12 Life Hacks To Break A Slump

jungwoo hong

(Photo by Jungwoo Hong)

If you feel overwhelmed or are experiencing troubling challenges, here are a dozen areas you might consider to unlock yourself and set up new opportunities. Because everything is connected, one change can have a real ripple effect!

Set financial goals. Consider short-term or long-term goals to live/spend beneath your means. If applicable, start paying off any credit card debt. Maybe you could create a monthly budget.

Put mindful limits on things like alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Indulging in these substances more mindfully can have a significantly positive effect on your physical and emotional health.  Include more organic fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods in your diet. Eat sensibly in moderation. Keep or get your body into movement.

Practice forgiveness, and be sure to start with yourself.

Keep your living space tidy. Your environment will help keep your mind quiet and calm.

Get outside! Take a hike, go for a run or have a picnic for lunch outdoors.

Create boundaries around screen time – television, cell phone, social media, etc.

Stay connected to other people. Make human interaction a priority and schedule this into your calendar. Volunteer for something if you don’t have many acquaintances.

Take a healthy risk. Maybe you can start working on that dream of yours and start putting things into action.

Practice patience. Make yourself patiently wait for a day or two before making a purchase on something you simply just “want.”

Work toward mutual honor and respect in relationships. Observe the way you talk to friends, family and strangers. Treat all with the dignity and kindness and the way you would want to be treated.

Drink more water. Lack of proper hydration leads to all sorts of problems.

Consider your sleep. Get more if necessary by going to bed earlier and rising earlier.

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