“Jason struggling against himself.”

Do you want to let go of some angst or ill feelings, or rid yourself of a bad habit, but haven’t been able to? Here are some suggestions to consider.

So often we get into a “fix it” or ridding mode, but struggle. Perhaps at a deeper or subconscious level, we have become comfortable with our “story” or limitations, and they’ve become like an old ally, though at a conscious level, we know they don’t serve us. It’s an uncomfortable situation. What do you do?

The first thing you might want to do is to stop trying to fix or rid yourself of the situation or circumstances. Yes, quit or give up, or at least give pause. Often when we stop trying or struggling, life has a way of simply dissolving the issue.

Should that not work, there is yet a second tactic, which is to simply give yourself permission to continue holding onto whatever you have been trying to rid yourself of. That might seem odd or counter-intuitive, but you might as well as well keep doing what you’re doing while you are doing it. By acknowledging the situation and in essence forgiving ourselves, we create a relief valve and again the situation more often than not will correct itself.

The ego is tightly invested in always battling, and wanting to be in control and right, but when we acknowledge the ego and its (our) struggle, we remove its interference. Sometimes it’s better to simply take our oars out of the water and go with life’s flow rather than continuing to struggle by swimming or paddling upstream as our ego would have us do.

Ridding ourselves or trying to fix things is a cousin of fear and when we focus upon that emotion, we create more of the same. We are focused upon a negative and whatever we focus upon, we attract. Instead, it is better to instead concentrate upon that which we want and release our stress.

By simply acknowledging and letting go, and resetting our attentions elsewhere toward that which we want more of (and not less of), we learn that we don’t necessarily have to “struggle.” Sometimes a change of direction coupled with the recognition that you have to give up control to gain control is the best fix.

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