What? A Ten-Second Meditation To Change Your Life!


(Photo by Robert S. Fagan)

Increasingly folks are realizing the value of meditation. Few doubt its benefits, but many still can’t find the time or place to do it. Well here’s a solution for that – The 10-Second Meditation.

I am far from its originator, but rather one of many champions of this. It goes like this…

This micro-meditation can be either an eyes-open or eyes-shut exercise. For five seconds, intensely visualize another person and wish nothing but genuinely pure loving, healing thoughts for them. They don’t have to be in your presence and they may have even deceased. That is not important. If you feel your subject has done you wrong, all the better. Stretch and extend them forgiveness. It matters little if they are a friend or foe. Total strangers and passersby also make for excellent subjects as you might also project an inner (or outer) smile or loving kindness directly at them. Envision them as Angels, “Tiny Buddhas”, “Jesus-figures,” God-like or love – whatever you like. Focus on them for five seconds. After five seconds, quickly choose another person as the recipient of your goodwill and repeat. It’s just that simple!

You could be in a meeting, sitting on a bus, eating, waiting in line or at a traffic light, by yourself on a beach, mountaintop, or golf course. Any time or place and most any activity (not requiring total attention like driving) will suffice and you are free to do it as many times a day as you wish.

Thoughts are real vibrational forces of energy and generate feelings that in turn create actions and finally outcomes. Your job is to generate these loving, healing thoughts, savior the resulting feelings, and then detach from the outcomes. While it is difficult to measure this impact on others, you will surely begin to realize benefits. Many people realize them immediately, but if you don’t, don’t fret and just keep practicing. Your life can only improve.

This is real and the results have been proven to be even more than impressive… and it’s guaranteed to work. Just start doing it!

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