10 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life




Let’s not be complicated in simplifying our life so here are 10 “simple ways” to do so.

1.  Throw something out or give something away for everything you acquire.  Resist the urge to acquire something simply because it is a “bargain” or “free.”  In reality, it isn’t because there’s always all sorts of holding costs associated with it.

2.  When you get any incoming message be it mail or email, act upon it at once or put it into a bin to be acted upon no longer than once a week.  Don’t procrastinate.

3.  Detach from “things.”  Limit those things you become attached to and cherish.  A good switch might be to substitute a new relationship or experience in place of the thing.

4.  Clean out the clutter both within you and around you.  Our stuff saps our attention and inhibits healthy flow.

5.  Just say “No.”  Those of us who say yes to everything without boundaries are inviting confusion and complexity to our lives.

6.  Rid yourself of toxic or unhealthy relationships.  (You can do this in a loving way if you think about it.) Spend more time with people whose energy complements yours, not saps you.

7.  Spend more time exercising outdoors than acquiring or spectating inside.

8.  Treat your body well.  Exercise regularly, hydrate, eat and drink healthy, and get a proper amount of sleep.

9.  Stop worrying.  Why do you worry when you can probably realize that doing so never has really helped and most of what you have worried about was not as bad as imagined or never even happened?  Take action instead of worry and look for things to be grateful for.

10. Forgive yourself and others.  This may seem a bit off subject, but drama and angst toward others really complicates everything in and about our lives.  The best place to start is with you.

Don’t worry about doing all these nine things at once.  Take “baby steps,” but do take action.  As you begin to build one new habit or behavior, expand onto another of the steps.  Enjoy the journey and it’s never too late to finish strong.  And we can re-invent ourselves whenever we choose.

How about simple solutions?




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