you’ve had a setback, it’s perfectly natural to ask why. I do. And when we do, our brain will set about to find evidence to support the gist of the question. It follows that when we ask a negative question, the response will be to support the underlying assertion, and the answers create an even more negative response – and the subconscious takes note. Pretty soon little innocent sounding negative questions begin to create patterns that soon become ruts either that work for or against you. On the other hand, when you ask positive empowering questions, your outlook and your life begin to take a completely different perspective than when you ask negative ones.


Now if you are stuck, ask yourself what kind of questions do you ask yourself? Why is my luck so bad? Why poor me? Why can’t I advance in my profession? Why is life so cruel or tough? Why can’t I make more money, play better golf, or meet the person of my dreams? You are creating your life with your questions as your focus begins to attract those very things you may be lamenting.


I encourage you regardless of how you perceive your current circumstances to begin asking yourself empowering questions. Why am I so lucky? Why do interesting, kind people gravitate toward me? Why do I find prosperity greeting me at every turn? Why am I so healthy and happy? Use your imagination and then contemplate the answer to your newly framed questions. Sometimes the answer pops out right in front of you and other times its appearance will be delayed, but your subconscious mind will be quietly working on it nonetheless. As always, be patient with the process and forgiving of yourself.


Remember that energy follows focus, and when you change your focus by simply asking empowering questions, your life begins to magically transform.


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