Dissolving Unwanted Emotions Such As Fear & Anxiety

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Whether on a more global scale, community, family, or individual platform, fear and anxiety can be insidious emotions. They freeze and inhibit, preventing us from doing that which is in our highest and best good. They grab us, holding us hostage to expect the very things that we don’t want to happen.

The following process to eradicate these is based upon Lester Levenson’s “Sedona Method” that is continued by Hale Dwoskin. It is designed to help you free yourself from the fear and anxiety that is causing you to expect the worst, and welcome at least the possibility of something more positive. In fact, it can be used to free up any unwanted emotions.

As you simply ask these three questions with an open mind and heart, you will find that fear naturally drops away. You will discover that you both feel lighter, happier, safer, and more able to see positive outcomes.

Do your best to answer the following questions with a “Yes.” If it feels like a tentative yes, keep asking. You will find the resistance drops with each asking.

• Could you allow yourself to welcome or allow any anxiety or fear you are feeling in this moment and notice the expectation behind your fear?

• Could you let that expectation go as best you can?

• Could you allow at least the possibility of a brighter more positive outcome as best you can?

Be patient. Each time you go through these questions, you will begin to feel your tension and fear dissolve. Your transformation may happen immediately or could take repeating the process. Eventually it will open you to your inner power and strength. This will help you to tap your clear reason and intuitive knowingness to support you in feeling safe and taking more courageous and appropriate actions.

Yes, this process works great for yourself, but I encourage you to share it with everyone that you know who is willing to be free of fear. You can do this with family and friends, with circles at work, or in organizations you belong to. You can utilize this process to feel safer and more alive and to create a strong loving, fearless community for yourself and a safer world for us all!

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