The Perfect Present

Your present really is perfect – especially when we know what to do with it!

The present is perfect for learning to grow.  Real learning occurs through living and doing, not studying, thinking, and regurgitation.  As most teachers or coaches will agree that there is no better way to refine skills than through hands-on involvement.  That means getting into the game, and being involved with the perfect present.

If you hate your present and are out of synch with it, what do you think your future will look like?  Yes, you can make a case for acknowledging our past and planning for your future, but in the realest of terms, the present is all you have to work with, anything else is simply wasted energy.  Worry serves no useful purpose; it is a low frequency vibration and only attracts more of the same negative energy.   Reflecting upon our past only reinforces “our stories,” our interpretation of our experience of the world from our own little unique perspective, and it limits the possibility for growth.  In other words, a preoccupation with past events is akin to swimming or rowing against the flow or current of life.

The present may not appear exciting enough or rich enough to capture our full attention, especially compared to the vast reservoir of the past or the potential of the future. Not only is the present all you have to work with, but what is really exciting is that you can, indeed, CHANGE it.  Changing the present is the easy, effortless way to affecting The Law of Attraction, the equivalent of relaxing your grip on the oars and letting your boat go downstream.  Conversely, the tough but prevalent way is trying to change the future while being deeply rooted in the past.  If that isn’t the prescription for inner conflict, what is?

Think of this, if you want to evolve as a person, the present is actually just a series of minute marking points that add up to the bigger picture of your evolution.  Each is a building brick to that which you want to become and attract.  Skip or ignore those blocks and you can expect your evolution to be somewhat different.  Also consider that while you are evolving in some sort of fashion, the rest of the world is too.  If that doesn’t make the present exciting, what does?

Normally when you want improvements, you set goals for the future.  Hasn’t that been the conventional wisdom?  How about taking that same energy and redirecting it to improve the present?  You will probably attract a better future “doing,” with the word “attract” being the operative one.  A better future will probably find you with essentially no effort, as you have made the most of the present you have been provided.

While you can learn much from your past, it could be also said that you could learn even more about your past from a complete understanding of your present.  You could call your past the “cause” and then the present is your “effect.”  When you combine the two understandings, you are in a better position to conceive your future some might exclaim in disagreement.   Perfect does not mean that all is right, fair, just, or even desirable.  Okay, it may not be ideal, optimum or even feel good, but it actually is perfect, perfect to learn from and grow forward from.

Remind yourself to appreciate and be grateful for everything.  Even the worst of the present circumstances offers gifts.  So from either from a learning or growing perspective, the present really is perfect!

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