8 Steps to Invoke the Law of Attraction to Work for You


The Law of Attraction is a law of Nature and is working 24/7 whether or not you know, believe in or care about it.  It is shaping our lives all the time. While there are other forces also influencing us as well as other people exercising the Law of Attraction. Sometimes they do so in competing and sometimes conflicting ways with more energy or force than we have, but we all have the capability to harness this Law to operate more often for us rather than against. No, it will not always give us what we want in the form we want or when we expect it, but it inevitably can work for us if we know how to leverage it.


There are only two energy forces or feelings we generate – love and fear (Law of Polarity). Every emotion is a cousin to either one or the other. In my book, “The Bliss-ipline Factor” I reveal the “Thanksgiving Formula” which is a catalyst to leveraging the Law of Attraction to work in an “operating” mode. Gratitude, appreciation, thanks, or whatever you call it is the key ingredient to exercise in all your “attraction actions.”


Here’s an eight-step process for creating or attracting what you want:


1.  Determine what you have, acknowledge it as a gift, and be grateful. If you find a bunch of things wrong that you don’t want list them too, but then modify them to the opposite – things you do want. Don’t dwell on your circumstances, or continue to repeat or harp on current conditions; just be grateful and focus on a positive version of your goal or desire.


2.  Decide what you want. Be specific, excited, positive, and thankful. Be grateful for the awareness, opportunity, possibility, and ultimate experience of whatever you hope to create or experience. Relish the journey toward their attainment.


3.  Declare that you already have specifically what you desire – giving thanks, appreciation, gratitude, etc, as if you have already received your answer or desire.


4.  Affirm your desire specifically. Positively declare how grateful you are for experiencing your desire. Though you may not already be in possession the aspect, remember that you are in the process of moving toward your goal and feel good about the journey or process.


5.  Believe in your affirmation and desires. Feel the reality, emotion, and gratitude of and for your desire. State that you are indeed in the process of getting or becoming ________ because ________. While your subconscious may not believe some outrageous request, it will believe that you are in the process and especially if you end with a reason why. (For example, I am in the process of becoming my perfect weight because I exercise daily, eat intelligently, and am focused upon my goal.)


6.  Take massive inspired action. The Law of Attraction doesn’t often respond to “Wish Fairies.” Action is often required. I call it Bliss-ipline – the combination of joy/bliss and discipline. This fuel additive puts the Law of Attraction on steroids.


7.  Accept and allow with patience, and act on the things and inspirations that come to you. Joyfully and gratefully moving toward your desire each day and allowing “what you want” to become “what you have,” and even who you are. This is called being in alignment to receive and often the trickiest aspect. If you are angry, jealous, impatient, unforgiving, or are carrying any fear-based biases, you take yourself out of alignment to receive thus sabotaging the Law of Attraction.


8.  Experience what you want as a reality. Recognize your desire or answer in any form it takes – being thankful and happy always. Stay awake by asking yourself if you are awake. By this I mean to observe by keeping your attention open. It is human to go through life with our old “software” governing practically our every move, but stop, observe, and reflect before reverting to automatic responses. Many people think their prayers aren’t answered and their dreams don’t come true because they “muddy the water” of their mind and thoughts, and simply don’t recognize the answer or experience when it passes right in front of them.


Important Note: When you see other people experiencing what you want, or what you want to experience, don’t be jealous or impatient; be joyful for them that your desire is possible and others are able to create the experience you are seeking, which means you can, too. Also remember to be for something rather than against it or trying to rid yourself of something. Convert every negative request to an affirmative one because the Universe doesn’t relate to positives or negatives, it simply provides you with what you focus upon.


Be appreciative for your journey toward becoming a better you. You see the Law of Attraction is not so much about getting, but rather becoming.  As you evolve toward your goals, you will discover a better you – a happy giving person who positively affects all.


Enjoy the journey!




4 Responses to “8 Steps to Invoke the Law of Attraction to Work for You”

  1. Robert Rigsby

    Hi Bob
    These are great easy to follow tips. Especially like your bit on jealousy as this will de-rail any positive energy you are sending out to the universe.
    Thanks Robert

  2. Jean Nielsen

    Perhaps the law of attraction will work for me as well, I really need something to work for me. The steps look easy to follow since my day is going well, however I see a challenge with staying positive when my day is not going well. I suppose it all comes down to how many challenges a person can take on per day. I am thankful to have stumbled upon your 8 steps. Thank you.

    Jean Nielsen

  3. The Secret

    I have been watching you from the long time. Really thanks for sharing such an amazing stuff which is a quite helpful for us just keep doing it.

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