“The Life-Hacker’s Tool Box” – A Book By Bob Fagan

“Your Coach In A Box”


“Life Sails On Under The Golden Gate Bridge”

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Introduction – What Is This All About? Access Codes To Success & Fulfillment!

There are 20 Angels on the planet… 10 are sleeping… 9 are playing… and one… is reading this! 😉

I see you. I know you. I savor your light. Your heart is known and more people than you might imagine cherish you. In fact, if you knew how many others you have touched in wonderful ways, you’d be astonished. You are far more wonderful than you think you are. Rest easy with that. Now breathe again. You are doing fine. No, far better than that. You’re fantastic and you’re special. You see, I know you so relax. And love yourself today.

I am so excited to share with you some of the perspectives that have helped me and my clients – my “life tool box.” It is said that you teach that which you must learn and this is no exception. Just as this compilation has been a big helping reminder for me, it may be some value to you too.

This is not about fixing you, but wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it would be nice to have some encouragement, a useful perspective, or even some whisper points from a trusted friend or virtual coach? This may even serve as your “coach in a box.”

Let’s be honest, I can’t profess to have mastered much, let alone all of what I have offered. I am simply attempting to encourage meaningful change by offering meaningful insight – for us all. Suffice it to say, paying attention to these little pearls have made me far better, helped me through challenges, and be more peaceful and fulfilled than I otherwise would have been.

Please note: This “tool box” is not structured to be a smooth read, but rather a series of numbered “story ideas” that you complete at your discretion. Some themes are repeated in slightly different versions. And I can assure you that no one part of the tool box is superior to another.

So how do you approach this tool box? I recommend reading in short segments or alternatively jumping in anywhere. Challenge yourself on every point. When you discover something that sparks an interest, stop, be patient, reflect on it, commit to it, and then measure your progress. That would be your task if I was coaching you.

I can’t imagine anyone possibly assimilating everything in one reading, but rest assured that this is a resource of treasures always waiting for you when the timing is right. In the spirit of the best teachers, I will show you where to look, but won’t tell you what to see. Intuitively you already know.

You will discover that I am not teaching you, but rather I’m helping you remember something precious you may have forgotten. Fasten your seat belts and keep your mind open. I’ve witnessed many, many times, a tiny shift in just one or two beliefs or behaviors immediately and dramatically enhance a life. Imagine your possibilities.

For whatever reason our paths have crossed, I thank you. I hope you find a bit of inspiration, encouragement or guidance as you peruse these thoughts. Have fun exploring my toolbox!

I encourage you to share this with my blessings.

Would you not agree that helping just one helps us all? Anyway, this is my small way of “paying it forward.”



Open The Tool Box!

(Here Are Your Access Codes)

  1. 1) Sorry, you can’t get it all by reading, even this “tool box.” Self-help by definition includes you, involves you, centers around you, and features you as the star actor, producer, director, supporting cast, etc. It’s your work and only you can do it. I just provide some clues.
  1. 2) Your job is to love your life. When you do, everything begins to flow smoother.
  1. 3) For us to attract into our lives the things we want, we must begin with a conscious and self-convincing awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Depending upon your philosophy, you can then become a purposeful creator or co-creator with your ‘beliefs’ being the operative word.
  1. 4) One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make others happy; one of the best ways to make others happy is for you to be happy – a delicious cycle.
  1. 5) Realize that every time you replay or repeat old memories, you’re in effect signing on for another year’s lease on your old patterns. 
  1. 6) Outrage is a vice that feel goods, but over time devours us from the inside out. Worse yet, if we don’t even acknowledge that it’s a pleasure.
  1. 7) The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you are going to get what you want. What you’re willing to see, you can change. What you are NOT willing to see—will not.
  1. 8) Much of our emotional suffering stems from the models we’ve created of how we think things or life should be, but denying how things are. 
  1. 9) As you age, resist letting any fearful, empty old person inhabit your body.
  1. 10) Fear, what are you trying to teach me?
  1. 11) Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need to win big to gain confidence. Many little successes come easier and actually build a stronger foundation to build confidence.
  1. 12) Don’t let your past imprison you. You get to determine whether it’s a life sentence or simply a lesson!
  1. 13) Every system is perfect. Every system gives you precisely the results you should expect from THAT system. So, if you want better results, the solution is shockingly (and awesomely) simple: Change the system. Create a better system that gets you the results you want.
  1. 14) It might benefit you to cease being the “star attraction” in your life and instead become the simple, but AFFECTIONATE OBSERVER
  1. 15) You are exactly where you ought to be whether or not you want to be there. Life is constantly providing us with gifts and opportunities to grow.
  1. 16) Become an owner of your spirit and thoughts and not a victim. We live in a thought-created world of infinite possibility. 
  1. 17) Are all your goals truly in alignment with your best self? Just like automobile tires, if they aren’t, your journey, your ride may be rougher, less efficient, and wear you out quicker.
  1. 18) Ultra-competitive people who must win at every opportunity enjoy things less. If they lose, they are disappointed, and if they win, they expected as much.
  1. 19) It’s almost impossible to be totally stressed out in the presence of someone who is peaceful. Be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anywhere else, but yourself.
  1. 20) Nature has no “bad hair days.” Besides how would it know if it did? That’s just an unfortunate judgment we label things with.
  1. 21) Keep in mind that you don’t have to unscrew someone else’s light bulb in order to shine!
  1. 22) “Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.”  – Albert Einstein
  1. 23) Hint! Hint! You can’t be truly grateful and unhappy at the same time.
  1. 24) Will what you worry about today matter in six months, a year or five from now?
  1. 25) Peak performance is dependent on passion, grit, determination, and a willingness to do something poorly until you can do it well.
  1. 26) True peak performance is influenced by the condition of your physical, spiritual, business, and family (or social) life – fueled by the motivation and energy of purpose.
  1. 27) It’s hard enough for me to win an argument with a smart person, and damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.
  1. 28) When I stick with the things I love, be with the people I love, and say ‘no’ to the rest, everything kind of takes care of itself. Now I ignore anyone who tries to steal joy from me.
  1. 29) I realize that the more fun I have, the more relaxed I am doing anything. I am better with my loved ones, better with my adversaries, better at my work, and better with myself. How does one get relaxed? Play. And you?
  1. 30) “When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.” – Rumi
  1. 31) Imagine if everyone in the world were to do “a little better?” At what you ask? Does it really matter? Don’t wait. You start at something!
  1. 32) Studies shows that self-criticism is consistently associated with less motivation and worse self-control, draining both “I will” power and “I want” power.
  1. 33) Wisdom is learning how to live in harmony with the world as it is in any given moment. Realizing we are all in the same boat begets compassion for others.
  1. 34) With practice, you can change your emotional responses as easily as you change channels on your TV. Simply input a better thought for a non-operating one.
  1. 35) The more trying things get, the smaller your goals should be. Make them so small that they are ridiculously easy to meet, but with success you can gradually enlarge them.
  1. 36) Remember that therapists need therapists, coaches employ coaches, hairdressers use hairdressers, dentists, teachers, well you get the idea. We all benefit when we realize that life is not just to be useful to others, but to be strong enough to let others be useful to us.
  1. 37) When the past calls, let it go directly into voice mail for it has nothing new to say. And of course, it’s always useful to periodically clean out your mailbox.
  1. 38) Beauty is already everywhere and in everything. Go find it. Doing so you to discover even more beauty. Eventually you will realize that this is something you become.
  1. 39) “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.”  – Paul Coelho
  1. 40) My best coaching tool? I require clients to write down 3,500 things that they are grateful for. Imagine the frustration, but this always, always gets results we both want.
  1. 41) There is always a light and funny side to everything if you look for it.
  1. 42) Source Energy, God, or whatever you want to call it gave everything to us. Everything is here. What we are into now is “God’s” exploration of “God” through us. We are already “God” and “God” is us. (Change the noun to fit your philosophy.)
  1. 43) You’re 105, what lessons would you advise your younger self?
  1. 44) Many people, all of your ancestors, created something for you to be here today. What are doing for the world and your children or neighbors?
  1. 45) Is it is better to cry in an expensive car than be happy on a bicycle? Not sure? Ask “When I die, will I look back and say to myself that I made the most of my life?”
  1. 46) You DARE. You DREAM. You DO. If you have an authentic, strong desire to achieve something, you have the ability to make it happen. Bring it to everything!
  1. 47) If the future is to differ from the past, it will be the ordinary man and woman who do it: not by becoming extraordinary, but by discovering how much we are the same and connected.
  1. 48) Everyone’s life has a purpose and perhaps yours is to make a positive difference. Unapplied love is just hollow thought – irrelevant until it is put into action.
  1. 49) Do not judge my story by the chapter you just walked in on. Nor would I judge you for the choices you’ve made when I don’t know the options you’ve had. Most of us do our best given our experiences.
  1. 50) Truth without love causes deep harm. Love without truth is mushy. Gentle and courageous truth brings healing and life, setting improved visions drawing us forward. 
  1. 51) When you are stuck on a problem, consider that it may not be a problem to be solved, but rather a truth to be accepted, and it’s useful to take such an inventory and move on.
  1. 52) It is much easier to place the blame on others for society’s ills than it is to look inside and see what we can do to actually make a difference.
  1. 53) Consciously choose to give your attention to loving things and stories that uplift and motivate you, and you will more likely act accordingly.
  1. 54) Overcome a challenge by first challenging how you think about it!
  1. 55) The average person today lives far better than kings used to and if you’re reading this, there are probably a couple of billion folks that would trade for your worst day.
  1. 56) Love starts with loving yourself. To deliberately create your life of your dreams, you may want to begin with the energetic vibration of love above anything else.
  1. 57) “If you can, help and serve other sentient beings; if you cannot, then at least do not harm them.” – The Dalai Lama
  1. 58) Research shows that often you don’t actually do what you enjoy the most — you do what is easiest. Watch out for opportunities for making fun your default.
  1. 59) Your thoughts change the way you experience life. If you find yourself struggling, return to the basics: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, giving, and humor.
  1. 60) Negative events are natural and help us better understand ourselves—they provide vital information about what we value and what might need to change in our lives.
  1. 61) A negative mind will never get you a positive life!
  1. 62) Often you can overcome a challenge by challenging how you think about it. Sometimes little shifts in our outlook can produce great and different results!
  1. 63) “If you want better answers, you must ask better questions.”  – Anonymous
  1. 64) Whether you look for the goodness or darkness in things will be a big predictor in your life. Make sure that you keep this a conscious decision. Every experience can add value if only in a teaching mode.
  1. 65) All of us should take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
  1. 66) Each of us share a magnificent inside guidance system called ‘intuitive wisdom,’ but to access it we must quiet our internal interference or chatter. Tap into that quietness. Meditation is a viable method.
  1. 67) If every problem is coming your way, you may be in the wrong lane. Move over and shift gears if necessary!
  1. 68) If you can’t be kind, be quiet.
  1. 69) When a tragedy happens to you, you may want to ask yourself, “Is this for me to learn from?” This question can mitigate a crisis for you.
  1. 70) What positive ever comes when we dwell on our good qualities and other’s faults? Nothing! 
  1. 71) What might happen if you sent out love to everything and everybody that caught your attention everyday? 
  1. 72) The way you treat others has everything to do with the way you treat you.
  1. 73) Empowerment is not waiting for the affirmation of others, but realizing that you are the one to say them. Speak to yourself in loving, forgiving, supportive terms.
  1. 74) Stop trying to become someone; just be you. Aspire to become your best self; resist the temptation to become somebody other than who you are.
  1. 75) In reality, our mind is the creator of all we experience so when you begin to truly cherish others, many of our so-called problems will go away. 
  1. 76) If your actions don’t truly mirror your values, they could be the source of pain or dis-ease. When you come closer to your highest or best self, pain tends to decrease.
  1. 77) Are you more committed to your Dreams or your Doubts? Look to your actions for the answer. Interview your Doubter for its interference. The Doubter is part of us and not the enemy.
  1. 78) Many of us gloss over the good in our daily routines. Look for, find, savor, and celebrate any good you can. Like a good meal; you don’t only look at it, you taste it. 
  1. 79) How about giving away that which you most want to receive?
  1. 80) “How would you know?” is a powerful question in envisioning your future. It is the goal behind the goal.
  1. 81) Letting go takes no strength, only the willingness to see the need for it.
  1. 82) It’s not your personal history that makes you who you are, but your response to it.
  1. 83) “Do not be afraid to use what talents you possess, for how silent the woods would be if no birds sang except those which sang best.” – Henry Van Dyke
  1. 84) Consider that it’s more worthwhile to reflect how you think about your past rather than what happened in your past.
  1. 85) Wanting control and safety guarantees that our life will remain small and unsatisfying. Being open to change or to whatever arises creates the opposite.
  1. 86) Consider for a moment that happiness is more about being present, awake, and open to the vibrancy of life than about the feel-good sense of being merry and cheerful. 
  1. 87) Want to travel in time? Read.
  1. 88) I love anything that forces us to build our gratitude muscles. The gratitude journal is a splendid tool. Keeping track of things we’re grateful for on a daily basis has been shown to quickly rewire our brains and improve our mental health.
  1. 89) How to release time: breathe. Stop time? Kiss. Escape time? Music. Feel time? Write.
  1. 90) My life flows better when I realize that I am not the pilot on this mission, but rather the plane… and when I’m playing to play, being alive is the best game in town.
  1. 91) You’re likely ‘out of synch’ when you feel compelled to take dramatic action to change a person, situation, or even your life ‘once and for all.’
  1. 92) “Nothing is under control and all is well.” I love that expression because it gives us permission to relax and accept life as it unfolds without having to control it.
  1. 93) Once you sense that MORE IS POSSIBLE, you open yourself to DISCOVERY!
  1. 94) You are always one decision away from a totally different life.
  1. 95) Love is your basic nature, not dependent on anything external. A great measure of your success is how in touch you are with the love that is fully alive right now within you.
  1. 96) Convert to just becoming quiet, a silent witness, nonjudgmental, childlike (not childish), and imaginative and willing to explore – less serious and stodgy.
  1. 97) If most religions espouse peace, why don’t these religions achieve peace? They probably have lost touch with their founding fundamentals.
  1. 98) What is the oldest piece of self-help advice? It’s probably the Golden Rule — treat others as you would want to be treated. This dates to at least the 6th century B.C. in China and Greece, and around 2,000 B.C. in Egypt. It’s interesting that it emerged independently in every culture in the world.
  1. 99) Reject applying labels to anybody or anything. It doesn’t produce good results for anyone.
  1. 100) Don’t confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure comes from the outside, happiness comes from within. Pleasure is fleeting while happiness stays.
  1. 101) Passion, persistence, and preparation require absolutely no talent, but help overwhelm talent.
  1. 102) Flexibility and the willingness to change or at least consider such makes life more delicious and exciting, and keep one in the flow.
  1. 103) Sitting kills, moving heals.
  1. 104) Don’t concern yourself with giving your children the best of everything. It’s far more important (and better too) to give them YOUR best.
  1. 105) Why not welcome God or Source in every face, encounter, plant, rock, and sky… and even in disappointment or adversity? Expect a miracle!
  1. 106) Leave your comfort zone before you get evicted. Besides the views are better!
  1. 107) Is water blue? No. It simply reflects everything without losing its true essence. Do you take on the clouded emotions of others? Like water, we are more than we reflect.
  1. 108) Spiritual growth entails the willingness to heal your own fears instead of trying to change others.
  1. 109) “Mouth Yoga” (otherwise known as smiling) for just a couple minutes of this ancient exercise will quickly get you feeling brighter and more alive.
  1. 110) When you choose to shine, the Universe lights up. Allow your light to shine forth!
  1. 111) Always extend more kindness to others than you think necessary as they may need it far more than you will ever know!
  1. 112) Our beliefs come from accepting what we uniquely THINK is true in our minds and what we FEEL is true in our hearts. It’s unique to our own personal experience. Other’s beliefs will differ.
  1. 113) The most important soul mate in your entire life is the person looking back at you in the mirror.
  1. 114) If you seek to master anything, you must view failure as an integral part of your journey. It’s not an indictment of your judgment or ability, but a learning opportunity.
  1. 115) Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had.
  1. 116) Some days you may wake up and not have a song in your heart. Sing anyway!
  1. 117) “There is no smartest person in the room. Wisdom is the insight that each of us has something to learn from any of us. Great wisdom is the insight that each of us has infinite things to learn from all of us. Living wisdom is the experience that each of us is always learning something new, fresh, vital, life-changing from every single person they meet.” – Umair Haque
  1. 118) It’s okay to be a follower, but not a blind follower! 
  1. 119) You didn’t come this far only to come this far. The best adventures are ahead for you so keep going with gusto!
  1. 120) Never be afraid to be open-minded. Your brain will not fall out!
  1. 121) Most of the World’s religions teach compassion and generosity, but you don’t need religion to realize that giving without expectation is a win-win proposition.
  1. 122) Should you begin to lose faith, you are always welcome to borrow some of mine!
  1. 123) Grief is just love without a home and it’s okay to take short visits there every once in awhile to realize that home is still always awaiting you! 
  1. 124) Practice thanksgiving. See how many times each day you can find to give thanks. Express thanks out loud, looking for variations of ways to express it. And finish by giving. That’s what I call “The Thanksgiving Formula.”
  1. 125) Learning is the best cure for aging.
  1. 126) Try this today: THANK at least twenty-five people you pass or come in contact, and be sure to package it with sincerity and a smile.
  1. 127) Your standards affect everything and everyone in your life. Resist the tendency to inherit or alternatively embrace crowd standards, or to impose yours on others.
  1. 128) You ALWAYS have the option to change your beliefs. When confused, just operate from a position of love, joy, and abundance. Now go find things to feel happy about!
  1. 129) If you are bent on judging your success, the only meaningful measures are the degree to which you are enjoying your peace, love, and health.
  1. 130) Treat others as you would like them to treat your children.
  1. 131) We need to exercise daily. It really is a silver bullet that boosts our resilience while reducing pain, inflammation, depression, and the stress hormone cortisol. Add to that the requirement of adequate sleep, nutrition, hydration, and sunlight.
  1. 132) “What judgments do you have?” This question may surface any impediments to fulfilling your creative processes.
  1. 133) Consider that children, marriages, and gardens reflect the kind of care they receive. If your grass is not as green as you’d like, what might you change?
  1. 134) Much will work again if you simply unplug.
  1. 135) Is there anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you heard their story?
  1. 136) When you’re troubled or “down in the dumps,” remember three powerful tools that are always at your disposal… Love… Prayer (or Meditation)… and Forgiveness.
  1. 137) Optimist or pessimist? Often “truth” resides somewhere in the middle so how about striving for RATIONAL OPTIMISM?
  1. 138) It’s quite admirable to make mistakes so “jump through ‘oops’.”
  1. 139) Pushing through fears is less frightening than living with underlying ones that come from feeling helpless. Most can’t escape fear, but we can transform our response.
  1. 140) What can you do today that your future self will thank you for?
  1. 141) The key to being a successful thought leader isn’t how much you know, but how you decide to spread the message and to whom.
  1. 142) Your audience isn’t looking for you to explain the meaning of life, but rather be an expert in your field. Be yourself in everything you do.
  1. 143) Your promise is your brand and you must deliver. Be the biggest, ‘baddest’ version of yourself, but never say you’re something that you’re not.”
  1. 144) STRUCTURE is the seatbelt to success and YOUR COMMITMENT is the fuel, but you must be WILLING.
  1. 145) One of the best pieces of advice I ever received and often repeat silently to myself particularly when I become upset, “Don’t be an asshole!”
  1. 146) Move toward spaciousness… let go of all you no longer love, need, or use. Wouldn’t that include fear?
  1. 147) Equality is an ethical and not a biological issue.
  1. 148) Are you the most positive, giving person you know? Why not? Why not try?
  1. 149) If the grass looks greener on the other side, stop staring. Stop comparing. Stop complaining and start watering the grass you’re standing on!
  1. 150) Sometimes we need to change our underlying beliefs or change our “story” to change our course.
  1. 151) Are you learning to love – love everyone and everything – to wish all well or good? That is the secret to joy.
  1. 152) The first sixty-five years of childhood are always the toughest!
  1. 153) When you learn to imagine a best-case scenario, you get to enjoy the same experience twice!
  1. 154) Difficulties impact me – they do not define me.
  1. 155) Ever consider that we give more consideration and planning to weddings than to marriages?
  1. 156) “Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso
  1. 157) Praise may encourage me, but it is my own vision that inspires me.
  1. 158) Performing in “The Zone,” seems timeless with no past or future. It happens when one “allows” themselves to be fully conscious and patiently aware of every moment, and stop being perfect, free of critical judgment, expressing slow, calming, deep breaths one at a time. And we are okay with whatever happens. Any resistance or mind-dominated thoughts or tension will block us from that.
  1. 159) Every day, see the people you care about through new eyes – the eyes that appreciate that this could be the last opportunity to share with this person.
  1. 160) Pain may permeate, but my heart and hope prevail.
  1. 161) Turn down the heat. Sometimes it pays to slow down things and simply process off the hot seat and just gain awareness before moving on.
  1. 162) Criticism and pettiness may knock, but the lock is on my side of the door.
  1. 163) Abundance may pave the road, but it is generosity that lights the way.
  1. 164) As long as I’m ‘breathin – I’m livin.’
  1. 165) Don’t be afraid to develop and exhibit your quirks provided they are love-based. Life is way too short to give a damn whatsoever about what other people think of you when you’re living your best life.
  1. 166) Happiness doesn’t come from making happiness the goal, but savoring the journey.
  1. 167) It’s not about “getting somewhere, or getting something,” but being awake, staying present and open, and actually living your life as it is – and appreciating it!
  1. 168) Surround yourself with dreamers and doers, the believers and thinkers, but mostly surround yourself with those who see greatness in you.
  1. 169) The words “OVER” and “NEXT” are under-rated, and that the hammock that joins the two, “THE PRESENT” is where we should be living!
  1. 170) Would you consider creating a technology-free time or zone within your life this week?
  1. 171) It’s better to praise children for their EFFORT as opposed to their TALENT or ABILITY. When one is satisfied with “being good” vs. “getting better,” it stifles them. 
  1. 172) Education without conscious, loving awareness is virtually meaningless, but their marriage can be priceless.
  1. 173) “Take the last five minutes of your day and put your attention on everything that you would like to attract into your life: ‘I am well. I am healed. I am in perfect health. I am abundant. I am happy.’ Say those things to yourself. Then you’ll marinate for eight hours, and you’ll awaken and you’ll begin to attract the things that are in your subconscious mind.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer
  1. 174) If you think as you thought yesterday, you limit yourself and get the same results.
  1. 175) A “sense of humor” is being aware of life’s lighter moments, savoring and celebrating them, and not taking one’s self too seriously, and not being funny.
  1. 176) “One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness; it’s like a boomerang and usually it keeps coming back to you.”  – Unknown
  1. 177) There are elements of truth in every cliché, but neither be over or underwhelmed by them.
  1. 178) When you try to live the truth based on fallacies, you have set yourself up for an impossible task. 
  1. 179) Consider that everything that you have ever learned is resting within you as a resource at your disposal. Quiet yourself and draw upon this vast resource!
  1. 180) If we view people as hurting, suffering, in despair, sad or taught by the same instead of being good or bad and condemning them, we will all better heal.
  1. 181) If you consider yourself a victim, you’ve given up control of yourself to someone else.
  1. 182) Education is transformative in that it can take you to places you’d never otherwise get to.
  1. 183) People give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. A series of small wins can give us significant success. 
  1. 184) The delusion that life’s supposed to be fair is the source of much unhappiness. Look for the best and the lessons in everything. 
  1. 185) You never know what the future will bring, so always stay aware and make the best use of the present. And if you falter, quickly forgive yourself and move on!
  1. 186) Learn something new every day. Have the mindset of a student. Never think you are too old to ask questions or know too much to learn something new.
  1. 187) “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.” – St Francis of Assisi
  1. 188) Relationships, whether they’re at work or at home, aren’t about winning and losing. Nor are they about being right and being wrong. They’re about figuring out what will work to achieve the goals you care about. Relationships are built, not won.
  1. 189) Sometimes a friend, neighbor, or someone we pass can be in a state of despair without us even knowing. Words of encouragement or appreciation can be a lifeline to them.
  1. 190) Forget “Just Do It!” Replace that famous phrase with “Just Get Started!” Once you get started, doing it becomes a whole lot easier. 
  1. 191) Comparing yourself to others works only when it opens your eyes to what’s possible.
  1. 192) Blessed are the flexible for they will not get bent out of shape! 
  1. 193) Don’t count the days, make your days count. And don’t wait for a perfect moment; steal a moment and make it perfect!
  1. 194) The Universe adores you because it knows your broadest intentions. Often we lose sight of that because of the emotional noise and distraction around us.
  1. 195) It may go against your grain, but facing unkindness and returning kindness is actually a gift to yourself. It moves you away from the chains of judgment and fear and opens you up to the freedom of love and giving.
  1. 196) Remember that no one can limit where you direct your thought or where your journey leads, especially when you are in a state of joy and gratitude.
  1. 197) Everything we do, every accomplishment we have, every milestone we pass has come in part because of the efforts of others.
  1. 198) A Chinese proverb says that those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well.
  1. 199) The lack of knowledge spells the lack of power. Knowledge not applied is waste, and the Universe doesn’t reward waste.
  1. 200) “Thoughts are things. Pick the good ones!”  – Unknown. Do yours bring you more energy or drain you? Do they work for or against you, bringing you closer to your best?
  1. 201) Nowadays, knowledge is available virtually to anyone. Wisdom is the applied use of knowledge at the right time and place. Aspire to wisdom!
  1. 202) Want to be happy and joyful? Lose yourself in the love for others. Nowhere will you find personalities so joyous and lighthearted as those who are in love of all. 
  1. 203) Abundance is choosing to be satisfied in the now. It’s more a feeling than a fact.
  1. 204) If you lack awareness, you’re bound to scarcity. Your world is a reflection on what’s going on in you!
  1. 205) When you court the approval of others, you put an inordinate amount of power in the hands of others. As spectators they are more likely interested in your outcome and not your progress. 
  1. 206) When you approach life with an attitude of curiosity and adventure, it becomes more interesting. And when you give and share, it becomes more fulfilling.
  1. 207) The failure to act due to the fear of failure is really the only true failure. Everything else can be viewed as experimentation, the requisite step to a greater objective.
  1. 208) Just because things don’t seem to be going your way doesn’t mean that they are any less viable, important or useful.
  1. 209) Change your identity from “failure” to “scientist” or “explorer” or “adventurer.”
  1. 210) It’s more important to work hard at being happy than it is to simply ‘work hard’ for at the end of the day, the pawn and the king go back into the same box.
  1. 211) No one can ‘get your goat’ unless you tell them where it’s hooked up, and remember that any anger lasting more than thirty seconds rests with your ego.
  1. 212) Real love can never be the source of anger or the problems anger brings.
  1. 213) In reality, our mind is the creator of all we experience so when you begin to truly cherish others, many of your so-called problems will go away.
  1. 214) You don’t manifest what you WANT, but rather you manifest what you BELIEVE.
  1. 215) We all benefit when you look for the good in OTHERS and identify that which you would like to improve in YOU as opposed to the other way around.
  1. 216) My friend, Barbara Lewis, came up with a splendid idea for gifting to children – an envelope with three “equal” sections. One would hold money for the child to buy whatever they want. A second would be for them to save and invest. The third would be for them to donate to someone less fortunate. 
  1. 217) Want truer freedom? Develop a mind that is open to anything and attached to nothing; and love what is as your launching pad to what could be.
  1. 218) “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths, or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes.”  – Etty Hillesum
  1. 219) Most everyone now has a phone, but your phone number is another’s wrong number. Relish your uniqueness, but never forget that we are one – all connected.
  1. 220) Healing doesn’t mean that the damage was never done. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. Forgiveness goes a long way to create healing. 
  1. 221) To compete requires you to embrace uncertainty and risk an unscripted outcome. Playing to win involves constant risk-taking. Otherwise you are just playing not to lose.
  1. 222) Learn to frame competition as a challenge and not a threat. This will diminish your temerity and set you up for a freer, growing performance.
  1. 223) With experience, you learn that winning and losing are simply steps on a long-term road towards growth.
  1. 224) Patience is being comfortable with the process of life. Being awake and at peace with the unfolding of your life eliminates worry and a host of challenges before they’re even hatched.
  1. 225) If there are no guarantees of many tomorrows, what would you change today?
  1. 226) When your purpose is greater than your pain, you can succeed or advance at most anything.
  1. 227) “Let go or be dragged!” – Zen Proverb. Allowing or releasing can be the cure to many ills.
  1. 228) Other people are not the answer to your happiness. They are temporary as are we. Cherish the time you have with them, but don’t let any determine who you are.
  1. 229) Allow someone else to be “right” this week. Often it serves us better to bite our tongue and simply allow others to be correct once in awhile.
  1. 230) Many are more concerned with being right than kind, and except for rare life-and-death matters, I’ve found that doesn’t always work so well.
  1. 231) Whenever someone pushes your buttons or you’re upset, you might want to pause, remember this and say to yourself, “I could choose peace instead.”
  1. 232) You can’t stop the ego/mind from judging, but when you add the magical words of “just like me” you eliminate the suffering of separateness and acknowledge our oneness.
  1. 233) No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.
  1. 234) “”Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”  – Robert Louis Stevenson
  1. 235) As soon as you remember your past, it’s not the past anymore, but becomes part of your present, though it may be littered with misunderstandings and errors. 
  1. 236) All great leaders are innovators that keep on innovating. They also innovate in other areas of their life – relationships, home, learning, etc.
  1. 237) I wish for all those who terrorize others to learn the root of happiness and of suffering. If they did that and became happy, they would stop their senseless violence.
  1. 238) Love and exhale peace to release judgments, disengage from arguments, and give freely for every loving word, thought, and action improves the vibration of the world.
  1. 239) Are there any compelling reasons why EVERYDAY can’t be Thanksgiving Day?
  1. 240) Whatever arises, love it. When you add love instead of fear as the standard of our preferences to any situation, you can actually turn things around.
  1. 241) Today, are YOU going to add to the peace, love, forgiveness, and compassion in the world or the fear, judgment, aggression, and hate?
  1. 242) When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for others. When you are stupid, it’s the same.
  1. 243) Obliterate your enemies by turning them into friends. – inspired by Abraham Lincoln
  1. 244) Too many people never get what they want because they are too busy holding onto things they should be letting go.
  1. 245) Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had.
  1. 246) Rather than looking to find a partner, be the one you want to attract.
  1. 247) What if you only believed that your life is filled with magic and miracles and that is all that can happen to you? Things might improve.
  1. 248) Once you realize that life is happening for you and not to you, you realize that there is no failure, but rather blessed lessons to redirect you back to your best self.
  1. 249) I have never met a person who couldn’t or wouldn’t do more than expected or required if they were sincerely respected, appreciated, and felt good. 
  1. 250) Sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person and all your stress just melts away. Have you given at least 12 hugs away today? (Pre-Covid-19, so substitute something especially nice for a hug.)
  1. 251) People want the destination and not the plane, so quit worrying as much about how to deliver your product/service and more about what your customer wants.
  1. 252) Even when things are bad, every day of your life you have many opportunities to develop a grateful heart by simply paying attention to the many blessings around you.
  1. 253) Trying to hold onto to anything in our Universe is like holding tight to a rope while sliding down it. You get rope burns, and the tighter you grasp, the more you suffer.
  1. 254) When your daily life mirrors your highest priorities, you have creditable claim to inner peace. Are you living your values?
  1. 255) You never know how much time you have left, so don’t allow worry, anger, hate, regret, etc. rob you of YOUR precious time.
  1. 256) “There is no future in the past!”  – Anonymous
  1. 257) “Everything you’ve done that’s made you as successful as you are today is actually holding you back from your next level of success.”  – Rich Litvin  Powerful!
  1. 258) Want to know the easiest, least expensive way to improve your appearance? Smile. Besides, doesn’t everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with one?
  1. 259) When you awaken to the beauty of WHO YOU ARE, the skies open, the sun shines, and the breezes carry your song across the Universe!
  1. 260) When you are aware of and can honor the space between “No Longer” and “Not Yet.” life can become so much more delicious!
  1. 261) Many people think in terms of success. If they would instead focus upon progress, even just a little bit everyday, they would be moving toward their goals more easily. 
  1. 262) Somewhere between I must do it all perfectly and I’m willing to try and fail miserably is a very sweet spot of inspired accomplishment. The most successful have no fear of failure or embarrassment.
  1. 263) We tend to be very good judges of other’s behavior and very good lawyers of our own mistakes.
  1. 264) People who have let go of their dreams are often eager to help you bury yours.
  1. 265) While complaining may provide short-term relief expelling pressure, it is long-term toxic and doubly so to those who have to listen.
  1. 266) What’s the one habit in your life that if you were to change, might alter your life for the better?
  1. 267) Procrastination always works well in two areas of life: Delay worry and anger!
  1. 268) We cannot perform better than we imagine ourselves to be. Everyone has a picture of how they perform or think they are. You will want to monitor and possibly improve your self-image if you want to improve.
  1. 269) To better understand others is to better understand yourself.
  1. 270) Every minute you replay the past, you have just lost the present. 
  1. 271) “We are food for worms, lads,” said Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society.” That’s not easy to take in, but bear it we must. The foreknowledge of our own demise isn’t just what sets humans apart from animals, it’s also one of the most useful tools in the self-help arsenal. Sufi poets originated the phrase “this too shall pass.” So seize the moment!
  1. 272) When you observe cruelty, consider that by understanding, accepting, and forgiving we are preventing future cruelty.
  1. 273) Meet every person with love, and life will become a magical place to be. If you’re not in immediate danger, be happy!
  1. 274) What goes on inside you is far more important than what goes on outside you!
  1. 275) Happiness is like an orgasm. If you think about it too much, it goes away. Aim to make someone else happy and maybe some of it will splatter off on you along the way!
  1. 276) The absolute best time to exercise GRATITUDE is when you feel the least thankful. 
  1. 277) Worry is a horrible item to bequeath anyone for it diminishes and stains any joy – an ultimate scarcity practice. Prudence and preparation works as a good substitute.
  1. 278) A divine genius is always residing within us and when you try to force things in life to happen, it’s like trying to move a sail boat by blowing into the sails – exhausting.
  1. 279) “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” – Jean Jacques Rousseau
  1. 280) Allowing life’s energy to move and inspire you is akin to allowing the wind to move your sails – an effortless in-the-zone experience. 
  1. 281) See if you can go an entire day without uttering a single complaint about anything. 
  1. 282) When nothing goes right, go left!
  1. 283) Collaboration. It trumps fear-based competition every time and is composed of loving creativity, communication, collaboration, and cooperation. It demonstrates why we might now favor conventional “feminist” qualities versus traditional “masculine” ones as mankind has advanced.
  1. 284) Joy can come in ordinary moments when we’re open to it as opposed to when we are busy and focused on chasing down and attaining the extraordinary. Pause and observe.
  1. 285) The more we clutch, grab, and grasp, the less we retain. And when you stop trying to make things happen, anything can happen. (When I started trusting rather than pushing, my life vastly improved in many areas.)
  1. 286) Let what wants to come, come. Let what wants to go, go. If it is mine, it will stay. If not, whatever is better will replace it.
  1. 287) If the grass looks greener on the other side, stop staring. Stop comparing. Stop complaining and start watering the grass you’re standing on!
  1. 288) The spiritual journey may be one of inner searching, but it is meaningless until it becomes the hero’s journey in which you bring back what you’ve discovered.
  1. 289) If you want to be an overnight success, give your best effort and make today a little success, and repeat, repeat, repeat.
  1. 290) “Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.”  – Unknown 
  1. 291) How do you know that pleasure is good and pain is bad?
  1. 292) When you are tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water!
  1. 293) Today, decide on something that’s is appealing or calling to you with perhaps a whisper of possibility or expansion, and move at least one step in its direction.
  1. 294) Winning a war doesn’t determine who is right or wrong, but simply who is left.
  1. 295) “If you see your glass as only half full, pour the contents into a smaller glass and stop bitching!”  – Anonymous
  1. 296) Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. 
  1. 297) The quickest way to avoid arguments is to refrain from talking about your opinions/beliefs and instead refer to them as your experiences or feelings. No one can argue with that.
  1. 298) When you experience a great loss or disappointment, how do you know it’s the end of the story and not the beginning of a stupendously great new adventure?
  1. 299) “Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.”  – George Washington
  1. 300) Our spiritual practices aren’t about providing personal escapes. They’re about becoming the type of people capable of truly serving our families and communities.
  1. 301) When you discover that all the other people were put here on earth for your amusement rather than to critique YOU, you will find there is no REJECTION.
  1. 302) In climbing the ladder of success, make sure that it is resting against the right building. And beware the ladder in which there is too much distance between rungs – better to start small and succeed than go big and quit.
  1. 303) Rejection is only conceptual information until you give meaning to it, which is your choice.
  1. 304) Our life lessons come with the gift of wisdom. However, we are quite apt to miss this gift when we begin to identify with them as setback or problems.
  1. 305) It’s a waste of energy trying to change others. Rather be a model for them and if they don’t pick up on it, move on.
  1. 306) Many fail to take initiative because they overestimate the strength or desire of others.
  1. 307) When was the last time you tried something entirely new to you?
  1. 308) The words you use both influence and convey the life you live. Choose them wisely and never miss the opportunity to expand your vocabulary.
  1. 309) Each moment is a time and place you’ve never been to – explore it fully.
  1. 310) Correct a fool and (s)he will hate you. Correct a wise one and they will love you.
  1. 311) Merely indulging wishes and visions trying to attract your goals only leads to atrophy; you might as well rot on a couch unfulfilled. Be a verb and take inspired action!
  1. 312) Having fear is not shameful, but what you do with it dictates the very essence of your life.
  1. 313) What do you most appreciate about others? Why not tell them?
  1. 314) Are the goals you are currently chasing truly worthy of you? So often, the ‘things’ we go after don’t yield the satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness we thought. 
  1. 315) Things cannot give us status. We give status to things. What really gives value to anything is its usefulness in serving others.
  1. 316) Did you ever notice that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac? This sort of judgment is all too common.
  1. 317) What do you really know what you want from life, and what will you continue to do to keep from getting it? 
  1. 318) “INSPIRED ACTION” is the secret that was omitted from “The Secret” and a powerful life force. Are you exercising yours?
  1. 319) Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment. 
  1. 320) Is there something however small that you might transform within yourself today to become more gentle, soft, flexible, and caring?
  1. 321) When you learned to walk, so-called “failure” or landing on your butt thousands of times led to greater performance. The rules haven’t changed.
  1. 322) Focus first upon what you did or liked best in your performance before stewing over the negative aspects.
  1. 323) Nobody wins all the time. It’s okay to be disappointed, but it’s not okay to dwell on the disappointment.
  1. 324) A golden cage is still just a cage, and birds born in a cage think that flying is an illness.
  1. 325) “What kind of value do I want to create?” (as opposed to merely “What do I want to do?”)
  1. 326) If you find yourself in a funk or struggle, doing the next ‘right thing’ may be your best way out.
  1. 327) Taking affirmative ACTION one moment at a time will gradually take you away from non-operating, destructive patterns.
  1. 328) “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill
  1. 329) Our needs can be filled, but never our desires. Like the Universe, we are continually expanding.
  1. 330) What life lesson(s) did you learn the hard way?
  1. 331) Many create barriers to mask their lack of knowledge on a subject.
  1. 332) Have you inherited your thoughts or do you honestly think for yourself? 
  1. 333) “If life is a circle, the wise travel it with patience as if the same ground is for the very first time and completing the circle to discover that where they wish to be is where they already have been.”  – Unknown
  1. 334) Do you believe everything the media feeds you or only that part of it that you agree with?
  1. 335) When was the last time you really listened to someone whose beliefs differ from yours?
  1. 336) A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leadership, but a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.
  1. 337) “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”  – Bernard Meltzer
  1. 338) Striving for perfection is excellent, but pretending to be perfect or insisting on it is self-defeating.
  1. 339) Spending less time thinking about what you don’t have and more time relishing what you do have and can share can go a long way toward making you happier. 
  1. 340) Choose to reach even a little bit outside of your comfort zone. And when you succeed, reach again!
  1. 341) Life is all about staying in balance in a sea of change. Awareness helps you surf those waves of change.
  1. 342) Understand the “Why” to all things for it is the essence to all life and the fuel to fulfilling action.
  1. 343) When your STORY gets bigger than your dreams, you are in trouble.
  1. 344) Life is a choice. Choose what you want in your life and make that your passion.
  1. 345) Go after your dreams as though your life depended on it – because it does!
  1. 346) The timing will never be perfect for pursuing what is important to you. Life is so short. Do not delay your start.
  1. 347) In any testing circumstance, ask yourself, “What would my highest and best self do (or your role model)?” With that in your mind, take action. 
  1. 348) We are the ONLY animal that tries to get by on one long stretch of sleep – and that has only been since the Industrial Revolution in the Western World. If possible, take a nap.
  1. 349) The more you let go of wanting, the more you have. Wanting is derived from the fear that we don’t have or are not enough as we are… and out of alignment with our highest self.
  1. 350) We each have unreal beliefs of what we think we are or people have told us. Are there some beliefs that are not working for you? Could you let them go? Would you? When?
  1. 351) Are you the type of person you would like to meet, spend time with, date, marry, help, play with, work for, lend to, or be a parent, child or neighbor of?
  1. 352) Are your present feelings helping you get where you want to go? If not, do you want to let them go? Is it possible? Are you willing to let them go? If so, when?
  1. 353) Too often we use these limiting reasons to justify our circumstances or we just plain decide that’s who we are. How’s that working for you?
  1. 354) When you change your view of the world, the world’s view of you changes!
  1. 355) What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?
  1. 356) Struggling to find your life purpose or core desire? What do you want in your life that you don’t have now? If you had it, what would be different?
  1. 357) The only thing worse than losing is trying not to lose.
  1. 358) You can’t get to courage without passing through vulnerability. Vulnerability is also a key driver in building trust and connections – important for leaders – and we are all leaders in some phase of our lives. 
  1. 359) If you sincerely want to improve, not only must you introduce new thoughts and ideas, but you must also be willing to discard some of your oldest and most cherished ones.
  1. 360) The difference between the Master and the Beginner is that the Master has failed many, more times than the Beginner has even tried.
  1. 361) People come and go; situations rise and fall; it’s all preparation for better things. You must stretch, reach, persist, and grow into your goodness.
  1. 362) Without the preparation we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we could not appreciate the goodness when it arrives.
  1. 363) “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  – Nelson Mandela
  1. 364) ”Failing” is only failing when we allow the failing to stop our momentum before completion.
  1. 365) Real leadership is all about responsibility. No matter your role, can you lead without a title?
  1. 366) Just because your momentum has you headed in the right direction doesn’t mean you should take your hand off the steering wheel or our eyes off the road.
  1. 367) Our awareness for responsibility isn’t equipped with an automatic pilot. Stay aware and be blessed!
  1. 368) May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend for it is all I truly have. This is what is happening, and it is what it is.
  1. 369) May you be reminded that there is always sunshine above the clouds!
  1. 370) Do you have a mere lukewarm desire to live an extraordinary life? Remember that no power is generated until we bring ourselves to boil.
  1. 371) Making a decision on a major change in your life? Before you do, ask yourself what’s the worst possible outcome? If you can deal with the answer, there is no reason then not to go forward.
  1. 372) In most cases, it’s always too late to wait. Remember that the Universe rewards action and not knowledge. (The exception is when you’re angry.)
  1. 373) Do you make difficulties out of opportunities or opportunities out of difficulties? Isn’t that the difference between a pessimist and an optimist?
  1. 374) The Universe was perfect before you got here and will be perfect after you leave, so why not accept it the way it is now?
  1. 375) Judging creates victims and you suffer when you think you are a victim.
  1. 376) Victims are powerless and powerlessness creates fear. Since you can’t be happy and fearful at the same time, you return to your birthright of happiness when you stop judging.
  1. 377) The more you practice acceptance for what is, the happier you will become! That doesn’t mean you are complacent and stop trying to continually improve.
  1. 378) It’s been proven that performing “random acts of kindness” boost happiness!
  1. 379) How have your priorities changed over time?
  1. 380) Realize that happiness doesn’t mean being joyful, or having pleasure all the time, but understanding that your life is generally going in the right direction .
  1. 381) When facing a difficult situation, you might find it helpful to ask: “Is it possible to respond more skillfully in this moment?” and “Do I have other choices?”
  1. 382) Your emotions are not you, but often just a quick “reaction” to which it might be better for you to deliberately “respond” instead.
  1. 383) Your expectations (even the good ones) become your limitations.
  1. 384) Choose KINDNESS…
  1. 385) Life is a gift we’ve been given, but not something to be hoarded in fear, but passed along with love. The more you can give away, the more comes back at you.
  1. 386) You are wonderfully legitimate as you are. Be really happy about that, but not “unreally” happy – life can’t be really happy as it is if you decide so!
  1. 387) When the “Why” in your life is greater than your persona or ego, miraculous things begin to happen.
  1. 388) Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  – Dr. Seuss
  1. 389) Are you sitting around right now wishing that your life was better or are you actually doing something to improve your lot?
  1. 390) You can’t cross any ocean if you are afraid to lose sight of the shore. Go for it and just do it. Make today the best day ever!
  1. 391) Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. Make your life more of an adventure today! 
  1. 392) There are no accidents.
  1. 393) An “eye for an eye” produces a blind world.
  1. 394) What kind of leaders does a “divide and conquer” philosophy produce? They rob us of our humanity and extol our differences.
  1. 395) What can you do this very day to incorporate “unify and heal” in your life? There is no power quite so powerful as that of love in action!
  1. 396) Your present moments define your life; your past does not.
  1. 397) Just like a neglected garden turns to weeds, a neglected mind turns to reaction. Consider establishing the habit of “ proactive creation.”
  1. 398) Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up!
  1. 399) When you decide to create your own happiness, you also show others that it’s possible, and beware, it’s highly infectious and contagious.
  1. 400) Do you pull people into your peace or allow them to suck you into their storm?
  1. 401) Remember, “It’s not fear, it’s excitement.”
  1. 402) “Failure:  A few errors repeated every day. Success: A few simple disciplines practiced every day.”  – Jim Rohn
  1. 403) Focus upon progress and not perfection. It’s not about making big changes now, but rather consistently taking any steps that take you closer to whom you want to be.
  1. 404) Always celebrate any progress you make!
  1. 405) You can’t restart a new beginning, but you can always begin a new ending. 
  1. 406) Great fortunes are usually tied to great service – new or improved. When you figure out how to provide astonishing service in whatever you do, income will find you.
  1. 407) Who we think we are and what we think we deserve are usually at the core of how we are creating our life and our relationships. 
  1. 408) Everyday provides you with new opportunities, and your choices either position you in a direction toward love, happiness, and fulfillment or they lead you astray.
  1. 409) The ideal life is a process, a direction, and not a destination.
  1. 410) Embrace reality, be willing to stretch and fail, don’t worry about being good, but rather about getting better.
  1. 411) What memory makes you instantly smile?
  1. 412) Anita Roddick said, “If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” It’s understandable to play the victim after a tough event, but be a personal leader in action and then take full accountability. Blaming others is too often wrongly excusing yourself. So what you doing to build a better world?
  1. 413) Look for the best, and set yourself upon a distant star that can never be reached and enjoy the journey. Imagine the infinite possibilities!
  1. 414) Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value and service.
  1. 415) The Universe does not know whether our thoughts and resulting vibrations we are emitting are something in the present we are observing, or a result of remembering the past or imagining in the future. It simply receives a vibration and sends us the things that match up with it.
  1. 416) “Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good moments. Develop from the negatives. And if you mess up, take another shot!”  – Unknown
  1. 417) Those who continue to dwell on thoughts and outcomes that do not serve them will remain victims, at the mercy of forces that are constantly sapping their energy. Sound like worry?
  1. 418) Those who can hold their attention on thoughts of a positive, supportive, peaceful, loving environment for themselves are becoming empowered. 
  1. 419) Worry is imagination used poorly. If you’re going to leave the present, at least go to a desirable place because you are making it up anyway.
  1. 420) It has often been said that character cannot be developed in ease and comfort, and that we really only find ourselves once we are lost.
  1. 421) Stop obsessing regretfully so about the doors that have shut that you forget or give up about the many that are open.
  1. 422) Think of life as a dance and enjoy each step without regard to what part of the dance floor you will end up at.
  1. 423) Remember that the only person you have to better than is the person you were yesterday!
  1. 424) The less stressed we become over conditions outside ourselves that we don’t like, the fewer of them come our way!
  1. 425) It is great to have goals, but your happiness should not be tied to them.
  1. 426) Forgiveness – Next to gratitude, forgiveness is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  1. 427) Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice.
  1. 428) By truly trying to understand others (remembering your experience and perspectives are unique), you might see some benefit in humanizing your opponents and find ways to honor their values without giving up yours. That might a great first step you can take to make this world a better place.
  1. 429) There are rich people and people who have lots of money. Be careful not to assume that they are the same!
  1. 430) Trying to understand the past is a distraction from positive change.
  1. 431) Take a moment to notice right now what you are doing to maintain the presence of past memories or experiences.
  1. 432) Living successfully is about embracing life in each and every moment. Simply address and attend to what’s in front of you and the universe will take care of you.
  1. 433) Step back and consider that life can and should be more simple than we’ve made it. We developed technologies and rules that only address and even complicate the complexities that WE have created.
  1. 434) How can you be grateful and fearful of the same thing at the same time? You can’t! It helps to transfer your fears to gratitude, if only to learn and grow. 
  1. 435) Keep sweeping things under the rug and sooner or later you’ll trip and fall, and realize that our “stories” are too often the “fly paper” that keep our lives from improving.
  1. 436) The more time and energy we attach to our problems, the more problems we attract for we energetically reinforce them. Like attracts like. Fixers cannot be creators because that requires new thoughts, beliefs, and approaches. Instead of the employing the old model of fixing and competing, try creating new habits and approaches by creating new better serving beliefs and systems.
  1. 437) When you tell your bad stories, you attract like-minded who share theirs as well as in “Birds of a feather flock together.” When you stop, you can break from the flock.
  1. 438) Wild animals live effortlessly – never early or late, excessive or deficient. We are the only species with unemployment, judgment, addiction, obesity or fitness centers.
  1. 439) Seeing things as right or wrong blurs the truth and only comes from our uniquely minuscule perspective. 
  1. 440) “There’s nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Buckminster Fuller.  Do you choose to look for the best in yourself and others?
  1. 441) If you are mired in unhappiness, it might be helpful to check your gratitude index and find things to be grateful about.
  1. 442) Happiness makes you more creative and energetic. It builds relationships faster and is a very efficient operating mode. Spread your happiness to someone else.
  1. 443) Simplicity is available to everyone in every situation. There’s always room to simplify and the best place to start is with that first step – start.
  1. 444) Consider any area of your life, “awareness” is a key ingredient of transformation. 
  1. 445) In order to improve, you must have an awareness of what and where you are.
  1. 446) When stuck, you might consider slowing things down, pausing for quiet reflection, or even meditating, listening, feeling, and observing, and many answers will come to you.
  1. 447) Look for flowers and that’s what you will find; look for the weeds and your garden will be overrun with them. It’s always been that way.
  1. 448) So many people have an image of their life and how things should be that is set in stone. Are you so addicted to your beliefs that you ignore opportunities to change and grow?
  1. 449) Are you looking for “the holy answers” that are “out there” when they really are already within you right now?
  1. 450) Feeling love rather than judgment dissolves negative energy into harmless energy.
  1. 451) Want more happiness, peace, joy, health, love, and abundance in your life? Focus on these things: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.
  1. 452) Do you allow frustration and confusion to kill your energy and desire? You can change these to a positive force. Frustration means you are on the verge of a breakthrough. Confusion can mean you are about to learn something. Be patient and forgiving; await the breakthrough and expect to learn.
  1. 453) Love says, “I’ve seen the ugly parts of you and I’m staying!”
  1. 454) Does this get me closer to my vision or take me further away? Is there another action I can take right now that gets me even closer to my vision?
  1. 455) What do I decide to do next?
  1. 456) As you focus on the good in others, you help them achieve it. So pay attention to the energy you are sending out.
  1. 457) Your goals aren’t as important as your journey in the pursuit of happiness.
  1. 458) When you find your passion and define your goal, the thinking, planning, and steps you take—the actual quest—is where you find happiness. 
  1. 459) The only thing you have control over in life is “How you show up.”
  1. 460) Do you have children? Try not to teach them your fears, but rather introduce them to what’s possible.
  1. 461) What’s the most sensible thing you ever heard someone say?
  1. 462) If you aren’t willing to cast aside your fears and take inspired action toward your dreams, save yourself the trouble and abandon them… and become a “Wish Fairy.”
  1. 463) Everything and everybody has a different energy. The more you become aware of other’s energy, the more aware you can benefit from your own inner guidance.
  1. 464) Accountability means living by choice, rather than living by accident. It’s an opportunity to carve out the future, rather than sit back and see what happens.
  1. 465) Without accountability there are few opportunities for breakthroughs. When you are accountable to your promises, you are your word; thus, your relationship to others (and the whole world) shifts.
  1. 466) Practice noticing how often you break your word and make excuses for it and how having a lack of accountability doesn’t serve you.
  1. 467) When you live life like it matters, it does!
  1. 468) Capitalism has a way of devouring its creations as constant change demands it.
  1. 469) Growth and comfort don’t co-exist. When you come to grips with that, you’re in for an exciting ride and expanding life!
  1. 470) Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves.
  1. 471) If there is any area of your life that is not working, then you need to change at least one of your beliefs in that area.
  1. 472) Consider that you only really learn to love when you put yourself into situations that challenge YOU to be loving.
  1. 473) If you are in a difficult situation, broadcast love. Love protects and heals you!
  1. 474) Are you holding on to anything you need to let go of?
  1. 475) Every day you make choices, obvious or subtle ones, that either birth you or build a container to limit and confine you.
  1. 476) Sometimes it is worthwhile to pause and take an honest look how you’re focusing your energy!
  1. 477) Are you dreaming richly? living fully? loving well? treading lightly and thoughtfully/ giving generously? forgiving always? and letting go and allowing? If not, you can begin now.
  1. 478) Focus upon “direction” rather than “destination.” Sometimes we concentrate too much on the destination and forget about the direction.
  1. 479) While our vision is important, our focus should always be on the next step, instead of the distant future – and check to see you are doing so out of love and not fear.
  1. 480) Going left, right, over, under, and quitting can all be valid strategies, but never rule out STARTING OVER.
  1. 481) Everything changes even from a moment ago making anything and everything essentially new… so starting over can be a very powerful strategy!
  1. 482) Give your questions time to breathe and the answers will find you!
  1. 483) Shining YOUR light helps others find their way back home as well!
  1. 484) In the long run, “seeking” comfort causes discomfort. We often find that there’s nothing there when we arrive. 
  1. 485) If there was no television, movies, video, social media, or magazines, I wonder if we would all think we were beautiful?
  1. 486) If you want to venture where you’ve never gone before, consider casting aside your goals, let go of plans, and don’t worry about mistakes.
  1. 487) The journey is all – everything. The destination is the beside the point.
  1. 488) It’s what you learn after you “know it all” that counts.
  1. 489) Sustainable organizations grow leaders faster than others.
  1. 490) Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack! 
  1. 491) If you insist upon worrying, worry only about those things you may reflect upon on your deathbed. The rest doesn’t matter.
  1. 492) It’s not always kind to be “nice.”( i.e. a strategy, mask, protection, deception, look good, staying part of the group, keep others at a distance, divert attention, etc.)
  1. 493) If you do not need or want, you can’t be manipulated.
  1. 494) What is something you know that you do differently than other people?
  1. 495) Don’t over-serve at the expense of your own well-being. True health begins within you and requires balance.
  1. 496) What’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself right now? Now take a moment or break and go do it!
  1. 497) When you describe your situations as troubling or problems, you are actually creating them.
  1. 498) Each time you catch yourself saying “they,” check to see if “we” is not more empowering.
  1. 499) Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And if that doesn’t work for you, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life!
  1. 500) When you compare your “insides” to other’s “outsides,” you set yourself up for problems. Instead see what you can do to get back into alignment with your best self.
  1. 501) A “should” is a “have to” with no muscle. It spells “lack,” which is fear-based.
  1. 502) I believe that it is darn near impossible to react effectively to someone who is hurtful and acting in fear when you are sharing the same vibrations.
  1. 503) Only when you can put your ego in check and turn yourself over to loving forgiveness, compassion, and understanding can you expect sustainable improvement .
  2. 504) Would you rather be right and fight or kind?
  1. 505) You might be surprised to learn that you can create miracles by simply serving the person in front of you with no expectations or agenda.
  1. 506) Hope is great UNLESS it causes you not to act. Be sure that you accept responsibility and maintain a vital role in taking the action that would cause the result you have hoped for.
  1. 507) Hope without responsibility and action is neither beneficial nor authentic.
  1. 508) Robin Sharma writes that focus plus daily improvement plus time equals genius. If you understand and live in that manner, your life will never be the same.
  1. 509) When we give away what we truly most want, we’ll get more of it back in return (kindness, love, authenticity, generosity, time, help, friendship, abundance).
  1. 510) Love and accept who you are, not who you will be or should be. Doing so will place you in the present and be your gateway to greater personal power.
  1. 511) A Chinese Proverb says, “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
  1. 512) Blaming will always keep us from being truly empowered and healing. What would your life look like if you never exercise blame?
  1. 513) If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid of making them?
  1. 514) Be sure to pull the plug on those “human vacuums” that suck the life and joy out of you. Saves energy too! 
  1. 515) Is your attitude today worth catching? If loving and bright, infect me, otherwise you’re quarantined.
  1. 516) When you cut away all the junk and noise, everything in life is about choices. You choose how you will react to situations. 
  1. 517) Instead of being addicted to complaining about your life and the shortcomings of others, why not start a new addiction of helping others?
  1. 518) The reason that many fail to evolve is that they spend more time discussing their traumas than taking empowering actions.
  1. 519) Never lose a chance to say a kind word, share a smile, or do a good deed.
  1. 520) Anyone “giving 110%” is absolutely OVER-TRYING. You can never get into “the zone” or perform at your optimum from such a stance. The highest performers always exert the appropriate energy and focus and seldom their limit.
  1. 521) Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Love Yourself. Any reason not to?
  1. 522) Today is a good day for a good day. Without a doubt, the best!
  1. 523) Use your smile to change the world. Don’t allow the world to change your smile!
  1. 524) Are your goals truly worthy of you? Take inventory and don’t keep going down a tunnel in which there is no cheese.
  1. 525) Consider the collateral damage of pursuing questionable goals and check to make sure that you are fighting the right battles. 
  1. 526) Want to stop arguments? Events have no meaning except that which YOU give them. By not giving other’s comments any meaning, you don’t get upset and start arguments.
  1. 527) Do what you love. The money may or may not follow, but you will be enjoying your life!
  1. 528) Geography can help you be happy, but it cannot make you happy. Happiness is a method of travel, not a destination!
  1. 529) Be patient in pursuing your aspirations. No matter your wanting, you may not yet be in the right stance to receive.
  1. 530) Feeling love rather than judgment transforms negative energy into harmless energy.
  1. 531) If you are in a rut, just realize that changing one belief could make all the

difference, but it’s your choice. Watch out that your ego or fear don’t get in the way!

  1. 532) If you have trouble forgiving people, next time you talk to them pretend it is their last day on earth!
  1. 533) If you can’t see God or Source Energy everywhere, you can’t see it (him or her) anywhere.
  1. 534) Happiness itself is a choice. You have total freedom in that.
  1. 535) All your power is in the here and now… and nowhere else.
  1. 536) We could enjoy life more, simply if we enjoyed it more.
  1. 537) Another person can only trigger pain in you if you already are holding that pain within you.
  1. 538) Spend some time today thinking about what you want rather than what you don’t want.
  1. 539) Choose compassion over sympathy. Rather than feeling sorry, seeing things as growth vehicles and assisting others to do likewise is a greater gift than being nice and sympathetic.
  1. 540) When you feel sympathy for someone, you begin to share their troubling vibrations and that becomes you. Compassion operates from a much higher level!
  1. 541) Never make another person wrong.
  1. 542) When coaching someone with aspirations, one of my questions is always: “Whom would you need to be to do or achieve that?”
  1. 543) In life are you a candle or a forest fire? When the winds of life blow, do they snuff out your flame out or do they spread and intensify your flame like a wild fire?
  1. 544) If you’re singing in the chorus of life, there is no lead. The gift of being human is that we all experience the joys of the high notes and have wept through the down ones. 
  1. 545) When anger visits you, here’s a helpful strategy. DO NOTHING. Just quietly observe it, Don’t be against it or for it, but just watch it.
  1. 546) Love is the ladder to heaven. Master it and you have no need for religion. You know all. Conversely fear is the stairway to hell.
  1. 547) Beware of those who may deceive you with fear and their many cousins. God (Source Energy) is everywhere once you open your arms of love.
  1. 548) In the haste of your busy life, what are you not seeing or experiencing?
  1. 549) Expectations are toxic and cowardly in personal relationship.
  1. 550) It is cowardly to walk around with a ton of expectations for other human beings and overlook your own.
  1. 551) Agreements are stronger than expectations. They are more courageous and creative. They get more effective results. Have you been resting on your expectations?
  1. 552) How can one enter a new chapter in their life if they are always re-reading the past ones?
  1. 553) “There is nothing so useless as doing something efficiently that which should not be done at all.”  – Peter Drucker
  1. 554) How comfortable can you be with just being who you are? When you keep seeking instant gratification, you set yourself up for continual dissatisfaction and hunger.
  1. 555) Are you a participant or observer? Do you watch others chasing their dreams. Don’t morph into a perpetual observer and forget to chase YOUR dreams.
  1. 556) As children we would risk all day, but too often as adults we don shields or hide in caves. It’s never too late to change.
  1. 557) When improving any skill, think “stretch zone” and not “snap zone.” It is important to overload your comfort zone and go just past it, but there’s no need to snap it. 
  1. 558) Three powerful questions to ask yourself: “Do I enjoy my life – day in and day out?,” “Am I happy with my job/career?” and “Am I making a difference?”
  1. 559) People are always judging others and they are not very good at it. Don’t put a lot of concern into what people think of you. It’s none of your business.
  1. 560) Winning is over-rated, but learning isn’t. What might you learn today?
  1. 561) “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”  – Unknown
  1. 562) What are the “Hell Yes’s!” in your life? When you identify them, it’s easier to understand what the “Hell No’s!” are and make better decisions.
  1. 563) The more you live, the less you die.
  1. 564) “Do you feel that the strategies, beliefs, and energies that got you to your present level of success will work to get you further?” “Why?”
  1. 565) Dwell on the past and you’ll get more of the past at the sacrifice of the future.
  1. 566) When you encounter something you don’t like, ask yourself, “If this is what I don’t want, what would I like instead?”
  1. 567) “Whatever you do in life, always give 100%. Unless you’re donating blood…”
  1. 568) When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.
  1. 569) Most people believe it is others or circumstances that determine their fate when it is entirely their own beliefs. How is that empowering?
  1. 570) “Trying” implies failure and takes effort. It’s actually easier to just do it! 
  1. 571) If you ever have to use power, you’ve lost it!
  1. 572) Is it more important to love or to be loved?
  1. 573) Religions have rules to abide by and rules do not advocate unity.
  1. 574) Leverage adversity to empower creativity.
  1. 575) Happiness will elude us when we depend on the approval of others to validate us.
  1. 576) How do you spend the majority of your free time?
  1. 577) The less stressed we become over external conditions we do not like, the fewer will come our way.
  1. 578) What is your secret dream, something you have never divulged to another?
  1. 579) In your special relationship, don’t be afraid to be the one that loves the most!
  1. 580) It is always the perfect time to do the right thing.
  1. 581) You do not always have to know everything, but it would
    matter a lot if you know what matters.
  1. 582) Guilt, blame, and shame are all man-made concepts whose only consequence is to separate you from truth. Our resistance to them keeps them within us.
  1. 583) When we put into practice that life is about giving and serving and not getting, we get so much that we no longer want.
  1. 584) “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden
  1. 585) How can you be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with?
  1. 586) Your daily habits aren’t just important; they’re your keystone. Aristotle knew this. He wrote “we are what we repeatedly do.” Despite any natural desire to fix everything at once, the best way to get big results is to make tiny, continuous changes to daily habits.
  1. 587) Do you listen to understand or to reply?
  1. 588) “Talent is cheaper that table salt.”  – Unknown. What separates those who succeed are the appropriate underlying beliefs, inspired action, and persistence. 
  1. 589) Never trust a man in a wheel chair with worn shoes!
  1. 590) If you value time as I do, then worrying about events that may not occur or that are out of our control is an inexcusable waste of our precious and limited lifetime.
  1. 591) Would you rather hike or be airlifted to a summit? Instantly reaching summits only provides short-term highs whereas the work can make the journey more gratifying.
  1. 592) Happiness is a process and journey that is worth the wait… and the detours.
  1. 593) Is what you’re thinking and saying throughout the day what you really want to be creating for yourself?
  1. 594) Does it make sense for you to make someone a priority in your life if you are only an option in theirs?
  1. 595) If you never have, it might be interesting for you to have a real, genuine relationship with one of your political opposites. Or have you lost the will to understand others, maybe simply wanting others to acknowledge your positions to be ‘right?’
  1. 596) Forgive others not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace.
  1. 597) You’re really old, sitting in a wheelchair, wrinkled and frail, eating soft food from a tray in front of a television you can hardly hear. Would that person be glad you took risks and leaps that you might now be considering, or would they regret it?
  1. 598) Avoid those thoughts that weaken you.
  1. 599) Practice continual and complete forgiveness of everything and everyone, but most importantly yourself.
  1. 600) The ideal life is a process, a direction, and not a destination. Be willing to stretch and fail, don’t worry about being good, but rather about getting better.
  1. 601) In affecting change, doing the very most minimal is not only the easiest, but usually the best way to start. Start tiny and gradually increase your changes and pretty soon you’ve successfully accomplished that change and built a more sustainable habit.
  1. 602) Security never overcomes obstacles, takes us forward, or leads to progress. Rather you must surrender security to improve.
  1. 603) Step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown if you want to grow!
  1. 604) People who lose don’t lose because they focus on losing. They lose because they focus on just getting by.
  1. 605) Folks who look for easy solutions or quick fixes quit what’s right for them as soon as the pressure is increased.
  1. 606) Never let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours!
  1. 607) While most things continually change, some don’t; the fact that things change doesn’t itself change. While individual waves come and go, the ocean is always ocean.
  1. 608) Recognize that you are a local wave in the vast sea of humanity. While you are changing, you do so in an unchanging “allness.”
  1. 609) At this very moment, are you operating from fear or love? Congratulate yourself for answering that for that is an “awakening” question regardless of your answer.
  1. 610) Your opinion of me becomes mine only when I forget who I am.
  1. 611) “Victims” or those in slumps use obligatory language such as “should,” “ought to” and “have to” do.
  1. 612) Revitalized folks convert to the language of intention… because they want or choose to. They “intend to,” “choose to, “want to,” or “can’t wait to.”
  1. 613) Want a “New You” with different outcomes? Try changing from a noun to a verb. Move from defining yourself by your past and move into joyful action.
  1. 614) Leave your static old self behind defined by yours or other’s labels with a series of verbs – creating and serving make a good start. See how you can make a difference!
  1. 615) Though you may find temporary satisfaction, without love you will never experience true peace or happiness.
  1. 616) Today, create just ONE NEW DOMINANT THOUGHT or belief that works for you in a loving way.
  1. 617) The secret to having it all is to believe that you already do.
  1. 618) If you believe in love over fear as well as your own abundance, things have a way of working out best.
  1. 619) Literally everything in the Universe begins in thought form. Nothing can appear outside how we have imagined things to be. Life can therefore only unfold as a mirror to the stories we energize and tell ourselves. No thought goes unnoticed, not by our bodies nor the Universe. Beware your flawed thoughts. Are yours worthy of you?
  1. 620) Gratitude makes you present with whatever you are doing.
  1. 621) When you realize that the bad things aren’t so terrible and the good things aren’t so terrific, you can be quietly grateful for whatever happens.
  1. 622) When I speak from my head, people snooze. When I speak from my heart, they tend to listen.
  1. 623) Try saying this often to yourself today, tomorrow, and the next day… “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom!”
  1. 624) Real life involves real risk. To attempt riskless living may be the worst risk of all.
  1. 625) Are you here to be right or are you here to love?
  1. 626) What are the only two things that can’t be taken away from you?  -your love and your wisdom.
  1. 627) Are you living your life as an “Exclamation” or as an “Explanation?”
  1. 628) One of the telltale signs of a person’s commitment to success is a willingness to ask for help. Reaching out and asking for help means you are finally ready to move forward. Surrender is strength. Help is power.
  1. 629) Find humor in a situation and you win.
  1. 630) Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.
  1. 631) If you seek revenge, you’d better dig two graves.
  1. 632) Integrity is more centered in our connection within ourselves than the outside world.  It aligns with what we intuitively know to our authentic energy in any situation. It’s always useful, therefore, to quiet ourselves and listen to our own powerful essence.
  1. 633) Never give up on things that make you smile.
  1. 634) Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world and on your very worst day, there are more than a billion people who would gladly change places with you.
  1. 635) Stop thinking so much, it’s alright not to know all the answers. Enjoy today!
  1. 636) When you make a difference in another’s life, and commit to customer astonishment and not satisfaction, you attract wealth.
  1. 637) The SECRET KEY to HAPPINESS and INNER PEACE: Loving and Serving Others and Yourself. It’s all about love.
  1. 638) You are already enough. All our tools are already within us though we can expand them by training and education.
  1. 639) Whom would you bet on? The person that “has to.” The person that “wants to.” Or the person “who can’t wait to!” Passion sustains persistence which leads to success.
  1. 640) What is the next big step I need to take? Why not exercise your freedom in a way your ancestors will thank you.
  1. 641) Create all day, everyday. Rather than attract a partner, create a relationship.
  1. 642) How can you live with more integrity with your ideals? What are the most important things you can start and also stop that would have the most impact on your life?
  1. 643) Discard your laundry list of “I am not enough” dressed up as goals and dreams. What can YOU do to be creative this very minute? Every human being IS creative.
  1. 644) How we feel about ourselves becomes the only point of reference that fuels (not determines) success or failure.
  1. 645) The sooner we release the opinions of others, the sooner we align ourselves with our own unique powerful essence.
  1. 646) Trying please others is never going to keep us happy for very long and will sabotage peak performance every time.
  1. 647) Love says, “ I’ve seen the ugly part of you and I’m staying.” But in love there is no “ugly!”
  1. 648) If you don’t want something, don’t mention it or talk about it. It works better if you focus, think, and talk about what you do want and not about what you don’t want.
  1. 649) FEAR knocked at the door. FAITH answered. There was no one there…
  1. 650) Are you interested in creating your life’s goals and dreams, or are you COMMITTED? Mere interest spells failure. (I have never accepted a client who was merely “interested” in coaching or improvement.) As for bacon and eggs, the chicken was interested while the pig was committed.
  1. 651) Does your life cast a shadow or shed light?
  1. 652) The term “life is what you make it” is so simple, but it’s also so true.
  1. 653) Every situation is an opportunity for growth and learning. For instance, in this very moment are you operating from a position of love or fear?
  1. 654) Joseph Campbell was originally misquoted in “Follow you bliss.” He said to “follow your blisters” because where you went hard and far enough to create and suffer blisters actually did define your bliss.
  1. 655) Security never overcomes obstacles, takes us forward, or leads to progress. Rather you must surrender security to improve.
  1. 656) Other’s negativity is not worth your time or worry.
  1. 657) An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.
  1. 658) Our tongue is the only muscle in our body that is attached at only one end. Is that the reason that mine is so often out of control?
  1. 659) Challenges are formidable only to the “small you.” The “Oh no!” becomes “That’s interesting!” in becoming the bigger you.
  1. 660) Just because you may shine in a crisis doesn’t mean you need a crisis to shine. You can always lower your drama threshold by making different choices and responses.
  1. 661) As you go through your day, remember that everyone along the way is looking for relief from their pain.
  1. 662) To help both you and those you meet, consider giving away free doses of your lightness and humor whenever you can.
  1. 663) If this next year will be the most amazing one, what will you have to change?
  1. 664) Remember, our value has nothing to do with our valuables.
  1. 665) Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.
  1. 666) The Chinese word for “CRISIS” is made with two brush strokes. The first is for danger and the second is for opportunity.
  1. 667) Be it today or any day, you only have this moment to be truly alive. Life isn’t past or future. Life is now!
  1. 668) Want to change your life? Simply change your responses to things and happenings. 
  1. 669) Do you take on daring projects or safe ones that are easy with less chance of “failure” and little public accountability?
  1. 670) When you live big and take on daring challenges, you open yourself up to grow and make life exciting. So what is on your horizon?
  1. 671) Problems are problems because we see them as problems. Today, trying viewing these circumstances as obstacles with miracles in the waiting.
  1. 672) With obstacles comes challenge. With challenge, there’s purpose. With purpose comes fulfillment.
  1. 673) Ask a relationship that you’re struggling with, “What have you come to teach me?”
  1. 674) For relationships to be successful, both parties must be both truthful and willing to look at every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  1. 675) Our self-limiting stories/beliefs are the greatest energy interrupters in the Universe. They shape our physical health, well-being, and all we face in our lives.
  1. 676) The best athletes show us that relaxed awareness, focus, and poise are more important than resistance.
  1. 677) Of all the people in my life, which ones do I really want to stick with?
  1. 678) How about appreciating what you have before you ask for more? If you are not happy with what you have, you likely won’t be happy with what you get.
  1. 679) You are an honored guest at the table of life. How are you going to show up?
  1. 680) Do you create for joy or to gain a response? How do you feel when you are doing it for sheer joy? What dreams are you waiting to act on?
  1. 681) What can you do today to make your dreams come true? What can you learn from other creative people you admire?
  1. 682) Anger and frustration take you out of alignment and sabotage any chance to excel. Consider that anger attracts more anger and unintended results. What is so important that you choose to react with anger? Instead, love the opportunity to grow. It’s your choice.
  1. 683) What we do to each other, we ultimately do to ourselves as we are all somehow interconnected.
  1. 684) Multi-tasking really robs you of your opportunity to be aware and enjoy wonderment. When was the last really memorable moment of joy you had while multi-tasking?
  1. 685) No matter your age, there is as much chance for wonderment as ever, but you must slow down, stop rushing, and be aware as if responding to the sacred.
  1. 686) Isn’t it remarkable that we are creative beings through some wonderful energy and even get to consider why we’re here?
  1. 687) Is there anyone in your life now whom you are trying to please at the expense of yourself?
  1. 688) What kind of face are you showing the world? Your face and its expressions are a direct reflection of how you are feeling inside – your calling card to the world.
  1. 689) Five Daily Keys to Happiness: Connect with Others; Be Active; Take Notice of All Around You; Keep Learning; and Give. How many of them are you embracing today?
  1. 690) Instead of asking “Why me?” change your question to “Why not me?” Then change your focus to what you have to be grateful for and want to attract versus the opposites.
  1. 691) When we apply ATtention to INtention, then the Law of Attraction can kick into high gear.
  1. 692) Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box!
  1. 693) Travel is the only thing you can buy to make you richer.
  1. 694) Your soul innately wants you to live life fully. Are you stretching yourself to do so? If not, it’s never too late to start!
  1. 695) The price of neglect is so much more than the price of discipline and it costs you a lifetime. Are you spending your time doing the right things? Because time is all you have.
  1. 696) When we are in a state of “Thanks” and also “Giving,” we put ourselves and everyone around us in a better place.
  1. 697) Avoid a rush to judgment about your fellow people. Evolution has hardwired us to see patterns and make snap decisions and create labels. This may have been useful when saber-toothed tigers were charging us, but not so much in our modern tightly-knit multicultural society. Plus labels are de-humanizing.
  1. 698) Life is too important to be taken seriously, so don’t be so serious today! Seriousness implies an attitude of pessimism and an inability to experience joy.
  1. 699) Make a commitment to hold peace above all else for one day and you might discover a most wonderful day!
  1. 700) I trademarked the term “bliss-ipline.” It puts the Law of Attraction on steroids for when you combine your passion (bliss) with consistency (persistent discipline) into action; you vastly elevate your vibrational energy.
  1. 701) When you throw revenge out, you invite love to walk right in!
  1. 702) This week try 10 different things or ways to be more creative. That may be as simple as a slight change in a routine. This is how breakthroughs are created. Okay, just try one!
  1. 703) Whenever you improve one area of your life it has a spillover effect into others. If you are stuck in one area, look to improve something else with less resistance.
  1. 704) It’s hard to defeat an enemy that has an outpost in your head!
  1. 705) People who are willing to do the “uncomfortable” things in life are more apt to experience the comfortable things later in life.
  1. 706) An identity crisis is a wonderful opportunity to trade in an old clunker of a self-image that perhaps isn’t working for a new upgraded one!
  1. 707) “As long as there’s room in your heart for one enemy, your heart’s not a safe place for a friend.” – Sufi Saying
  1. 708) You will never run out of ideas or love. So put them out there in the world. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty more again tomorrow.
  1. 709) Take the stairs. Except if you’re on your way to a date or a job interview.
  1. 710) What am I willing to suffer for?
  1. 711) “The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.”  – George Will
  1. 712) 90% of the accidents that befall us happen within a mile of home. Guess I’m going to have to move!
  1. 713) Regrets prevent you from living magnificently today. Be willing to let your regrets go once and for all. Bless them as lessons, and don’t repeat them.
  1. 714) Consider what you have in common with everyone you meet. Focusing on the commonalities instantly increases your overall level of compassion.
  1. 715) Do you embrace the adventure of attempting possibility? Spice up your life today and go for it!
  1. 716) Express yourself often, kindly, and without apology. 
  1. 717) Step up to stand out. You’ll find that all you have to do to win is to rise each time you fall. So line up your energy, show up, and take action in the direction of your dreams.
  1. 718) A reminder to always reach for the thought that feels best!
  1. 719) Do your excuses serve you?
  1. 720) We become stressed to be in control resulting in worry. When you give up control, you eliminate stress. Relinquish control today and notice how stress fades from your life.
  1. 721) Really big successes are not a solo endeavors; they depend upon others. Endeavor to make or help others become more successful and success will ultimately find you. 
  1. 722) Beware the relationship in which there is no laughter. Speaking of which… “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”  – Albert Einstein
  1. 723) Consider that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. Make it a perfectly wonderful day!
  1. 724) Visualization without an emotional connection is relatively futile. It gets you past the hurdles that make us want to quit on the way to anything worthwhile.
  1. 725) When people criticize, undermine you, or predict your demise, remember that they are telling you their story and not yours.
  1. 726)You’ve overcome challenges before. Remember that they are just learning experiences and that everything can and will change.
  1. 727) Genius is a matter of perception, the other person’s perception. Your very best always looks better to others than it does to you.
  1. 728) The secret of a full life is to live and relate to others as if they might not be there tomorrow, or you might not be there tomorrow. 
  1. 729) It’s one thing to understand the great Laws such as the Law of Attraction, but are you living them? How do you incorporate the action word “go” in your life?
  1. 730) Traveling on a path for many years we become the path. Our path is an excuse as to why change may be difficult. Want a different destination? Choose another path.
  1. 731) The only time we might look down upon another is when we bend over to help lift them up.
  1. 732) No matter what gets done today and what is left undone, know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. No need to be perfect or a super-hero.
  1. 733) Wherever you go, just pack the “3-C’s” with you – courage, compassion, and connection and keep moving forward.
  1. 734) Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you. And don’t forget “forgiveness!”
  1. 735) My past has served me perfectly.
  1. 736) Do you take failure as evidence that something is not going to work for you? You didn’t do that as a child. You fell and kept getting up again.
  1. 737) Life is a journey. Happiness is the way I choose to travel.
  1. 738) When my car won’t start, I call on AAA. When my happiness won’t start, I call on the other Triple A—Action Alleviates Anxiety. Taking action alleviates stress.
  1. 739) In your relationships, are you BIGGER than the tough moments or do you often get sucked into the emotion of them and react with fear, anger, jealousy, etc.?
  1. 740) Nobody raises his own reputation by lowering other’s.
  1. 741) You are either allowing or resisting your desires – moving toward or away from them. When you feel good about anything, you become a magnet to attract your desire.
  1. 742) In order to feel peaceful, you will want to let go of the future. To feel free, you have to give up the past, and forgive and forget.
  1. 743) Will power is nothing more than your conscious mind overcoming your subconscious. Your subconscious is the gatekeeper and doesn’t like change.
  1. 744) The most effective way to create and sustain great relationships with others is to take full responsibility for the relationship, expecting nothing in return.
  1. 745) You are not your life, but rather the sculptor or co-creator of your life. When you begin the embrace this, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities. 
  1. 746) Intelligence is often mistaken for wisdom. This is like mistaking a cup of milk for a cow!
  1. 747) Successful people are always going somewhere, whereas unsuccessful people just appear to be not happy where they are.
  1. 748) Why not always say yes to the present moment? What could be more futile, more crazy than to create inner resistance to what already is?
  1. 749) Events can’t cause us to feel anything. Most feelings are the result of the meaning we attribute to events, not the events themselves. We always have options as to what meanings we associate with everything that happens.
  1. 750) When you choose a love-based response rather than fear-based, the results are more pleasing.
  1. 751) A significant shift takes place when we realize that ‘what was’ or ‘what is’ has little bearing on what can be.
  1. 752) There are no limitations placed on us other than those we first place upon ourselves through misguided thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
  1. 753) Don’t spend time and energy justifying why you are where you are today. Put your attention towards WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.
  1. 754) Mistakes show us what we need to learn. This sounds exceedingly obvious, yet in our daily grind we rush past the obvious.
  1. 755) Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Instead, compare to whom you know you can be and to yesterday’s self.
  1. 756) “The best way to get credit is to give it away.” – Anonymous
  1. 757) When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you have done?
  1. 758) Is someone else writing your life’s story? For many that’s true. Sometimes you have to make a conscious decision to cut that destructive chord and create own your story. If you don’t, others will write it for you – at your expense and their profit. Stop reacting and don’t let old stories control you. Blame, shame, and vengeance don’t count. What is your next story to be? Start a new path today for your best years can start now!
  1. 759) Has your greatest fear ever come true? Is it important for you to continue holding on to that fear?
  1. 760) Experience the JOY and see the BEAUTY in places you never before looked for them.
  1. 761) Remember that the gift of life isn’t just in the having of it, but in the LIVING of each moment of it.
  1. 762) “If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognized it?”  – Ernst Haas
  1. 763) Take any situation. See how it can serve you. It may not please you and may even threaten you. You may not always be able to change every situation, but you can change how you see it which changes what happens next.
  1. 764) Lest you doubt the power of your own energy, consider that the two most contagious things in life are enthusiasm and the lack of enthusiasm. Which one do you exhibit?
  1. 765) What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?
  1. 766) Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
  1. 767) Detachment and letting go does NOT mean not to care. Rather fully accept the present moment for all it is and disengage from useless stories of the past or future projections. Let go and trust, and look for fun. You might find calmness and bliss in doing so.
  1. 768) Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  1. 769) If not now, when?
  1. 770) When you’re feeling a bit down and out, remember that stars cannot shine without darkness!
  1. 771) Don’t try and perfect yourself for one person. Wait for the one that loves your imperfections – the one who loves you truly will love you the way you are.
  1. 772) “People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”  – Issac Asimov
  1. 773) Sin is always in the past, and Forgiveness is in the present moment. Fear of the future is also in the past for it is based only on past experiences.
  1. 774) Consider that Forgiveness is a miracle in every form and it can erase a lifetime of guilt and fear. So are you more invested in self-righteousness or forgiveness?
  1. 775) What we have in the world cannot measure up to what we want already have in our hearts. Why not turn your attention there and enjoy the view? 
  1. 776) If your journey is from your heart, you can never be lost wherever you find yourself.
  1. 777) Life is not so much about finding yourself as it is creating your best self.
  1. 778) We can never deactivate an old thought, but we can redirect and softly focus upon something new and different in its place allowing the old one to lose its steam.
  1. 779) Life is too damn important to be taken seriously!
  1. 780) “My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.”  – Ashleigh Brilliant
  1. 781) The most moving scenes in movies involve those casting away their fears and expressing themselves with enthusiasm. We pay to see that because it’s often missing in us.
  1. 782) Enthusiasm is sexy so how about showing yours today!
  1. 783) What is your gift? You know that you have one, maybe many, but don’t be defined by anyone’s high or low expectations of you and don’t compare yourself to others.
  1. 784) Write your obituary and see what transpires. If lacking, now is the time to change it. Better yet, write your epitaph. You can always revise it.
  1. 785) Remember that God or Source Energy does not make mistakes so let your light shine forth! 
  1. 786) Our underlying beliefs are actually the religion we practice. And WE are the only cause of our own suffering.
  1. 787) Every thought we have holds a signatory vibration that emanates out from you and ultimately shapes your life and what you attract and the way you perceive it.
  1. 788) Relationships are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains. Close your hand and squeeze tightly, the sand leaves.
  1. 789) In order to improve at anything, you have to become the “not you.” The current “you” simply has to change. So would you be willing to give up or change? 
  1. 790) Stop and ask, “What is the most loving thing I can do or I can be for MYSELF?” Think about the answer and repeat several times daily.
  1. 791) “The best among us are not more gifted than the rest. They just take little steps each day as they march toward their biggest life. And the days slip into weeks, the weeks into months and before they know it, they arrive at a place called Extraordinary.”  – Robin Sharma
  1. 792) Be strong and loving for yourself. Your actions are more effective when you are coming from a loving place. Do this and things will change for the better!
  1. 793) It’s not so much one person or leader changing the planet, but many of us waking up to our own possibilities and lifting those around us up. 
  1. 794) You are exactly where you ought to be whether or not you want to be there. Life constantly provides us gifts and opportunities to grow if we are open and accepting of them.
  1. 795) What makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful. Are you willing to do or give up something with no guarantees?
  1. 796) A sense of guilt will kill any chances for happiness. Guilt is just another form of worry and both are cousins of fear.
  1. 797) Guilt puts your attention back on the past and makes it difficult to advance for it is always more difficult to run forward when you are looking backwards.
  1. 798) Love as a choice is power. Choose love over hate, retribution, worry, jealousy, and the like. And there is no power in loving harder, only in loving better. 
  1. 799) Acute awareness and taking appropriate action is what separates those we term geniuses from others. “Awareness” can turn an ordinary relatively tasteless life into a delicious journey.
  1. 800) The Bible has 365 references of “be not afraid” so why worry, judge, hate, be scarcity-based, jealous, angry, unforgiving, envious, etc.? All are cousins of fear.
  1. 801) All the popular philosophies at their origin have promoted a love-based guidance system. If we all adopted that, the world’s problems would melt, don’t you think?
  1. 802) We can’t control others, but what are YOU doing to put your Fear into the background?
  1. 803) If growth relates to happiness and genuine growth is not effortless, are we headed astray in a comfort-obsessed search for a “hassle-free” existence?
  1. 804) In life, business, and sports, a competitive edge is one’s ability to prepare, anticipate, and deal with surprise.
  1. 805) Fear is a story, not my reality.
  1. 806) Watch out for super-high expectations. Whether starting a relationship, job, project, diet/exercise, round of golf, etc., we put ourselves in a better position to fail if we set unusually high expectations.
  1. 807) Focusing upon expectations takes you out of the present and adds needless pressure that make anything short more of a disappointment than it should be.
  1. 808) Success lies right outside your comfort zone. The harder it is to make yourself do something, often the more you’ll benefit by doing it.
  1. 809) A tiny step is better than no step at all. In fact, it’s usually better than a giant leap because more of us will take it and keep taking them when most will quit after falling short of their leap. In fact, a series of tiny steps can lead to immense progress.
  1. 810) Are you more committed to your Dreams or your Doubts? You only have to look to your actions for the answer. Interview your Doubter to see its interference.
  1. 811) The quality of your harvest is a direct reflection of the quality of your seed, where you plant, and how you feed – your decisions and actions. A single choice—can alter your life, your destiny, and your legacy. 
  1. 812) Gratitude is the anti-oxidant and the Wd-40 lubricant of human kind.
  1. 813) Probably the best thing you can do to foster generosity is to never let a gift go un-thanked if only silently to yourself.
  1. 814) Only we are responsible for our own happiness. Don’t rely on others for happiness, respect, validation, or love.
  1. 815) Cultivate your own happiness with an eye toward service to others while devoting time to cultivate your vision.
  1. 816) Happy people do better things and treat others better than unhappy or fearful folks, and your loving happy energy will spread.
  1. 817) Always exercise on Mondays. It starts the week off on the right note.
  1. 818) Would you ever invite a thief into your house? Of course not. So why would you allow thoughts that steal your joy to make themselves at home in your mind?
  1. 819) If the first to apologize is the bravest and the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest; a case of selective amnesia works.
  1. 820) Have you ever considered that not even the best of friends can attend each other’s funeral? Give your friends the best you got while we’re all still around.
  1. 821) Our beliefs hold us back far more than our knowledge. 
  1. 822) Energy is the “secret sauce” to any outstanding performer. What are you doing to build, conserve, and preserve yours?
  1. 823) You can’t manage time, but you can manage those things that take up your time. It is not how much time you have; it is how much you use. 
  1. 824) As we learn to have more compassion for ourselves, the circle of compassion expands everywhere. 
  1. 825) At any time, place, or age YOU choose greatness; greatness doesn’t choose you!
  1. 826) Building a gigantic gratitude list is a great place to start a happiness practice – and a reminder of how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.
  1. 827) Are you more committed to other’s Doubts or to yours? What are the actions you are or are not taking everyday to support one or the other? 
  1. 828) Safety is the enemy of success.
  1. 829) You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can surely change your direction overnight. Say ‘no’ to the ‘good’ so you can say ‘yes’ to the ‘great!’
  1. 830) If you believe that life is a canvas painted by God or Source Energy, why not welcome it in every face, every encounter, and in every sky and flower?
  1. 831) When is your life going to change for the better??? It will change when you become grateful for the things you have in your life right now. 
  1. 832) When others say bad or disappointing things about or to you, you invite pain only if you BELIEVE them.
  1. 833) What does success mean to you? How has it been shaped by society and others such as your parents?
  1. 834) Take a moment to reflect upon what you pursue in the name of success. With clarity you align with your core desire and lose yourself beautifully in the process.
  1. 835) The more honest you are with yourself, the more ability you will have to make changes that work for you.
  1. 836) In our busy, busy lives, I recommend you make an appointment with yourself for an at least an hour once a week to SLOW Down and simply THINK.
  1. 837) People who achieve their goals do so because they are a match for them. They feel good and not desperate about them.
  1. 838) Do you enter relationships seeing what you can get out of them or what you can put into them?
  1. 839) What relationships of every sort do offer is the opportunity to experience who we REALLY are – and how we show up demonstrates that, That is a gift.
  1. 840) Do you allow your life’s circumstances to work FOR or AGAINST you? Or have you ever stopped to take notice?
  1. 841) We typically don’t get what we want because we are too busy concentrating on what we don’t want, trying to fix and rid ourselves of things.
  1. 842) Are you authentic, and vulnerable? When you are unafraid to feel/express your emotions in a gentle fashion, and less concerned about being “right,” you align with your highest self.
  1. 843) Try asking yourself these three questions. What I received from others in my life? What have I given back to them? What trouble or bother have I caused them? 
  1. 844) Rather than trying to “find” yourself, how about just “allowing” yourself? You intuitively know what is best and are more powerful than you may have imagined.
  1. 845) When you focus upon love, abundance, and charity, and “allow” yourself to go with life’s flow (both intended and unintended), the journey becomes smoother.
  1. 846) The more we shine the light on our negative thoughts and feelings, and tell ourselves that it’s actually OK to have them, the less power they will then have over us.
  1. 847) Judgment blocks an open mind, cynicism guards an open heart, and fear inhibits an open will.
  1. 848) The wind in your face could be God throwing you kisses. Your small steps into it could be a giant leap forward.
  1. 849) Who or what have you turned into an “enemy” and that you are now ready to transform into a friend through love, blessing, doing good, forgiveness, and prayer?
  1. 850) YOUR ability to create in this world is so much bigger than any of your fears.
  1. 851) You can never outperform your self-image. Would you consider stretching and expanding that self-image today and living larger? YOU are FABULOUS!
  1. 852) The grass is always greener where you water it!
  1. 853) Take a risk. Fail spectacularly. Then go out and fail some more.
  1. 854) Find excuses to laugh out loud. Not only is it a source of social bonding, but it improves your immunity, lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels while increasing tolerance to pain.
  1. 855) Did you ever realize that nothing that you create or “get” will you keep? The question then becomes, “What would you like to experience?”
  1. 856) “Turtles only make progress when they stick their necks out.”  – Unknown 
  1. 857) Do you pride yourself as one who has the most or the one who needs the least? They usually are very different life paths. How would those who know you describe you?
  1. 858) The key to living a brave life is to recognize that fears and belief systems are made up or imagined, and therefore changeable.
  1. 859) The brave believe in and trust in their visions and dreams and then show up 100% each day seeing life as an adventure and a journey one step at a time.
  1. 860) If you want to change something in your life for the better, the answer may be in  demonstrating greater commitment. Commitment rocks the world!
  1. 861) We can invigorate and liberate ourselves with commitment and passion, rather than stressing and imprisoning ourselves with expectation and obligation.
  1. 862) In the golf swing, the player is encouraged to follow until through. The same applies in life.
  1. 863) Everything is more difficult when we do it out of obligation and fear. Everything is mush easier when we do it out of passion and love.
  1. 864) Desire expands what a person can achieve; it moves mountains. Act for what you want as opposed to resisting what you don’t want.
  1. 865) What are your desires and how might you put them to work for you today?
  1. 866) When you begin to realize that every single moment is a new beginning, you are never stuck. This moment is where change begins, right here and now!
  1. 867) Your thoughts and beliefs created this very moment. Remember that YOU are the only person who thinks in your mind, and YOU are the only person who can make changes.
  1. 868) To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU! 
  1. 869) Stop doing things you don’t want to do. By learning to say “no” sometimes and then staying with that, you can achieve a boost of energy.
  1. 870) By stopping to do some things, you simplify and de-stress your life and gain a sense of empowerment and freedom.
  1. 871) Love has its own time, its own season, and its own reasons for coming and going. If you keep your heart open, it will surely come again.
  1. 872) Selfless service to others and giving without expectation trigger the same pleasure-forming chemicals in the brain as sex. So how about a “giving orgy?”
  1. 873) Would you consider creating a technology-free time or place within your life this week? 
  1. 874) You may be a lot closer than you may think? In love, money, career, health, etc., it is persistence, inspired action, and optimism that trump all else.
  1. 875) If there are any areas in your life where you are considering giving up, you might want to take a second look at them and how you are showing up.
  1. 876) Jim Rohn said that you must get good at one of two things:  “Planting in the spring or begging in the fall.”
  1. 877) Have you ever noticed that the few who do are the envy of the many who watch? Are you a doer or a watcher? How’s it working for you?
  1. 878) What is your light and how are you choosing to shine?
  1. 879) “We’re all just walking each other home. Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.”  – Ram Dass
  1. 880) Everyone is going through something – sickness, angst, bad luck, disappointment, rejection, whatever. Just as we want others to understand us, we must understand others.
  1. 881) Did you ever consider that a map is not functional until you know where you are located on it. So forget about the future for the moment and take inventory on the present. 
  1. 882) Have you listened to your heart song today? How would you describe it?
  1. 883) A change of focus and a change in your “story” always results in a change of results.
  1. 884) Can you surrender to the present, relax, focus, and engage in a centered, aware, balanced, open and loving state? Would you? When? Sometimes a professional can help you with this.
  1. 885) How would you like to respond when you get your next big surprise or challenge?
  1. 886) The one who has the most toys when they die does not win. They simply leave without their toys!
  1. 887) Did you ever realize that when you can see your goal and envision yourself getting there, you lose concern with how bloody, beaten, or humiliated you are or might become?
  1. 888) If something is “on your mind,” then it probably isn’t getting done. If you pride yourself upon how much you can manage in your head, you are misusing your energy.
  1. 889) Either act upon the woulds, shoulds, ought-tos, need-tos, may-want-tos, or release them and let them go. Otherwise you will continue to build conflict and stress.
  1. 890) You are at your best when you are relaxed. Whether communicating, breaking a board in the martial arts, negotiating a deal, or playing sports, it all works better.
  1. 891) When you operate out of fear as opposed to love, it’s nearly impossible to be relaxed so focus upon the joy and excitement rather than fear or consequences.
  1. 892) You are always the launching pad for emotional freedom. As in monkey see, monkey do, you are not your parents. To achieve emotional freedom you must disentangle yourself from their worst traits and embrace their best.
  1. 893) Freedom is about you taking charge of whom YOU want to be. Once you determine who is really running YOUR show, you can decide to behave differently.
  1. 894) When was the last time you rejoiced in the gift of friendship? Don’t wait for a special occasion to thank those in your life who have had a positive influence in your life.
  1. 895) Instant transformation is highly over-rated. Real transformation does not take place overnight, but is usually cultivated and practiced daily a little bit at a time.
  1. 896) Try taking out the word “instant” from your expectations and you will relieve the pressure and help yourself reach and maintain your goals.
  1. 897) Just a tiny bit of progress everyday adds up.
  1. 898) “Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.”  – Nigerian Saying
  1. 899) True winners realize that the path is never completed and that success is an illusion. 
  1. 900) Are you truly present to your own presence?
  1. 901) Let go of your “wanting.” The more you can let go of wanting, the more you will have, because wanting relates to scarcity – and scarcity does not equate to having.
  1. 902) It’s been said that the highest form of human behavior is to observe without judging or evaluating.
  1. 903) When we judge, evaluate, or tell someone that they are bad, wrong, stupid, etc., it really doesn’t do them or us any real good. 
  1. 904) If you believe that Love is the ladder to heaven and Acts of Kindness are the rungs. Would you consider adding some rungs to your ladder today?
  1. 905) Never deny your passion for it drives you, but rid yourself of expectation and you become free!
  1. 906) Passion turns you into action and fuels creation.
  1. 907) Do everything with enthusiasm, flair, and outrageousness.
  1. 908) Needing for specific results takes you out of the present and delivers frustration and disappointment.
  1. 909) The present is a present, and is your only opportunity to become a deliberate creator.
  1. 910) It’s OK to be who you are. If you can accept yourself as you are, right now, you will immediately begin to feel better. 
  1. 911) Become a good loser! No, not in the sportsman sense, but learn from your losses and build. View every setback as a gift toward improvement, and take action to improve.
  1. 912) Good losers can make great winners if they learn and every great winner was once a good, growing loser!
  1. 913) You are an ocean of love and love is your natural state. So how about giving yourself a dropper full of it today?
  1. 914) Happiness is not so much a feeling to be attained, but rather more of a by-product of how we live – and a choice we make, here and now.
  1. 915) Isn’t true love less about having someone that makes us happy and more about wanting to make THEM happy?
  1. 916) If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is probably not for you!
  1. 917) Never Underestimate your power to change YOURSELF, but never Overestimate your ability to change OTHERS.
  1. 918) When you believe more in your own shame and guilt and become addicted to them, you shut yourself off from wisdom and true growth – love.
  1. 919) We all have our foibles and mistakes, but to embrace them keeps us from becoming truly loving beings.
  1. 920) Anger “can” be a blessing if not practiced too extensively. Don’t deny or repress anger for it can wake us up to our attachments and replace it with gratitude and compassion.
  1. 921) Self-forgiveness might be the best Holiday present you could ever give or receive. Why not spring and gift yourself that present right now?
  1. 922) When you feel that something bad has happened to you, instead of asking “Why?” try asking “What value can I get out of this?”
  1. 923) Failure is the tuition for the University of Life.
  1. 924) Don’t allow others to become your excuse for not living the life you desire, and don’t blame them for what’s wrong in your world. 
  1. 925) How about shifting your energy from fighting problems to allowing yourself to direct your energies toward solutions and what you indeed do want?
  1. 926) A person’s life will always have challenges. After hello, how are you, everyone has a life story to tell about the problems they have faced.
  1. 927) Jim Rohn said that if you are not willing to risk the unusual, you would have to settle for the ordinary. Could that be the reason why so many live lives of quiet desperation?
  1. 928) Is fear holding you back from anything? If not you, how might you help someone else conquer their fear?
  1. 929) Instead of worrying, prepare. Besides, worrying is way over-rated!
  1. 930) When you are judging someone, you’re wrong even if you are right, because judging is a cousin of fear and takes you out of alignment with your best or highest self. 
  1. 931) There is the Zen saying, “To know and not to do is not yet to know.” So what do you really know?
  1. 932) Lose your fear of “no.” It’s as easy to ask for $100 as it is for $1.
  1. 933) Are you really willing to learn and grow? Your answer is neither right nor wrong, good or bad, but it may signal whether or not you are in alignment with your intentions.
  1. 934) Relax, forgive, and love. We were born with love; we learned fear, which is lovelessness or our living hell. Love is source energy, us.
  1. 935) If you believe that we are here to spread love, how might you expand yourself?
  1. 936) If we don’t love ourselves, what love do we have to offer others?
  1. 937) Do you want to be happy and experience love or be in control? Control is a fear-based emotion, as you don’t control a relationship out of joy.
  1. 938) Whatever you try to control, you will ultimately end up losing. Love cannot be controlled, dictated or organized. 
  1. 939) Pick your worst weakness. Instead of trying to fix or eliminate it, look to understand what it points to or tells you.
  1. 940) Recognizing our weaknesses and their underlying causes can be great signposts to clarity and future focus, rather than something to be ashamed of.
  1. 941) Once your mind and heart are illuminated, the whole world sparkles with light!
  1. 942) The paradox with the Law of Attraction is that we do not attract what we want; we attract what we focus upon based upon the energy we put forth.
  1. 943) Are you focusing upon what you lack or what you want to rid yourself of? If so, convert that focus to what you do want.
  1. 944) “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for.” Are you living your life as a ship or a houseboat permanently docked?
  1. 945) Make time to play or vacation if you want to be successful.
  1. 946) Don’t worry about breaking old habits. Instead start a new one in its place. That’s far easier to do!
  1. 947) A belief is just a pattern of thought we repeat over and over again.
  1. 948) When beliefs are based in fear and we regard them as a truths, we destroy our prospect of a fulfilling present and becoming our best selves, thus creating pain and dis-ease.
  1. 949) When we justify or explain our weaknesses, we fuel these non-operating thoughts. What might you fuel differently?
  1. 950) In leveraging the Law of Attraction, we must not be in such a hurry to not occasionally step back and examine our alignment to our goals. 
  1. 951) Your feelings will always signal you when you may want to consider
    adjusting your thoughts and beliefs.
  1. 952) When was the last time you asked someone dear, “How could I make this relationship better?” Do you have the courage to ask, listen, and act in a loving respectful manner?
  1. 953) Are you focusing upon what’s right with you to help build your future? Relishing what’s working lessens the weight of what is not. What can you be grateful for?
  1. 954) What have you learned from the unintended or unsatisfying? Feeling gratitude leverages your ability to attract what you think you lack.
  1. 955) Do you chase future success? When we stop and find ways to become responsible for our current circumstances, we invite the extraordinary to come discover us.
  1. 956) Too often we give up on what we want in favor of what we THINK we should have. We get what we expect.
  1. 957) Do you complicate or doubt your efforts because of limiting beliefs, shame, blame, or excuses? Positive thinking is not the answer; honoring your true wisdom is.
  1. 958) Every relationship allows us to discover ourselves. Isn’t that the purpose of life?
  1. 959) Birds don’t sing because they have they answers? They sing because they have a song. If you were a bird, would you sing/soar or stay grounded hunting for scraps? 
  1. 960) When you are ready to quit, you’re closer than you think. Or as the Chinese say, “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”
  1. 961) Winners never quit and quitters never win.
  1. 962) Fear only exists when we forget that we have inside of us the power to create absolutely anything we want in our lives. If we knew beyond a doubt that we could never fail or not succeed, there would never be a reason to be afraid of anything again.
  1. 963) When we go from a victim to one who is accountable for our own emotional responses to everything, we transform our lives.
  1. 964) Acceptance feels better and is healthier than resistance and tension.
  1. 965) We become more aligned for better when we change our stories that surround our tales of woe. Can you become more accountable and do your stories serve you?
  1. 966) Our outer tensions may be a reflection of our inner conflicts.
  1. 967) Being a friend to ourselves is the basis of all relationships. You can’t be intimate with others if you are not intimate with yourself.
  1. 968) When you are troubled or confused by what the external world is throwing your way, it might be time to pause and quietly reflect.
  1. 969) When you spot an opportunity, don’t obsess over what it costs, but rather consider what the cost may be if you pass on it.
  1. 970) Living a vibrant life is more about taking risk and action as opposed to watching, judging, and sitting on the sidelines.
  1. 971) Think like a person of action, but act like a person of thought, and always pay attention to your heart.
  1. 972) Don’t forget that the road called life is always under construction, but you get to be the chief engineer.
  1. 973) If you were coaching your own life (you really are), would you play anger, hate, fear, judgment, and impatience as your starting five? Hopefully not.
  1. 974) You can’t make footprints in the sands of time, if you are sitting on your butt.
  1. 975) Success brings many opportunities, but be selective of the ones you choose for they sap up your time and attention and may rob you of those things you were doing to create your success in the first place. Learn to say “No.” Say yes until you have to say no and say no until you get to say yes. “Thank you for understanding.”
  1. 976) Are you waiting to be happy? Are you chasing happiness? Happiness, or better yet joy, is an inside job, just a different thought or belief away.
  1. 977) When in doubt, slow down, pause, and look around. You may simply have been going too fast to notice the signals around you.
  1. 978) Speed is over-rated. If someone is headed in the wrong direction, more speed won’t help, and it never hurts to ask for directions from someone who has been there. 
  1. 979) In challenging times, communication is best applied through action. “What messages are my actions communicating, love or fear, scarcity or abundance, ease or struggle?”
  1. 980) There are only two basic emotions or energies at the core of the human experience: love and fear. You can’t experience both in the same instance. Love grants freedom, fear takes it away. Love opens up life, fear closes it down. Love invites full expression; fear punishes it. Love invites you, always, to live your truth.
  1. 981) You cannot let go of something until you recognize that you are holding onto it. Sometimes it is good to shine the light on negativity and “catch and release.”
  1. 982) You manifest best when you “know” that things will happen when the timing is right and continue with no fear or anxiety, but with inspired action, love, and patience.
  1. 983) “Problems” are the Universe’s way of getting our attention? “Hey, here’s something you need to address.” They will intensify until you “get the message.”
  1. 984) Are you in charge of your life? If you try to be, you are probably tired of the struggle.  Just be accountable. Why not consider letting go of your controls and simply see where life directs you?
  1. 985) “Lift your oars out of the water and go with the flow.” You might just begin to realize new joys, passions, and directions as you allow your Source Energy to move you.
  1. 986) Forget about the past and the future for the present is the most powerful starting and finishing line for everything in our lives.
  1. 987) Forget about what is because by the time you recognize it, it is past. Savor this moment with as little judgment as possible. And repeat, repeat, repeat.
  1. 988) Whenever we look at another with envy, jealously or any kind of negativity, we are inviting more of the same into our lives.
  1. 989) Experienced performers know to use deep, slow breathing to their advantage. As excitement increases, focus upon taking deeper, slower breaths and imagine the tension draining from your extremities. You will harness back tremendous energy and eliminate resistance thereby moving with improved grace.
  1. 990) My definition of being average – the best of the worst, or the worst of the best. Does either excite you?
  1. 991) Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
  1. 992) Are you afraid of love, or the loss of love? Either way, you will have trouble experiencing love if you push it away by not telling others who you are and what you need.
  1. 993) The doors to love and life are never closed from the outside, but from the inside. Where have you been hiding your key?
  1. 994) Our hands must be emptied before they can be filled anew. The same goes for cups. The same goes for our hearts and minds. Are your hands clenched or open? I’ve never witnessed anyone gain more wisdom with a clinched hand or filled cup.
  1. 995) All endings are potential beginnings, and every beginning has a potential ending. It’s the endless natural cycle of life. Renewal is the realization of a new beginning.
  1. 996) You can’t enter a relationship and expect wonderfulness without revealing yourself. It’s like a bird flying, you have to open your wings and trust.
  1. 997) When you are troubled, remember that the wave is not the sea. Though we get tossed about, it will pass if we don’t fight it.
  1. 998) Don’t let your mistakes defeat, define, deflate, or detour you. They are a natural part of growth and you will keep discovering them on your journey.
  1. 999) Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary discovers the sacred.
  1. 1000) Real grace is not just in being loved, but learning how to love.
  1. 1001) Real power is not given to us or taken by us, but is simply realized. It’s in every one of us. Any power we get from outside of us can quickly be lost, but not internal power.
  1. 1002) The enlightened laugh at failure as if it were an old friend playing a practical joke. We can never really fail at anything if we view life as an endless path or journey and not a destination.
  1. 1003) Until you believe something is possible, nothing is.
  1. 1004) When you can convert “seeing is believing” to “believing is seeing,” you tap into the immense power of manifestation.
  1. 1005) Imagination trumps willpower every time. How are you using your imagination and beliefs?
  1. 1006) Inspiration is not so much what we get from, but rather what we bring to our actions.
  1. 1007) When you practice appreciation or gratitude (thanks) and add heart-inspired giving, you leverage The Law of Attraction to its highest frequency.
  1. 1008) When you find new ways of giving, it’s hard to feel bad. Looking for and giving happiness might just be a good start. 
  1. 1009) “Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame.”  — Ben Franklin
  1. 1010) When the song in your heart is greater and clearer than the noise in the world, you know you are on the right path!
  1. 1011) Going through hell? Don’t stop! There are no failures, only quitters. Remember the places of your biggest challenges are the sources for your best opportunities.
  1. 1012) Are you a history maker or watcher? Do you play or watch? Do you show up big in your life’s movie or are you an extra? Do you sit at the big table or at the kiddy one? 
  1. 1013) Those who don’t maximize their down time, will minimize their lifetime. If you were to die today, what gifts or talents would have gone unrealized?
  1. 1014) Ask yourself, “What am I holding back?” Live your life with gusto – the only crime is not to!
  1. 1015) The most important conversations are the ones that you have with yourself. Use positive, encouraging self-talk just as you would expect from your best friend.
  1. 1016) When you PRE-ACT in alignment with your natural flow (authentic self) with what you want, rather than REACT, you put yourself closer “to the zone” which all of us want.
  1. 1017) It is a scientific fact that once you finish reading this sentence, you will not be the same person who started it. Every present moment is another chance to start anew.
  1. 1018) Real power never seeks power. Don’t seek yourself, but dare to be yourself. Real power and genius have always been within you in the form of love and charity.
  1. 1019) You don’t need time to be who you are, and you don’t find yourself in the past or the future, but in the present.
  1. 1020) Spiritual seekers who look to the future have missed the present in both senses of the word “present.”
  1. 1021) Loving/serving yourself and others is THE FORMULA. It would make earth heaven and make cooperation/creativity look much sweeter than competition.
  1. 1022) Being constantly “busy” can become an addiction fooling us into thinking we are alive and vital, when we are actually distancing us from ourselves – as if we have no choices.
  1. 1023) Resentment sabotages the Law of Attraction and it’s contagious. A healthy dose of gratitude with love and forgiveness can put it into the trash where it belongs.
  1. 1024) Strength is not about force, but rather conviction. It does not take advantage of other’s weaknesses, but rather makes others stronger. True strength is not based in domination and fear, but in love.
  1. 1025) Emotional authenticity is sharing with another that you love them without any expectation in return, and then listening and receiving openly.
  1. 1026) Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other. 
  1. 1027) Today would you like to be a love finder or a faultfinder? Whoever and wherever you are, I’m confident you can be very good at it.
  1. 1028) When making a major decision, always ask and fully understand why. Knowing that will help you make better ones (i.e. buying a house, getting married, choosing a career, etc.). For example, renting is buying the option to move. Make sure you’re not living another’s life and expectations.
  1. 1029) When you feel badly, that is the signal to go back and examine your underlying belief behind the feeling. You ALWAYS have the option to change your beliefs.
  1. 1030) When confused, just operate from a position of love, joy, and abundance. It’s that simple!
  1. 1031) Whenever you’re feeling the need to be safe, fear is present. Set your Intentions on what you DO want. Focus upon them and act accordingly.
  1. 1032) Freedom is different for everyone. It depends upon our ability to walk away from anything (or toward something). Aren’t we always looking to make valuable pivots?
  1. 1033) When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and that when the teacher is ready the student will appear. Each of us are both the student and teacher.
  1. 1034) We can learn so much by observing young children – joy, lack of fear and judgment, curiosity, unconditional love, etc.
  1. 1035) The secret to happiness? Simple. It’s wanting what you already have, but not being too attached to it.
  1. 1036) Happiness, like everything else in your life, is a choice. Concentrate on “having” not the “desire to have.” Be grateful for everything.
  1. 1037) Big mountains are best-scaled one small step at a time. If you enjoy your journey and savor each small step, you’re more likely to reach your goal!
  1. 1038) When you are a better critic of your life than you are the writer, director, or producer of your life, you need a job change.
  1. 1039) Are your beliefs fact or a choice? It can be helpful to remind ourselves that we really can choose what we believe and think, and what we choose determines our life.
  1. 1040) Even each and every encounter is a relationship, and they offer us the opportunity for discovery and transformation. 
  1. 1041) The enlightened laugh at failure as if it was an old friend visiting to play a practical joke upon them. Have fun with failure and see if the sky falls down upon you.
  1. 1042) When we trust the “process” of striving for our goals, we are more likely to reach them, and then to also discover that the getting there was more than half the fun!
  1. 1043) That which you resist persists. So why not concentrate your energies on what you want more of (and not less of)?
  1. 1044) Giving without expectation of anything in return is the purest gift we can offer.
  1. 1045) When you operate from love, miracles happen!
  1. 1046) If you have a difficult dilemma or situation, you might considering asking yourself, “How would Love respond?” A splendid solution will often appear!
  1. 1047) If you agree that life is fluid, it helps to ask yourself, “Am I moving toward or away from balance in my life?” Then you can make adjustments, should you choose.
  1. 1048) Gratitude makes you PRESENT with whatever you are doing.
  1. 1049) You gain confidence not by focusing on the outcome, but by being sure of the process that creates the outcome.
  1. 1050) By successfully surviving what we consider risk, confidence grows!
  1. 1051) Do you consider yourself a CHAMPION in whatever you do? Act and think as a Champion would, as if you already are one – because you are!
  1. 1052) My wealth is not defined by my possessions, but rather the fewness of my wants, and the quality of all my friends!
  1. 1053) Is there a better activity than celebration?
  1. 1054) Either love what you are doing, or go do what you love!
  1. 1055) The most challenging and strenuous, but rewarding exercise? Try lifting someone else up.
  1. 1056) “Every day is Opening Day.” So said Jackie Burke, a golfing legend. Would you live your life differently if you extend that passion and excitement to everything?
  1. 1057) More information and tips don’t give you success. They just give you more information.
  1. 1058) In order to attain peak performance, your emotions, mind, spirit, and body must be in alignment. Athletes call this “the zone.”
  1. 1059) When you try to improve your current world, you still stay in your current world.  New advice is stopped by old values. You must change and step into a new world.
  1. 1060) The more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you get what you want. This is an unbending law of self-improvement in changing you and not others.
  1. 1061) When you are uncomfortable, check in with the question “Am I truly awake or asleep?”  When you’re asleep, you don’t know it. Now awakened you can make a new choice.
  1. 1062) What am I thinking about right now? Are they things I have control over? Do they move me closer or further from my best alignment?
  1. 1063) The choices you make when you are in a genuinely awakened state will always be as good and likely better than the ones you made out of habit in a “sleep” mode.
  1. 1064) Notice when things are out of line. Check in. Am I awake?
  1. 1065) When you learn to imagine a best-case scenario, you get to enjoy the same experience twice!
  1. 1066) It is useful to periodically take measure of ourselves to see where we are placing our attention.
  1. 1067) Never underestimate the value of spiritual friendship for it is others helping you along!
  1. 1068) Happiness is more about how you look at life than what actually happens. And sometimes we might want to re-examine our beliefs because maybe life doesn’t unfold the way we believe it should.
  1. 1069) We cannot grow if we refuse to have an open mind and accept new possibilities about the nature of reality.
  1. 1070) It’s childish to hold on to old belief systems just because they are familiar or passed down along family lines.
  1. 1071) It’s a mark of wisdom to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it.
  1. 1072) It’s a pretty amazing achievement when you begin to realize that today more people die from over-eating than from human violence!
  1. 1073) It helps to treat each day as both our first and last day alive. Notice all the beauty and opportunities around you.
  1. 1074) Gratefully acknowledging what is around us leads to a life well lived!
  1. 1075) People who are open, empathetic, optimistic, flexible, generous, warm, connected, and creative seem to have a much easier time in life.


  1. 1076) When the past calls, let it go directly into voice mail for it has nothing new to say. And it’s always useful to periodically clean out your mailbox!


  1. 1077) As you practice love for yourself and others, the world will love you back. So love yourself as if your life depended upon it, because it does!
  1. 1078) Love, transcendence, understanding, forgiveness, compassion – this is a recipe for Peace. We look within to dissolve the illusion of separation.
  1. 1079) No matter your beliefs, we are all spirits and we are becoming aware of a profound truth… that we are all unified.
  1. 1080) True heroism isn’t about strength, or boldness, or even courage. It’s about compassion. Heroes care and that compassion is the ultimate source of their superpowers.
  1. 1081) If our beliefs are not in harmony with our desires or life journey, we detour, stop, or reverse our advancement.
  1. 1082) Sometimes it’s a good idea to audit your beliefs. Are they fear/worry-based or love/abundance/service-inspired?
  1. 1083) Life cannot make a selfish person happy and cannot help but make a selfless person happy.
  1. 1084) Happiness is to be found in learning how to love others more than we love ourselves.
  1. 1085) Some wait for a miracle to start living while others use that same time to create that miracle.
  1. 1086) When you are doing what you love and loving what you do, you awaken the genius within you. Do what’s most inspiring to you and don’t be afraid to change..
  1. 1087) Worrying does not eliminate tomorrow’s problems. It robs you of today’s peace.
  1. 1088) What would you do outside of your job if you could do anything. Why not try it or at least nibble at it?
  1. 1089) It helps me when I become nervous about something to rephrase it as excitement. Isn’t the quality of our life simply how we choose to perceive things.
  1. 1090)Want to be a great writer? Sit in the chair. Write. Sing? Sing. Dance? Dance. Get the idea?
  1. 1091) Prioritizing control and safety guarantees that our life will remain both very small and unsatisfying.
  1. 1092) Be open to change to whatever arises, for even the unknown creates a bigger, bolder, more authentic life.
  1. 1093) Whatever is, is. Things could always be better and they could always be worse – no matter what. Choose your attitude and it will determine your altitude.
  1. 1094) Find a way to be grateful for what is and move on to creating something better. Whatever brain chemistry you are generating will affect those around you.
  1. 1095) The more you learn, the greater your thirst for knowledge becomes and the more you realize how little you know.
  1. 1096) The only absolute truth you really have is your true self, your inner Self, your Divine presence, your soul, God, or whatever you call it.
  1. 1097) If all your attention is focused upon controlling the world, it becomes difficult to stay tuned to your inner guidance/wisdom – where your ‘awesomeness’ originates!
  1. 1098) When you believe more in your own shame and guilt and become addicted to them, you shut yourself off from wisdom and true growth – love.
  1. 1099) Our external clutter usually correlates to our internal clutter.
  1. 1100) We all have our foibles and mistakes, but to embrace them keeps us from becoming truly loving beings.
  1. 1101) “Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we didn’t spend half our time wishing.” – Alexander Woollcott. Remember that the Law of Attraction works better when taking INSPIRED ACTION and not just becoming a “Wish Fairy.”
  1. 1102) Self-forgiveness might be the best Holiday present you could ever give or receive. Why not spring and gift that present right now?
  1. 1103) Are you choosing to be happy now, or you are making excuses for not choosing to be happy? And how will materialism, a new partner or job, or the like really make YOU happy?
  1. 1104) What we see is what we already believe to be true.
  1. 1105) Remember that forgiveness is not about those you have wronged you, but rather about YOU. By forgiving you gain joy, serenity, and inner peace.
  1. 1106) Don’t allow others to become your excuse for not living the life you desire. Don’t blame them for what’s wrong in your world.
  1. 1107) The anger we hold toward others is really the anger we hold against ourselves.
  1. 1108) By forgiving, you grab life by the throat and regain your power.
  1. 1109) Want to be happy? Make others happy. Want to be wealthy? Solve other people’s problems. Create habits and rituals, reprogram your beliefs, and tell new stories that reflect love, peace, and gratitude to begin this process.
  1. 1110) Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the same place at this time next year as you are today. Get out and grow!
  1. 1111) “The wise man changes his mind; the fool never.” – Unknown
  1. 1112) What keeps us up at night is what we may have kept down during the day! Allow life to flow through you without resistance.
  1. 1113) All life is about communication within the context of community for it is within our relationships that our inner light can shine.
  1. 1114) Service is a form of communication for it speaks loudly of who we are.
  1. 1115) Every message sent out eventually returns to us. Is your message one of greatness?
  1. 1116) With negative self-talk, you just might be performing an act of internal terrorism.
  1. 1117) It’s hard enough for me to win an argument with a smart person, and damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid one.
  1. 1118) When I stick with the things I love, be with the people I love, and say ‘no’ to the rest, I free up valuable time.
  1. 1119) Ignore anyone who tries to steal joy from you.
  1. 1120) I realize that the more fun I have, the more relaxed I do anything. I am better with my loved ones, better with my adversaries, better at my work, and better with myself.
  1. 1121) How does one get relaxed? Play like no one is watching. 
  1. 1122) Every challenge has two handles. You can grab them by the handle of fear or by the handle of hope. You can make any challenge easier by the way you “handle” it!
  1. 1123) When you get angry or frustrated with someone or something, you are literally giving your energy away. Do you really want to do that?
  1. 1124) Every system is perfect. Every system gives you precisely the results you should expect from THAT system.
  1. 1125) If you want better results, the solution is shockingly (and awesomely) simple: Change the system. Create a better system that gets you the results you want.
  1. 1126) Stumbling while going for it is much better than keeping your balance while not going for it. Why not go for the gusto and live fearlessly?
  1. 1127) Screens shape our lives more than I could have ever imagined. Liking something on a social media platform is a pretty meaningless gesture that doesn’t provide any genuine connection. If you spend less time on social media there are many worthwhile things you can spend your time on. Digitalism is not extreme. And have you ever been influenced by an influencer… and want to admit it?
  1. 1128) Don’t concern yourself with giving your children the best of everything. It’s far more important (and better too) to give them YOUR best.
  1. 1129) Some days you may wake up and not have a song in your heart. Sing anyway!
  1. 1130) Just for today, allow yourself to embrace all that you are every moment.
  1. 1131) Don’t concern yourself with fixing what you don’t want, but rather focus upon creating what you do want!
  1. 1132) Know that you are a vessel of light. Allow yourself to release all doubts about your ability, the mistakes of the past, the fear of the future.
  1. 1133) Relationships aren’t about winning and losing. Nor are they about being right and being wrong. They’re about figuring out what will work with others to achieve goals.
  1. 1134) Relationships are built, not won.
  1. 1135) Excellence is not about living at your best every once in a while. It’s about bringing it day in and day out, becoming your best self. Making it the new you. A habit.
  1. 1136) Education without conscious loving awareness is virtually meaningless, but their marriage can be priceless.
  1. 1137) It may go against your grain, but facing unkindness and returning kindness is actually a gift to yourself. It moves you from judgment and fear and to love and giving.
  1. 1138) Treat others with love because behind every face is a story that could use a little more love! 
  1. 1139) Patience is being comfortable with the process of life.
  1. 1140) “It’s the hard that makes it great!”  – Jimmy (Tom Hanks character) in “A League Of Their Own”
  1. 1141) Being awake and at peace with the unfolding of your life eliminates worry and a host of challenges before they’re even hatched.
  1. 1142) No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.
  1. 1143) The ability to detach from the energy of our unhappy stories is the most transformational gift we can provide ourselves – everywhere. Consider that it is through the mind that every “problem” we ever have gets imagined and created. That includes all our dramas, our judgments, our labels, and our delusions.  By detaching from the useless chatter, we our able to see our stories appear as we want them to be.
  1. 1144) We are very good judges of other’s behavior, but very good lawyers of our own mistakes.
  1. 1145) “Since it doesn’t cost a dime to dream, you will never shortchange yourself when you stretch your imagination.”  – Robert Schuller
  1. 1146) If you see your glass as only half full, pour the contents into a smaller glass and stop bitching!
  1. 1147) Dreams remain dreams until you take action. Without action, an idea is just a wish with no energy assigned to it.
  1. 1148) Don’t try to impress everyone. The unhappiest people are those who care the most about what other people think.
  1. 1149) “Breaking News” is now broken. It’s no longer news, but low value entertainment. Do you allow it to shape your mood? It’s like a fire hose that we didn’t even have ten years ago and now can’t live without. If it’s big enough, I’ll find out soon enough.
  1. 1150) The optimist goes to the window every morning and says, “Good morning God!” The pessimist goes to the window and says, “Good God, morning!”
  1. 1151) People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight!
  1. 1152) “When you realize it’s not personal, there is no longer a compulsion to react as if it were.”  -Eckhart Tolle
  1. 1153) If you say yes to opportunity, fear dissolves. If you say yes to fear, opportunity dissolves.
  1. 1154) If you seek to master anything, you must adjust your mindset to view failure as an integral part of your journey, not as an indictment of your judgment or ability, but as a learning opportunity.
  1. 1155) Be with it and feel or you can’t do it.
  1. 1156) The present is the moment that never ends. Doesn’t that make the past and the future so much less important?
  1. 1157) Smile back at the people who are rude to you. Know that their rude behavior is because they have pain, a problem, and may be a reflection of their upbringing or unique experiences.
  1. 1158) Want to be happy? Make others happy. Want to be wealthy? Solve other people’s problems.
  1. 1159) Create habits and rituals, reprogram your beliefs, and tell new stories that reflect love, peace, and gratitude to begin your transformation.
  1. 1160) The real leader understands that everyone can be extraordinary and then facilitates either progress!
  1. 1161) Smile back at the people who are rude to you. Know that their rude behavior is because they have pain, a problem, and may be a reflection of their upbringing/experience.
  1. 1162) Restful downtime is just as important to your success as working hard.
  1. 1163) You are not broken, nor do you need to be fixed. You simply need to be uncovered and allowed to shine. Be easy, patient, and forgiving of yourself and of others!
  1. 1164) The only wrong way to meditate is not to.
  1. 1165) It’s not your world that’s limited, but rather the poverty of your map that keeps you fearful, poor, and suffering… and then mistaking this map for reality.
  1. 1166) Problems occur when we delete, distort, or generalize the wrong information creating patterns that don’t support our well-being.
  1. 1167) Want truer freedom? Develop a mind that is open to anything and attached to nothing; and love what is as your launching pad to what could be.
  1. 1168) The only things worth knowing are those things you learn once you think you know it all.
  1. 1169) To remake ourselves, we don’t have to bring goodness, love, fearlessness, and the like from without. They are already present in us, deep in our consciousness.
  1. 1170) A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows whether or not to say it.
  1. 1171) Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide!
  1. 1172) “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  – Mark Twain
  1. 1173) When you forgive someone, you must release or let go of the personality that you’ve created, but in doing so, you birth one even more beautiful and angelic.
  1. 1174) If everything is energy, not forgiving keeps energy stuck.
  1. 1175) Grace is perfect even when my life isn’t. This is a thought you might want to say aloud several times and make it a focusing point of your day.
  1. 1176) Winners find ways!
  1. 1177) Consider doing things rather than surrounding yourself with things you wish you were doing like souvenirs.
  1. 1178) Don’t look back because you’re not going that way!
  1. 1179) David Breslow reminds us that we always have 100% control over our body language, focus, habits, routines, decisions, effort, and enjoyment, but not the outcome. Focus on what you can control.
  1. 1180) Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket!
  1. 1181) Why wait for your ship to come in when you can swim out to it?
  1. 1182) So many ideas are available to us in every aspect of our lives. If one has staying power, it’s only with action that it converts to any power.
  1. 1183) Your destination can never arrive any differently than how you are imagining it now.
  1. 1184) When you no longer need anything, you can have everything. And when you stop trying to make things happen, anything can.
  1. 1185) It’s not your job to make others see the light, but rather for you to be the light. When they’re ready, your example will say more than words of wisdom ever could.
  1. 1186) When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.
  1. 1187) No matter how often you revisit the past, there is nothing new to see so instead stay awake and look around you! 
  1. 1188) “Your desires and your beliefs must be a vibrational match in order for you to receive that which you desire… No one else can create in your experience.”  – Abraham – Esther Hicks
  1. 1189) “No matter how far you push the envelope, it will still be only stationary.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1190) “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. Just make sure to have yours thoroughly examined regularly and wiped clean every once in awhile.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1191) Judgments keep us divided leading to a deep sense of existential loneliness.
  1. 1192) Judgment machines that we are, we can only experience compassion when we catch ourselves judging other people, and instead, try to step into their shoes.
  1. 1193) If any Want is the source of anxiety or sorrow, that Want is yours and not Life’s. The more Wants and attachments you can train yourself to release, the more relief and peace you will come to feel.
  1. 1194) A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.
  1. 1195) Don’t worry about getting old, but if you must worry, worry about thinking old!
  1. 1196) Willpower is one of the strongest predictors of everything in our lives.
  1. 1197) Resist judging yourself by other’s opinions of you. Most people have their filters and fail to have a handle on their lives, so how could they see yours clearly?
  1. 1198) Problems are not our enemy, but the fear of them is.
  1. 1199) “The holiest ground is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.” – A Course in Miracles
  1. 1200) A year from now, you may wish you had started today!
  1. 1201) We are not finished products. Our being is in our becoming and we only move in that direction when we are, indeed, moving – in motion.
  1. 1202) If you are not seeking, searching, exploring, and improving, you are atrophying – a slow, steadfast march to extinction.
  1. 1203) Don’t confuse stability with happiness. Stepping out of your nice comfort zone at least every once in awhile is where growth and an exciting life happens.
  1. 1204) Killing it today… Thanking myself tomorrow!
  1. 1205) Every quality you admire in others is already in you – merely waiting to be acknowledged and expressed.
  1. 1206) Whatever you do on a regular basis today will become the basis for what you become tomorrow.
  1. 1207) The DIFFERENCE between what one person and another achieves depends more on goal CHOICES than on ABILITIES, especially in making DECISIVE, COMMITTED choices!
  1. 1208) “Prepare your body as if you are going to live forever, and your soul as if you are going to die tomorrow.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1209) The more you trust and honor yourself, the less you need to believe in others. You intuitively know what’s true. Honor your intuitiveness.
  1. 1210) If you don’t know how to drive, changing cars won’t help you!
  1. 1211) Want to be financially independent? Live on less than you make. Save and invest something no matter how little you make. I lived about a decade under the U.S. poverty level, but made tiny investments in stocks I believed had a future, reinvested any dividends, and it slowly paid off. If I could do that, anyone can.
  1. 1212) When you let go of the need for acceptance, approval, and control, you actually gain control.
  1. 1213) Ask yourself, “what part of me is resonating with what I am attracting, be that people, places and things?” The Universe can’t bring you different from the way you feel.
  1. 1214) Discipline is nothing more than deciding between what you want now and what you want most.
  1. 1215) If you want to feel rich, just take a moment and count all the things in your life that money can’t buy.
  1. 1216) Want positive changes in your life? Consistent action equals consistent change. Occasional action equals little/temporary change. No action amounts to little positive change.
  1. 1217) Relationships begin to appear more challenging if we expect them to be easy.
  1. 1218) Life has no remote control. Sometimes you have to get up and changes things yourself. Remember the saying, “Is it to be, it’s up to me.”
  1. 1219) A truly functioning community is one where people live life in the moment, where people help and assist each other in whatever need arises.
  1. 1220) “Everything is perception. Perception is everything!”  – Anonymous
  1. 1221) What you appreciate, appreciates. Keep a gratitude log.
  1. 1222) Strive for progress, not perfection, and you may discover excellence!
  1. 1223) The secret to having it all is realizing you already do!
  1. 1224) Realize that you are not the “voice in your head,” but you are the one who realizes or listens to it.
  1. 1225) Why don’t you focus on strengthening what’s on your inside rather than what’s missing on your outside?
  1. 1226) Did you ever realize that everything big started with something little?
  1. 1227) Snow flakes are so fragile until they stick together.
  1. 1228) “The best thing to give your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to your father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity.”  – Swami Sivananda
  1. 1229) You will never leave where you are until you decide where you would rather be!
  1. 1230) Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.
  1. 1231) Dreams without action remain dreams and ultimately lead to disappointment.
  1. 1232) Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself spells “I’m possible!”
  1. 1233) “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  – Will Rodgers
  1. 1234) Let enthusiasm be your driver. Just remember to buckle your seatbelt!
  1. 1235) Reality changes when we view it from different points and levels of understanding.
  1. 1236) Aspire without attachment. Attachment is another word for craving, and that breeds suffering.
  1. 1237) Holding your goals lightly increases the chances of attaining them!
  1. 1238) “Normal is just a setting on the dryer!”  – Anonymous
  1. 1239) Creative thinking is the highest paid skill in the world, especially when applied!
  1. 1240) Your life does not get better by chance, but rather by change!
  1. 1241) “If you don’t lighten up—you tighten up!” – David Breslow
  1. 1242) Don’t identify with an outcome that keeps you an emotional hostage!


  1. 1243) Speak it. Live it. Whatever stays in your head dies!
  1. 1244) Buying things:  Can you live without a purchase? Can you substitute something else? Is it overindulgence? Being obsessive about getting the best deals can be a waste. Will my future self thank me for buying this? Consumer debt kills finances.
  1. 1245) The future cannot be created in any other place but the present! Obvious? Sure, but why then do so many continue to live their old stories?
  1. 1246) “When you dream big, your problems become small!”  – Unknown
  1. 1247) No one wants to give power to one who grabs for it!
  1. 1248) Detachment is not that you should own nothing, but rather that nothing should own you!
  1. 1249) When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen!
  1. 1250) Do something today that your future self will thank you for!
  1. 1251) “The difference between “try” and “triumph” is just a little “oomph!”  – Anonymous
  1. 1252) Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.
  1. 1253) “This is a feeling Universe. If you just intellectually believe something, but you have no corresponding feeling underneath that, you don’t necessarily have enough power to manifest what you want in your life. You have to feel it.”  – Michael Beckwith
  1. 1254) Wherever you are is the sacred place. You don’t have to move or search for it.
  1. 1255) Train hard to be healthy; be healthy so you can give it away. The healthier we are, the more we have to give. Remember that YOU ARE WHAT YOU GIVE!
  1. 1256) You can heal the past by living more fully in the present.
  1. 1257) Life has many chapters. One bad one doesn’t mean the end of the book. Read on…
  1. 1258) Are you an OWNER or a VICTIM? It’s figuring out distinctions like this that bring clarity to our life. If you don’t like your answer, you can always change.
  1. 1259) Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  1. 1260) Either you make dust or you eat dust…
  1. 1261) Do anything under stress, it’s likely that you will control your techniques or mechanics better than your emotions. You rarely if ever work on your emotions. So don’t fret if you don’t improve, but right there is a clue to improvement!
  1. 1262) “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1263) Don’t stumble over something behind you. Sounds obvious, right?
  1. 1264) Today is your one chance to live life as fully and gracefully and graciously and lovingly as possible. This is it. Every single moment, this is it. This is your moment.
  1. 1265) In life, sometimes you have to slow up to get more done and forget multi-tasking.
  1. 1266) The beginning of change is to accept where you currently are.
  1. 1267) One of the best ways to motivate others is to learn and mirror those who have motivated you. Copy, channel, clone, and incorporate THEM.
  1. 1268) You always have 100% control over your body language, focus, habits, routines, decisions, effort, and enjoyment. Focus on what you can control. Are you focusing on things that you have 100% control over or are you leaking energy on things you don’t such as “results?”
  1. 1269) Do you control your response to conditions or do they control you?
  1. 1270) Anything can be enjoyed if you think long enough on how to enjoy it.
  1. 1271) Aligned choices require the greatest sense of commitment in our life and we may deny what is true for ourselves in the name of ‘easier.’
  1. 1272) Proper breathing represents life in one sense and energy and power in another.
  1. 1273) When your expectations are too high or you’re making excuses, stop and check to see what you’re focusing on.
  1. 1274) Are you living in alignment with your best self? When we are ‘inspired’ by a choice, that action is aligned.
  1. 1275) When starting out in anything, passion pairs well with courage.
  1. 1276) While courage may help you hit the start button, passion provides the ideas, enthusiasm, and the staying power that’s even more critical than starting. 
  1. 1277) Could you give up the “right to be right” today?
  1. 1278) When you decide to let the rest of the world be a population of “know-it-alls,” you’ve found the key that opens the door to liberating peace. 
  1. 1279) Enthusiasm and malaise are both contagious. Which one would you rather stand for?
  1. 1280) “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank you,’ that would suffice.”  – Meister Eckhart
  1. 1281) If I am tempted to begin a sentence with “No offense,” it’s best that I don’t.
  1. 1282) Freedom isn’t about doing and getting exactly what you want, but rather having the ability to respond in a conscious, awakened manner to what is required.
  1. 1283) Freedom without responsibility isn’t freedom at all.
  1. 1284) Who has supported or challenged you in such a way that it expanded you spiritually?
  1. 1285) In being our best selves, we allow our light to shine brightest!
  1. 1286) One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.
  1. 1287) We can hear the message of universal wisdom or God when we are in a state of fear. A ship sails best in a calm sea.
  1. 1288) Don’t meet fear halfway, replace it with faith.
  1. 1289) Life is a three-legged stool with the physical and mental aspects so important, but what about the emotional/subconscious leg? Each leg affects the other and only when the emotional/subconscious is also in synch will their performance peak. That is why so many of the sports psychologist’s pupils gain only temporary improvement as too often only the symptoms and not the causes are treated.
  1. 1290) The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot. Have fun at the controls!
  1. 1291) Life is not happening to you, but rather it is responding to you.
  1. 1292) The depth of your struggle will determine the height of your success.
  1. 1293) How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Well, go out and live your life and forget how old your birth certificate says you are!
  1. 1294) There cannot be a happy ending to an unhappy journey. It can’t happen so consider the joy or lack of it that you bring to every little task.
  1. 1295) Byron Katie offered great questions to analyzing our own judgments. 1. Is it true? 2. Can I absolutely know that it is true? 3. How do I react when I think that thought? 4. Who would I be without that thought? And then turn that judgment around.
  1. 1296) When you bring joy and awakened focus to everything, miracles begin to happen!
  1. 1297) The attitude of scarcity is the focus on the future and what we might lose.
  1. 1298) Anxious or facing a difficult challenge? Stop. Look. Listen. Defy your inner chatter. Breathe. Look in the direction of love (and its many cousins) and not fear. Listen to your false self and let it voice its nonsense til it tires. you have just made a deposit in your Bank Of Understanding and have shrunk the challenge into meaningful size.
  1. 1299) If money appears a problem, the chances are your problem is more one of lack of faith, which fearfully paralyzes you from taking the actions you need to take.
  1. 1300) It helps to be patient when you’re looking to change, because the subconscious may be fully invested in past habits.
  1. 1301) The single most important factor determining our happiness is the nature of our beliefs – the interpretations we apply to everything that happens to us or we observe.
  1. 1302) The way to become happier is by modifying or eliminating those beliefs that don’t serve us.
  1. 1303) Mistakes show us what we need to learn. This sounds exceedingly obvious, yet in our daily grind we often rush past the obvious.
  1. 1304) The blessing of every emotion is to let us know whether or not we are aligned in any moment with the deepest essence of who we really are.
  1. 1305) We intuitively feel passionate and alive when we are caring, loving, nurturing, compassionate, respectful, and kind.
  1. 1306) Any emotion that feels bad is a signal that we are detouring from our highest self who loves us unconditionally.
  1. 1307) Events can’t cause us to feel anything. Most feelings are the result of the meaning we attribute to events, not the events themselves.
  1. 1308) We always have options as to what meanings we associate with everything that happens.
  1. 1309) When you choose a love-based response rather than fear-based, the results are more pleasing because you are in alignment with your best self.
  1. 1310) Take any/every situation and see how it can serve you.
  1. 1311) “Try not. Do or not do, but there is no try.” – Yoda – “Star Wars” 
  1. 1312) We’d be wise to remember that the patron god of philosophy was Apollo. Apollo was an archer. The archer does his very best to shoot the arrow straight toward its target but, once he has released the arrow, knows that the outcome is out of his control.
  1. 1313) You may not always be able to change every situation right now, but you can change how you see it. That changes your ‘now vibration,’ changing what happens next, and so on.
  1. 1314) When you’re feeling a bit down and out, remember that stars cannot shine without darkness!
  1. 1315) “Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise. Let’s trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together.”  – Ram Dass
  1. 1316) A good apology has 3 parts:  I’m sorry, it was my fault, and what can I do to make it better. All are equally important.
  1. 1317) Try smiling the biggest smile you can and hold it for a minute. Don’t you already feel better?
  1. 1318) “The warrior who trusts his path doesn’t need to prove the other is wrong.”  – Paulo Coelbo
  1. 1319) “The Lottery:  a tax on the people who are bad at math.”  – Unknown
  1. 1320) Feelings are the body’s reaction to the mind, and every feeling is your friend.
  1. 1321) Don’t practice until you do it right — practice until you can’t do it wrong.
  1. 1322) Emotional resilience is one of the most important, but least taught features of high performance. The best respond rather than react, and also are apt to be proactive.
  1. 1323) You can’t be both a complainer and an achiever. Which one is you?
  1. 1324) Self-limited self-talk is like swallowing growth retardant and it will also make you sick.
  1. 1325) George Carlin said, “”Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”
  1. 1326) “If it is stupid, but it works, it is not stupid.” – Chinese proverb.
  1. 1327) Stumbling while going for it is much better than keeping your balance while not going for it.
  1. 1328) “Life is a circle:  the wise travel it with patience as if the same ground is for the first time and completing it discover that where they wish to be is where they have been.”  – Unknown
  1. 1329) Don’t settle. Find something greater than yourself to serve, because motive matters!
  1. 1330) To compete requires you to embrace uncertainty and risk an unscripted outcome. Playing to win involves constant risk-taking or you are just playing not to lose. Learn to frame competition as a challenge and not a threat. This will diminish your temerity and set you up for growth. With experience, you learn that winning and losing are simply steps on a long-term road toward that growth. Enjoy the journey!
  1. 1331) “Free and rich is the one who wants nothing… not even from God.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1332) We heal the past by living in the present.
  1. 1333) “Refusing to ask for help when you need it is refusing someone the chance to be helpful.”  – Ric Ocasek
  1. 1334) None of us see life as it is, the world as it is. We all see life as we are. We look at others through our own likes and dislikes, desires and interests.
  1. 1335) The present is all you ever get, relish it!
  1. 1336) It’s not your job to make others see the light, but rather for you to be the light. When they’re ready, your example will say more than words of wisdom ever could.
  1. 1337) A reminder that we are all constantly in a state of change and that includes relationships of every sort. Non-attachment to anything usually serves best.
  1. 1338) Stillness is the new movement.
  1. 1339) Life is all about contrasts.You cannot fully understand and appreciate darkness without light, silence without noise, love without fear, or triumph without defeat. A continual flow of unabated happiness might actually become rather boring. Your progress is actually perfect – I know that without evening knowing you.
  1. 1340) How you do anything is how you do everything and your physical plane is a readout of your mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It’s as plain as that!
  1. 1341) Prosperity belongs to those who commit to appropriate action.
  1. 1342) Honor your feelings. Many cultures condition to stuff down or deny our feelings. We know this really doesn’t work. It can cause mental and emotional problems and even physical ones. If you have problems in this area, you may want to consider consulting with a trained psychologist or therapist.
  1. 1343) Motivational speakers are like movies with no lasting impact. They entertain you, but don’t change you. Only you can change you.
  1. 1344) “What goodness is looking to emerge in your life and what must you let go of to realize it?
  1. 1345) Extraordinary achievers tend to ask great questions.
  1. 1346) If you’re unhappy, nine times out of ten it’s because you’re clinging onto something.
  1. 1347) If you want a joyous life, you must think joyous thoughts.
  1. 1348) “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1349) Someone who “follows the crowd” will go no further than the crowd.
  1. 1350) To succeed at most anything, you have to master the art of not being embarrassed.
  1. 1351) The more joy you experience in life, the more inspired you will be to keep climbing. Now help others with their climb!
  1. 1352) True giving does not subtract from what we have, but rather multiplies the effect we can have in this world.
  1. 1353) Intentions mean little until you transform them into attentions.
  1. 1354) A mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. Otherwise it’s a “Course Correction.”
  1. 1355) Letting go of relationships that no longer fulfill you is essential to your evolution, Be civil and allow others to make a graceful exit from your life when necessary.
  1. 1356) Greatness is not how you perform in good times, but rather how you react in bad ones.
  1. 1357) To develop others, begin with yourself – a classic lesson for aspiring leaders.
  1. 1358) A rut is a grave with its ends knocked out. Try something new today that you have never done before. Shake things up in a good way!
  1. 1359) Written history is composed of actions, but real history is inextricably complicated with the refusal to act.
  1. 1360) “Fanaticism consist of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.”  – George Santayana
  1. 1361) Which new habit, if added to your daily routine would help you to achieve your goals?
  1. 1362) “Argue for you limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.”  – Richard Bach
  1. 1363) True love is less about having someone that makes you happy and more about wanting to make THEM happy.
  1. 1364) “The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.”  – Howard Cosell
  1. 1365) If you truly want an extraordinary life, you must step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. Your reaction to this shows whether you live in love or fear.
  1. 1366) When you eliminate resistance, you establish the basis for happiness. When you add awareness and charity, you gain peace.
  1. 1367) Love is who we are at our core, our natural state. It is the universal solvent and our only true purpose is to expand and grow it.
  1. 1368) Kindness is free.
  1. 1369) When you’re judging someone, you’re wrong even if you are right, because it’s a cousin of fear and takes you out of alignment with your best self.
  1. 1370) Is your attitude worth catching?
  1. 1371) You can’t take anything you don’t like and drop it off the edge of the universe. The universe contains everything both good and bad. Rather it is what you focus upon that will show up in your life. Simply stated, focus upon what you want more of. This is not a quick-fix process, but rather a way of being, and you will soon begin to notice that it actually works!
  1. 1372) Every time you reinforce a way of thinking about anything, you create deeper neural pathways in the brain. Emotions energize these beliefs.
  1. 1373) Monitor where you are focusing your thoughts. Your good or bad emotions will identify to you whether or not you are on the right track.
  1. 1374) The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life if you make it that far. Don’t wait, make today fantastic!
  1. 1375) “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first hour sharpening the ax.”  – Abraham Lincoln
  1. 1376) Acknowledging your own vulnerability can be a first step to greatness, and the pursuit of loving greatness is its own best reward.
  1. 1377) Try writing (and also sending) a thank you note or email everyday and see what happens.
  1. 1378) If Jesus and Muhammad both taught love. Why do so many passionate modern-day followers use fear, shame, exercise tight control, and even resort to violence?
  1. 1379) Emotional illness is a memory illness that amnesia would certainly cure! Pain diminishes as our memory fades.
  1. 1380) “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  – Unknown
  1. 1381) We suffer because we fall into emotional debt. We allow blocked feelings to act as a defensive shield.
  1. 1382) Are you leaving foot prints or butt prints in the sands of time? If it’s the latter, when’s a good time to get off your ass and get into the flow of life?
  1. 1383) There is no risk to becoming your best self.
  1. 1384) “Complaining, by definition, is a low-grade interpretation of the moment. Practice eliminating complaints.”  – Chris Dorris. Instead, replace complaints with expressions of gratitude.
  1. 1385) Like the sun, joy is always present. You just have to lift up the shades of awareness to view and enjoy all the joy within you.
  1. 1386) When you share, you give up nothing and gain everything.
  1. 1387) Making a decision to change is a first step, but doesn’t really matter until you take action. The time to take action is now and baby steps often work best.
  1. 1388) If you are in your head, you’re behind enemy lines. Don’t let your brain farts, past decisions, and stories dictate your future. Change your beliefs and stories!
  1. 1389) The difference between winning and losing is first the emotions and then our mentality, especially at the higher levels of competition. Without them physicality wanders.
  1. 1390) When you detach from the drama in your life and recognize it truly as fear, you gain an upper–hand on it as well as your ego.
  1. 1391) Chin Up! Just as our mind affects our bodies, so too does the way we carry our bodies affect our state of mind which takes cues from our physical demeanor. A head down, slumped shoulder posture will inevitably lead to a lack of confidence. The lesson here is to stride confidently with your chin up, shoulders back, and maybe even a hint of a confident smile!
  1. 1392) If you have a group of friends or peers that don’t support you or celebrate your successes, it’s time to distance yourself from them.
  1. 1393) When you hurry through your day, you miss many joys available to you. Slow down and take time to dance before the song is over.
  1. 1394) Spiritual growth entails keeping your commitment to yourself and healing all the fear-bases of your personality.
  1. 1395) Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. So what’s the use of worrying?
  1. 1396) Sometimes the best way to start is simply to dive in. Get started. “Just do it” as the Nike slogan goes. Or “fake til you make it” as they used to say. Perfectionism causes procrastination and is truly expensive and unsustainable.
  1. 1397) By changing your language, you change your thoughts, and in turn your results.
  1. 1398) Life is like a river, always flowing through the now. It carries us to where we need to go, so no use struggling upstream.
  1. 1399) Are your creations worthy of you?
  1. 1400) Would you consider that anything you feel you must control actually controls you?
  1. 1401) “The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.”  – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  1. 1402) A fool is one who never thought he was one.  – Author Unknown
  1. 1403) Do you appreciate anyone in your life? If so, have you let them know lately?
  1. 1404) Great performers are never tentative, and they play and don’t work their craft. They are, however, prepared and focused.
  1. 1405) You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.
  1. 1406) An entire ocean can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside it. The same applies to negativity for us.
  1. 1407) Champions do not whine, complain, or ponder the negative. With discipline, anyone can do the same!
  1. 1408) We are constantly provided choices to respond with creativity and courage or to play the victim. Choose the joyful option!
  1. 1409) The happiest people typically don’t respond to life, they proactively set the table with their attitude before it is set for them.
  1. 1410) The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.
  1. 1411) If you require music at the beach, you’re missing the point.
  1. 1412) For the truly accomplished, learning is not about adding on, but rather about paring down, destroying old patterns, replacing the complicated with the simple, less complicated, but more encompassing. It’s about seeing the entire picture. Intuitively you already know everything and learning brings it into awareness.
  1. 1413) After writing an angry email or post, read it carefully. Then delete it. Job finished.
  1. 1414) What lessons will I pass on that will help others confront the inevitable struggles they will face?
  1. 1415) What would my hero or role model do or say in this situation?
  1. 1416) Are you a reactor or a creator? Most of us give more of our attention to what we are observing rather than to imagining how we would like things to be in our life. We use the ‘proof’ of what we are observing to become our truth. Are you stuck on what is in front of you rather than moving toward what you desire? In doing so, we cannot create what we want while we are reacting to what we don’t.
  1. 1417) Champions are comfortable being uncomfortable.
  1. 1418) “Pick the right habit and progress is easy. Pick the wrong habit and life is a struggle.” – James Clear
  1. 1419) Am I living a life true to myself? What changes should I make? If not now, when?
  1. 1420) If your path is difficult, it may be because your purpose is bigger than you ever imagined.
  1. 1421) Breathe in love and exhale peace, to release judgments, disengage from arguments, and give freely of what you have for every loving word, thought, and action improves the vibration of the world. And living this way is and has always been your choice.
  1. 1422) If feeling bad, consider that you are either in a fight or flight or a rest and repair mode.
  1. 1423) Confidence is a little voice in the back of your head that says “You Belong!” When you awaken, you understand that you already do!
  1. 1424) “The will must be stronger than the skill.” – Muhammad Ali
  1. 1425) Wisdom without compassion is not. Leadership without compassion is not. That would make ‘compassion’ a key ingredient in wise leadership.
  1. 1426) Is someone else writing your life’s story? Right now, for many that’s true. Sometimes you have to make a conscious decision to cut that destructive chord and create own your story. If you don’t, others will write it for you – at your expense and their profit. Stop reacting and don’t let old stories control you. Blame, shame, and vengeance don’t count. What is your next story to be? Start a new path today for your best years can start now!
  1. 1427) “Years wrinkle your skin, but a lack of enthusiasm wrinkles your soul.”  – Gary Player
  1. 1428) Have you ever witnessed anyone perform at their best while multi-tasking?
  1. 1429) We don’t ask for problems; we don’t want them. But the manner in which we deal with them can make all the difference. Our greatest problems can lead to our greatest insights.
  1. 1430) It is not the circumstances of our lives that make us happy or unhappy, but rather the way we see or think about them.
  1. 1431) “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”  – Unknown
  1. 1432) Perhaps some years have taught us that it is no the time to get everything you want, but rather to appreciate everything you have.
  1. 1433) Great performers prepare, then focus entirely on execution and follow through with  persistent resilience tempered by patience, forgiveness, and uncommon awareness.
  1. 1434) Try reframing a challenge in your life as a blessing and see how that changes your experience.
  1. 1435) Don’t tax your life with the forethought of grief or worry.
  1. 1436) The great leader is the one who can get extra ordinary results from ordinary people – like me!
  1. 1437) Our relationship with statistics changes when we become one.
  1. 1438) Disappointments and losing provide us some of the greatest opportunities for growth and learning. First, you will want to reboot your mind and emotions, wake up and focus on your awareness, and ask yourself good, honest questions… and quietly listen for the answers.
  1. 1439) If you misplace something, but eventually find it, place it back in the spot you first looked for it.
  1. 1440) Before buying anything that qualifies as an extra or optional, double the price and then decide if it’s still worth it. The reason is that the outflow of money has an opportunity cost of what you might be able to earn and compound if you were to invest it.
  1. 1441) You need to hang with people that fit your future, not you past.
  1. 1442) Your best teacher is your last mistake.
  1. 1443) Whether walking, flying a plane, or developing your golf game, it is a constant practice of failure and readjustment. In business, those who fail quickly and readjust are typically the most successful. Observers simply stay observers.
  1. 1444) Too often we unconsciously adjust our beliefs to support our actions, but to live your best life, align your life actions with your internal beliefs.
  1. 1445) Consider risk-taking. If you win, you win and be happy. If you “lose,” you will be wiser.
  1. 1446) A champion never competes against anyone else; they simply strive for continual self-improvement.
  1. 1447) “Great performers focus on what they are doing, and nothing else… They are able to engage in a task so completely that there is no room left for self-criticism, judgment, or doubt; to stay loose and supremely, even irrationally, self-confident… They let it happen, let it go. They couldn’t care less about the results.” – Jon Eliot
  1. 1448) Communicate carefully. Words once uttered or written cannot be forgotten, only forgiven.
  1. 1449) “Hoard food and it rots. Hoard money and you rot. Hoard power and the organization rots.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1450) “Whenever you say ‘yes’ to something unimportant, you’re saying ‘no’ to something important.”  – The Minimalists
  1. 1451) Do you have grit? The grit to show up and maybe be rejected, to do it wrong until you get it right, the grit to discover the best way forward. You’re not always forced into corners in this life. You have loads of voluntary options if you only have the grit. It’s easy to start, but it takes grit to stay in the game.
  1. 1452) Enemies? Kill them with kindness and bury them with a smile.
  1. 1453) Consider giving your “future-self” at least one gift daily – something that you will be thankful for sometime down the road. Maybe it’s is as simple as flossing or putting a few dollars aside in an investment account, paying off credit card debt, a little more exercise and little less processed food, forgiving or re-connecting with someone, de-cluttering, learning something new, etc.
  1. 1454) Compassion is a gift we all have the ability to offer.
  1. 1455) Some might envision “RESILIENCE” as being tough, powering through, or putting on a brave front. Actually, the opposite might be true. We may need to give ourselves a time-out to fully experience and accept our emotions, rest deeply, and transform the energy of stress in our system so it does not stay contracted and remain blocked, stuck, or stagnant.
  1. 1456) Picture resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, tragedy, crisis, threats, or significant sources of stress — such as trauma, family and relationship troubles, serious health challenges, or workplace and financial stressors.
  1. 1457) As much as resilience involves recovery after times of crisis, I choose resilience to be “bouncing forward” as opposed to “bouncing back.”
  1. 1458) “You cannot change your destination overnight. You can change your direction.”  – Jim Rohn
  1. 1459) Instead of returning back to where we began before a crisis, we recover AND end up “growing” with new understanding, compassion, and self-awareness as in Post Traumatic Stress GROWTH!
  1. 1460) Pause and consider how you might grow from your present circumstances. Focus on what’s positive in your life, what’s there to appreciate, and, maybe most importantly, how you can help.
  1. 1461) Struggling? What are the stories you tell and the language you use? Words strike emotional chords and even trigger chemical responses in the body for both better and for worse (i.e. affirmations). These times are challenging for all, so if you’re struggling, you might take a second look at your language and how you deploy it. If you’re still struggling, try changing your focus to something else.
  1. 1462) Leadership without humility isn’t.
  1. 1463) Live for your eulogy, not your obituary.
  1. 1464) We will never return to normal for normal never was.
  1. 1465) What’s the #1 thing you could START doing (today!) that would have the most positive impact on your Energy? And what’s the #1 thing you could STOP doing (today!) that would have the most positive impact on your Energy? Do these!
  1. 1466) Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the willingness to be present and respond in spite of fear.
  1. 1467) Dr. Maya Adam at Stanford Univ. stated something about nutrition you may find useful. “The nutrient content of any given food is directly related to the spoil rate of that food. Foods that are very low in nutrients spoil much more slowly than foods that are rich in nutrients.”
  1. 1468) Today I set a personal record for most consecutive days I’ve lived… and I’m on a record-setting pace. Hope you enjoy your record too!
  1. 1469) “If I had only…” thoughts are the quicksand of thought and emotions. Replace them with “What can I do now?”
  1. 1470) Sometimes in period of stress or when you’re overwhelmed, helping others can be a perfect tonic.
  1. 1471) It pays to try to focus on what you’re doing well, not on what else needs to be done, as there will always be something that needs to be done. If you focus only on what needs to be done, you may feel like a guinea pig on a treadmill.
  1. 1472) We spend our whole lives trying to control the things around us. And then nature comes along in a heartbeat and reminds us we are not in control.
  1. 1473) Pain times Resistance equals Suffering. Pain times Zero Resistance equals Freedom.
  1. 1474) When you are nervous and afraid, but can manage to say to yourself, “I LOVE THIS,” you loosen fear’s grip. It’s not so much that we love the situation, but rather that we can love our thoughts about the situation. You’re helping your mind to release its grip – you’re not in resistance or entangled anymore. You see, your problem is never with the circumstance, but rather with your thoughts about it.
  1. 1475) Life’s too short. Don’t forget to sing or dance while the music is still playing.
  1. 1476) Every set of circumstances can be leveraged for both individual and collective good. How can we serve, create, or connect in this unusual time? Be masterful. Create the state, don’t wait!
  1. 1477) You get in life what you tolerate. Any season is ripe for some spring-cleaning.
  1. 1478) Are you using the power of your mind to create what we want, or is you mind using you to react to what you don’t?
  1. 1479) Seemingly small choices in the moment create habits, which turn into behaviors and huge lifetime effects – both good and bad.
  1. 1480) There is usually very little reality to the stories that the egoic mind rationalizes and wants so badly for us to believe. That’s why most of our realities can be easily debunked as untruth. The thoughts we hold onto with gospel certainty are normally just the stories we’ve mindlessly repeatedly over the days, months, years and decades of our lives.
  1. 1481) Dwell upon the past and you’ll get more of it at the sacrifice of the future.
  1. 1482) “The fastest ticket to Freedom is helping another to be free.” – Lester Levenson
  1. 1483) Too often in life, we try to conform the maps of life to the maps in our heads. If the head maps don’t agree with the life one, the head map is wrong. If you frequently experience anger, sadness, surprise, betrayal, disorientation, or disappointment, that is a blaring signal that you will want to revise/update that map in your head.
  1. 1484) Anger, indignation, and hate are your lowest self; kindness, forgiveness, and compassion your highest. Aim high and meet life with clarity.
  1. 1485) “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”– Frank A. Clark
  1. 1486) Think global, but act locally. Small acts of kindness have a multiplying effect.
  1. 1487) When things change inside you, things change around you.
  1. 1488) People who have given up on their dreams have no trouble helping you kill yours.
  1. 1489) Don’t expect others to conform to the way you think they should. We just don’t have any idea of what influences have shaped them – including even those you know best. We all have noise going on in our heads that influences us so remember to be kind and compassionate. Not everyone will be ready to accept your loving kindness either, but accept them anyway.
  1. 1490) Are your habits, interests, and beliefs drawing you nearer or further from your best self? What may work well for one may be toxic for another. And what was once considered a solution can with time become a problem.
  1. 1491) To achieve what you want, you will often have to do what you don’t want to, over and over. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and push against your complacency stretching the walls of your comfort zone.
  1. 1492) Don’t let your yesterday rob you of today.
  1. 1493) “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.
  1. 1494) There is no progress without change, but don’t mistake all change for progress.
  1. 1495) Periodically it’s helpful to review “How am I complicit in conditions I do not want?” And then adjust.
  1. 1496) The Universe does not know whether our thoughts and resulting vibrations we are emitting are something in the present we are observing, or a result of remembering the past or imagining in the future.  It simply receives a vibration and sends us the things that match up with it.
  1. 1497) A mistake that humbles you is better than a success that makes you arrogant.
  1. 1498) What you practice grows stronger deepening neurological pathways in the brain. The same can also inhibit learning centers. Be careful what you practice. You can’t go wrong with self-kindness and it’s never to late to rewire your brain.
  1. 1499) Shame and self-judgment lock in those same behaviors? Self-kindness or compassion free you up to change. While change may not be easy, it is ALWAYS possible.
  1. 1500) Don’t take your thoughts too seriously because they’re only going to change.
  1. 1501) Reacting with acceptance breeds freedom.
  1. 1502) Sadness, grief, and regret are healthy signs of human consciousness and connectivity.
  1. 1503) “Comfort comes from knowing that people have made the same journey. And solace comes from understanding how others have learned to sing again.” – Helen Steiner Rice
  1. 1504) Like the Universe, we are continually expanding. Embrace your vulnerability; resisting worsens things. Just pause to reflect with gratitude even the tiniest of things and don’t fall into the trap of labeling grief and sadness as ‘bad.” They are simply part of everyone’s journey and eventually a path to transformation.
  1. 1505) Racism is an acquired taste and unfortunately the product of fear and ultimate ignorance.
  1. 1506) “You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  1. 1507) Beliefs have long created havoc with humanity. Believing means you have assumed something you do not know. The moment that happens, you introduce rigidity into your being. This rigidity permeates every aspect of your life and is THE cause of suffering.
  1. 1508) Peak performance is dependent upon passion, grit, and determination, and the willingness to do something poorly until you can do it well.
  1. 1509) Once we become wedded to our beliefs, the only thing that really happens is that our stupidity gains confidence.
  1. 1510) Never compare your insides with someone’s outsides. Better yet, stop comparing.
  1. 1511) Seth Rogin writes: “In any given moment, an urgency that feels like an emergency gives us the permission to abandon our systems and simply dive in and fix it, as only we can. And this permission is precisely why we get stuck, precisely why the next urgency is likely to appear tomorrow.”
  1. 1512) “How long is a minute? Well, it depends which side of the bathroom door you are located!”  – Anonymous
  1. 1513) Anger, resentment, indignation, hate, envy, and depressions are poisons we drink expecting others to die. Unfortunately it never works that way.
  1. 1514) As being great is a process and not an event, think of your development as a process.
  1. 1515) Just like ‘junk food’ is bad for your nutritional health, ‘junk values’ hinder your psychological well-being. The more you believe that you can buy and show off your way out of sadness, the greater the odds of depression and anxiety.
  1. 1516) It is our willingness to be open, willing, questioning, and caring that paves our way to enlightenment. Without a loving heart and mind, the doors are closed. That’s the most valuable thing we bring to life and the toughest foe is usually ourselves.
  1. 1517) The confluence of one’s intentions and actions spells meaningful fulfillment.
  1. 1518) “Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” – Alphonse Karr
  1. 1519) It’s not fear that keeps us trapped, but rather hiding fear that hurts us.
  1. 1520) If you fancy yourself as a creator as opposed to a consumer, you will want to ‘crush’ the day and use the night to re-energize. And the reason goals fall apart so quickly is that they simply are not priorities and lack commitment. Think about that before you go through the charade of goal-setting.
  1. 1521) While most things continually change, some don’t; the fact that things change doesn’t itself change. While individual waves come and go, the ocean is always ocean.
  1. 1522) When you ask “How can I serve?” amazing gifts and opportunities open up to you.
  1. 1523) Recognize that you are a local wave in the vast sea of humanity, and while you are changing, you do so in an unchanging all-ness. Perhaps there is something eternal or transcendental (God, Source Energy, Spirit, or no name) about this. Sensing this can put you at peace
  1. 1524) “The tighter we cling to an identity, the harder it becomes to grow beyond it.” – James Clear
  1. 1525) While goals are important is establishing direction, the most successful people largely ignore them in favor of identifying, creating, and following ‘superior systems.’ Systems are about the processes you take to achieve goals and you better have them in place if you don’t want to be eternally frustrated by your goal set.
  1. 1526) Goals are decisions awaiting an upgrade. Goals are more powerful than nothing, but in comparison to a decision, a goal is so weak. The difference is simple: a goal leaves the door open for the possibility of “not,” whereas a decision doesn’t. Turn your goals into decisions and take action!
  1. 1527) “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1528) You’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy.
  1. 1529) Exercising in nature is often more effective and cheaper than therapy.
  1. 1530) If your focus hasn’t worked for you, why stay with it? It’s your choice, your narrative. Choose your focus carefully.
  1. 1531) Having control may take you far, but never far enough. It has been said that all strengths can become weaknesses and this is one. Compulsion to control creates limiting boundaries and is only mitigated by surrender, patience, and trust. Race car drivers going at speeds too fast to think and control must trust their unconscious mind and instincts. Lighten your grip and be like a race car driver – go with the flow!
  1. 1532) Never be afraid to show your scars, but also never retreat into them as “your story.”
  1. 1533) Stop thinking. Just be. The best age is now.
  1. 1534) Remember that not only is service a profound way to benefit your community, but when you fill another’s bucket, it fills yours as well!
  1. 1535) There is no risk to becoming your “best self.”
  1. 1536) There is not a magic wand in the Universe powerful enough for us to make anyone else feel happy or sad. Yet many of us spend years or our entire lives trying to take care of and enable others with the unconscious belief that we have the wand (power) that will sprinkle more happiness or misery into their lives. The greatest gift we can give to anyone, including ourselves, is to raise our own emotional moods and vibrations.
  1. 1537) You can never “fix” another’s emotional state, but you can always provide them a safe, compassionate space.
  1. 1538) Being wise is just about what you know, but also about what you deliberately choose to ignore.
  1. 1539) “The only thing evil can’t stand is forgiveness.” Mister Fred Rogers
  1. 1540) A person has two lives. The second one doesn’t start until they realize they only have one.
  1. 1541) Playing, creating, learning new things, serving, and making new friends makes life joyfully worthwhile.
  1. 1542) Giving 110% at anything is essentially a guarantee that you will over-try and miss your target. Elite performers realize that to be their best, they should give only the most appropriate, optimum amount of effort to achieve the best results possible – not necessarily the maximum. That is the difference in making your “best effort.”
  1. 1543) Admire the person who can change or at least pivot on their beliefs without changing their core values.
  1. 1544) When you can enjoy the process as much if not more than the finished product, you are probably really on to something!
  1. 1545) Savor your triumphs, but also remember that hidden in every pain and loss is some lesson to be embraced and cherished.
  1. 1546) Everyday you wake up is another opportunity to finish stronger, to improve, to learn and to grow!
  1. 1547) Guilt is okay because it reflects upon something we did. Shame, on the other hand, is destructive because it reflects upon whom we think we are. Be vigilant to avoid any shaming self-talk that condemns or criticizes for it makes any improvement more difficult.
  1. 1548) “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”  – Mike Murdock
  1. 1549) Complaining is like vomiting. It may make you feel better, but it makes everyone else feel worse.
  1. 1550) The dominant intent of every cell in our body is to keep finding happiness, joy and ease (as opposed to “dis-ease”) in as many moments as we can. This is why whenever we cut ourselves off from this intent – always the by-product of negative thinking – we are going to feel emotionally disconnected from our true inner source of power and joy.
  1. 1551) Do everything with the best intentions and expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed.
  1. 1552) What do discipline, enthusiasm, rigor, gratitude, self-control, dignity, respect, knowledge, curiosity, ethics, honor, empathy, resilience, honesty, patience, bravery, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, and awareness all have in common? All of these reflect choices or decisions we get to make. All are truly LEARNABLE skills.
  1. 1553) Never regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied many.
  1. 1554) Day one. Or one day. Your choice.
  1. 1555) “Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself; it means thinking of yourself less.”  – C.S. Lewis
  1. 1556) You can’t pursue happiness, the more you try, the more it eludes you. It’s the by-product of a purposeful life.
  1. 1557) Notice the best part… of EVERYTHING!
  1. 1558) No matter your perspective, I challenge you to break up with your old patterns of dehumanizing those who view the world through different lenses than your own, to extend respect, to listen and engage newly through compassion and connection (even though not necessarily agreement), and to look for our common humanity.
  1. 1559) Do something you don’t want to do now so that your future self will thank you for this gift of being ready to go!
  1. 1560) Don’t ever believe that just because you feel like shit you are shit. You are okay and this too shall pass. You don’t have a monopoly on struggle.
  1. 1561) Relationships become hard when we seek from others what we are not giving ourselves.
  1. 1562) Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
  1. 1563) “Fake it til you make it” doesn’t feel authentic. Does it? I prefer “Do it until you become it!”
  1. 1564) When you stop being afraid to fail, you become much more free to succeed.
  1. 1565) Never discourage anyone who makes continual progress no matter how slow.
  1. 1566) Your next level of life, love, income, abundance, and joy lives on the other side of your biggest fear, your biggest pain, or your biggest obstacle. Sometimes you have to take your ship out of the safe, familiar harbor and go into the storm. Yes, to conquer your biggest fear, you must navigate new territory.
  1. 1567) Meaningful change happens when we stop identifying with our beliefs, opinion, ideas, and judgments… and when we realize that the pleasure of changing exceeds the pain of staying the same.
  1. 1568) Reset your righteous meter for no one is right all the time, but we can choose to be happy most of the time.
  1. 1569) “I have the world’s largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world… perhaps you’ve seen it.” – Steven Wright
  1. 1570) True power whispers; it doesn’t scream.
  1. 1571) “I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”  – Abraham Lincoln
  1. 1572) In life as in business, resourcefulness is always more important than resources!
  1. 1573) Work upon making yourself one badass ancestor!
  1. 1574) Emotion is an extension of thought and belief that we either feel (conscious) or don’t feel (unconscious) inside the body. As we come to understand that we are the only ones who can have control over our thoughts and emotions – regardless of whatever else is going on outside of us – we become the masters of our inner worlds. Once we master the inner world, the stuff on the outside can do nothing else but fall effortlessly into place.
  1. 1575) “We must love one another or die.”  – W.H. Auden
  1. 1576) Getting offended by something posted on social media is like choosing to step in dog shit instead of walking around it.
  1. 1577) When I choose courage over comfort, my life expands and I tend to cruise past old fears and horizons.
  1. 1578) Life offers choices and opportunities. When you choose “want to” over “have to,” opportunities abound. Better yet, deploy, “I can’t wait to!”
  1. 1579) If you live with shame, become curious of it instead of afraid. When you face it with an open heart, you’re on the path to finding joy. You can build a new existence, perhaps one that feels small and flawed, but honest, each day accumulating treasure.
  1. 1580) So often when we feel we need a lesson, all we need is a reminder. Pause and trust your best self.
  1. 1581) Never confuse “I cannot “ with “I’m not willing to.”
  1. 1582) Religion has been compared to a swimming pool. All the noise is coming from the shallow end. Consider enjoying the love, kindness, and compassion of the deep end.
  1. 1583) “You can’t make a racehorse out of a mule, but you can become the world’s fastest mule.”  – Claude Harmon
  1. 1584) The basis of your life is only the present moment so come to terms with and be friendly with it. Accept what is before you try to change it. Then your action comes out of acceptance rather than from resistance, and you are empowered.
  1. 1585) Are you a random collection of problems? No, you’re a conscious being with endless opportunities to make choices!
  1. 1586) Doing the things you don’t feel like doing is a great way to build your mental toughness, which results in greater subsequent happiness and fulfillment. Don’t miss a chance to realize the miracle that you are!
  1. 1587) Give yourself permission to do one thing at a time for really that’s all you can do. Do it consciously and well. Life is a series of starts, stops, and changes. Trying to balance all is a prescription for needless failure.
  1. 1588) “Remember, if you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid that doesn’t fit any of your containers.” Moral of the story: at least you have feet and something that could use a container.
  1. 1589) The last impression is the lasting impression.
  1. 1590) There are real thinking and feeling vibrational frequencies. You can’t be on an AM frequency and get FM results. You must change your frequency.
  1. 1591) If you’re going through Hell, don’t stop!  – Anonymous
  1. 1592) If you can stretch yourself to become comfortable being uncomfortable, you open yourself up to all kinds of delicious growth.
  1. 1593) When your intentions exceed your habits, you begin to move in the directions of your dreams.
  1. 1594) Sometimes it takes losing what you are settling for to remind you of what you truly deserve.
  1. 1595) No trees have any branches foolish enough to fight themselves. Birds don’t compete with one another for the best tunes.
  1. 1596) Learning to let go of and surrender to the present moment is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves or to anyone else. From this place of allowing and acceptance, we enter the stillness of the Now, and from that place we begin to create and launch wonderful new hopes, dreams and desires.
  1. 1597) You cannot “acquire” yourself to happiness.
  1. 1598) Winning arguments is lame. Creating agreement and consensus rules. We should be lifting each other up and cheering one another on!
  1. 1599) Like a dog chasing its tail, thinking begets more thinking – usually the slave of the ego. It is only through the heart that you gain wisdom.
  1. 1600) Are your beliefs harming you? Only when YOU can ACCEPT that YOU are the CAUSE of your beliefs can you lessen or eliminate it.
  1. 1601) Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.
  1. 1602) Celebrate whatever you can find, your effort, your journey, or your success – even for efforts that have failed ou. Be patient as you continue and picture yourself whole and healthy because at the deepest level you are.
  1. 1603) If you keep looking for and highlighting the differences between you and others, you will find them, and pretty soon you will be alone and suffering – unable to connect with others. Celebrate our commonalities!
  1. 1604) “Relationships become hard when we expect them to be easy.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1605) Behind every negative emotion is the belief that something should be different than what it already is. This resistance gets us into a battle that we can never win. Can you imagine letting go of such?
  1. 1606) “When you are feeling joy, love is the echo that comes back to you.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1607) There’s a bright spot in every shadow.
  1. 1608) “Easy” is overrated as it quickly leads to boredom. “Ease” is better. A good question might be, “How can I shift my focus from “comfortable” to “revitalized?”
  1. 1609) There is a huge difference between really, really wanting/needing something and living in the vibration that you already have it if you want to attain something (things, relationships, money, performance, etc). Want and need relate to lack, which is a cousin of fear.
  1. 1610) Leave your comfort zone before you get evicted.
  1. 1611) Feeling stressed? Stress cannot occur until we interpret something as stressful. In other words, nothing, by itself, is stressful. There are no exceptions to this. The lesson here that we are free to CHOOSE our interpretations.
  1. 1612) Negative self-talk sabotages life. It is akin to self-abuse and really charges you with negative energy. There is always a worse outcome possible. Always. Instead be thankful for being presented with a learning/growing opportunity.
  1. 1613) “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”  – Malcolm Forbes
  1. 1614) Do you have the guts to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of? Are you playing T-ball when you were meant for the major leagues?
  1. 1615) “Success is stumbling from failure to failure without any loss of enthusiasm.”  – Winston Churchill
  1. 1616) A smart person knows what to say while a wise one knows whether or not to say it.
  1. 1617) Want to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE? Commit to being “Exceptional” in every growing, loving, stretching aware way. Include this thought in every other thought, action, behavior, habit, decision, relationship, and encounter. Begin asking yourself, “What can I do better?” to be exceptional while adding value to my own and other’s experiences?
  1. 1618) When life shuts a door on you, open it. That’s how doors work.
  1. 1619) If you know someone who is ill, angry, depressed, or perhaps even irritating you, put aside some time today to view them in their magnificence rather than their brokenness.
  1. 1620) “When you are already in Detroit, you don’t have to take a bus to get there.”  – Ram Dass.  Many pursue spiritual destinations when they only need to look inward.
  1. 1621) Truth may take many shapes, but be careful not to confuse bluntness with it.
  1. 1622) May you experience peace sometime today. While most things continually change, some don’t; the fact that things change doesn’t itself change. While individual waves come and go, the ocean is always ocean. The good you did this morning will always have happened.
  1. 1623) Recognize that you are a local wave in the vast sea of humanity, and while you are changing, you do so in an unchanging ‘allness.’ Perhaps there is something eternal or transcendental (God, Source Energy, Spirit, or no name) about this. Sensing this can put you at peace of knowing beyond all understanding – true peace. Whether alone or with friends or family, be present and thankful – and enjoy your peace.
  1. 1624) Keep in mind that your success will always remind others of their failures.
  1. 1625) Inaction due to the fear of failure is really the only failure.
  1. 1626) Victimhood is a seductive cage whereby one can disown any responsibility and spout their entitlement that the world owes them because they’ve been wronged. Are you the victim of circumstance or the master of your fate? You can’t be both.
  1. 1627) Be HAPPY not because everything is good, but rather because YOU can see the GOOD in EVERYTHING!
  1. 1628) Stay strong. You never know whom you are inspiring.
  1. 1629) As you breathe right this moment, another person takes their last. So don’t complain, and learn to live your life with what you have.
  1. 1630) Joy is a choice largely dependent upon our relationship to what is happening to us. It’s inside us just waiting to be awakened.
  1. 1631) The more compassion I can bring to everything I touch, the more my protective walls melt, and I find that more areas of my life are more workable. As we learn to have more compassion for ourselves, the circle of compassion expands everywhere.
  1. 1632) “If you care about a person, worry is the worst energy you can send. It directly transmits fear and restriction…even if it’s well-intended.” – Tosha Silver
  1. 1633) We fail when our definition of ‘success’ is ‘excess.’
  1. 1634) Daily action toward a goal, however small, will usually outdistance occasional massive efforts. By the inch it’s a cinch, but by the yard it’s hard.
  1. 1635) You will never regret spreading love.
  1. 1636) The true measure of success is how many people really, really know you and really, really love you, not by kin or connection or by reputation. It’s not about having a lot of money or being a magnificent donor, but simply be lovable – giving love away. Doesn’t any other measure fail in comparison?
  1. 1637) “Act as if your future self is watching.”  – Joshua Fields Millburn
  1. 1638) You make up the idea of whether you’re happy or not. It can be ill-fashioned by comparison and contrast with something or someone else as reference points. If someone has dramatically less or more, it can trigger a reaction. Beware of exaggerated or enhanced reference points, especially those from advertising, Hollywood, or social media.
  1. 1639) Happiness is not derived from the outside, but born inside of gratitude. Focus on all you already are and already have so you can nurture it further. Get out and live life with your best everyday and you will be happy!
  1. 1640) Our things should add value to our lives: they should augment, enhance, or amplify our experiences, but they can hardly “complete us.” Things don’t complete us. We are already complete. Consider that before you buy.
  1. 1641) When faced with stress, anger, a difficult decision or the like, ask “How would love respond?” The answer may save you (and others) much pain and keep you consistent with your best self.
  1. 1642) Take a moment to notice right now what you are doing to maintain the presence of past negative memories or experiences. Realize that every time you replay or repeat them, you’re in effect signing on for another year’s lease on your old patterns. Every minute you replay the past, you have just lost the present. Trying to understand the past is a distraction from positive change.
  1. 1643) Too much of anything decreases our capacity for happiness. The exceptions are the quality of our kindness, compassion, and generosity. Abundance is about relationships and not ownership. If you’re operating out of fear/scarcity, enough never is and your journey will be like a rat on a treadmill.
  1. 1644) Be happy. You never know how much time you have left.
  1. 1645) If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
  1. 1646) “If you’re still looking for that one person who will change your life, look in the mirror.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1647) GUILT is acceptable. It means failure due to something we DID. SHAME, however, is not good for it is attributed to something we ARE. Don’t believe or use this type of negative self-talk. Guilt, on the other hand, motivates us to try something different that works. Have at it!
  1. 1648) Next time someone sets you off, you’re under pressure, or challenged, take a moment to check how your automatic pilot is reacting. That’s called “reacting.” Instead, take a few moments to “respond.” Choose a response that feels more effective and empowering.
  1. 1649) God only knows how challenging things are for many, many of us – money, health, families, politics, jobs, relationships, racism, safety, etc. Sometimes it just pays to LIGHTEN UP. Do something goofy, completely out of your comfort zone – not degrading others, but just having more fun than usual.
  1. 1650) If you want to be a great leader, you must first be an exceptional teammate.
  1. 1651) When you travel on a path for many years you become the path. The security of our path is an excuse as to why change may be difficult, but if you want to end up in a different destination you must choose another path. Would you consider another path today? Don’t worry you will not get lost – enjoy the journey!
  1. 1652) Life comes with no limited menu, but all options are open. If clarity improves results, why don’t you take a weekend of quiet solitude to bring yourself up-to-date by reflecting on what you really want to do with your miraculous life. You may affirm to continue doing exactly what you are already… or not.
  1. 1653) “After all is said and done. More is said than done.” – Aesop
  1. 1654) Life is about facing challenges head-on, growing, stretching, making mistakes and learning from them. It’s about the resolve to move on, living with loss and gain, and just flat-out living – not living vicariously through others. Live up to your potential. Later you will remember the thrills and challenges. If you don’t, all you lose is your soul. The clock is ticking and you are running out of time. So what are you prepared to do now?
  1. 1655) Often we are so focused on where we hope to go that we fail to embrace the present. Goals can be important, but watch out if you see them obscuring your present focus. Ironically, when folks get to that imagined “hoped for” time, they reminisce on the past. Of course, that past is often embellished in one way or the other.
  1. 1656) If life is just a bunch of days in a row, see if you can go to bed each night with no regrets.
  1. 1657) “You are either climbing toward something or descending toward nothing.”  – Unknown
  1. 1658) Everyone who has walked the planet has been wronged in some way. Stop using your past as a currency to buy out your current life. All life is an experiment and your goal is to learn how to love.
  1. 1659) Being driven by expectation will almost always lead to disappointment. Based on what we want life to be, when reality falls short, we experience disappointment. Remember that you’re not entitled to have life any particular way. Substitute aspiration for inspiration for that’s our true nature simply striving to reveal itself – like an acorn becoming an oak tree.
  1. 1660) Never argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to their level and then finish you off with their experience.
  1. 1661) Create the State – Don’t Wait! “Waiting” is the #1 mistake people make in the pursuit of excellence? We wait for good results before we let ourselves experience the internal states that render greatness.
  1. 1662) Improve just ONE key habit or behavior and improve your life dramatically. Increased self-confidence over that will lead you to also improve other areas of your life. It’s a productive cycle!
  1. 1663) How much of your time is spent consuming things as opposed to creating things?
  1. 1664) Making mistakes can actually be good as long as they’re new ones!
  1. 1665) There is no greater tragedy than discontent and no disease more devastating than always wanting more.
  1. 1666) You are always only one thought away from peace.
  1. 1667)( Note to self) Yield whenever I can. Each time I look at this sign, it is a reminder to cease argument, debate, boasting, or forcing my way, but rather to live gently and flow more humbly and quietly in more loving awareness… and appreciate that we are all interconnected on different points of our journeys.
  1. 1668) Danger may be real, but fear is an overused choice.
  1. 1669) Want to relieve your stress? Just do the stuff you’ve been putting off. Secondly, don’t take yourself so seriously. Third, stop trying to control everything. Finally, just do what you can, accept it, and move on. And don’t forget to breathe for 20 years from now you won’t remember any of it anyway. Don’t let the non-important or imaginary future disrupt the quality of the present!
  1. 1670) None of us are promised tomorrow. It’s each other that gives us relevance. Take strength from the things that feed your soul the most.
  1. 1671) I bet you have running hot/cold water at the turn of a knob. The majority of mankind never had it. Kings and Queens didn’t, but you do. Even today, millions still don’t enjoy it. This is one of but thousands of features in your life you may be taking for granted, but not really appreciate (unless it’s suddenly taken away). My point is that it is worthwhile to stop, notice, and appreciate all that you may have assumed was your birthright. You and I are extremely fortunate for we likely live like royalty could only have wished.
  1. 1672) When we do what is necessary to care ourselves, it helps the world. And when we help the world, it likewise helps us. Sweet!
  1. 1673) Just as a day of healthy fasting can do incredible wonders for your body, so too a day or longer of media fasting can do the same for your psyche.
  1. 1674) If you want something special you’ve never had, chances are you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done to get it.
  1. 1675) You can begin to develop extraordinary love by first appreciating that every benefit you have ever experienced originally emanated from someone else. That includes your food and clothing as an other’s gift to you. Pay it forward.
  1. 1676) If we treated one another everyday like we do after natural disasters, we’d have a truly special community/country.
  1. 1677) The music of the piano and the manipulation of the computer were nonexistent on the human experiential palette until very recently. No one could imagine let alone operate or gain any consequences of these and many other “things.” What new “colors” will we see in the future that are already out there that we have no vision of today will we discover?
  1. 1678) “Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.”  – Wes Angelozzi
  1. 1679) Don’t confuse a busy life for a successful one, let alone a fulfilling one. Busy-ness allows no room for grace, focus, ease, or clarity. If you follow your heart, you embrace a “game worth playing.” Otherwise, you’re no different than a rat racing. Remember this is an “inside job” with no room for comparison to others.
  1. 1680) Words from one of my favorite philosophers, George Carlin: “Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” Can’t argue with that!
  1. 1681) Note to self:  Just because it pops into my head does NOT mean it should come out of my mouth.
  1. 1682) If information were the key to success, because of the Internet we’d all be multi-millionaires, have six-pack abs, and live in peaceful health, but we don’t convert to action what we know. The door is open. Do you want to pass through it? What little steps might you initiate to come closer to your goals?
  1. 1683) Dr. Sandra Chapman writes: “For those who proudly call themselves multi-taskers, understand that your brain is not built to perform two tasks at the same time. Instead, it must switch quickly from task to unrelated task. Multi-tasking tires the brain and activates stress hormones. Giving your full attention to the project at hand will increase accuracy, innovation, and speed.”
  1. 1684) Stress reminds us that we care. “Acknowledging your stress” can help avoid knee jerk reactions and replace them more enhanced, thoughtful responses. “Owning” your stress shows you care and fuels positive motivation. Using it promotes growth. Though not always clear, be sure to ask “How can I use my stress or these experiences to serve me?”
  1. 1685) Dreams remain dreams until you take action. Without action, an idea is just a wish with no energy assigned to it.
  1. 1686) Two aliens were hovering over Earth in their UFO. The first said, “I’ve been observing dominant life forms and it appears they have developed satellite-based nuclear weaponry.” The second asked, “Are they an emerging intelligence?” “I don’t think so” replied the first. “They have them aimed at themselves!”
  1. 1687) The one who truly believes that (s)he is no more special than others may actually be the special one.
  1. 1688) Our personal identity is made up of whom we think we used to be, but the present is ever changing and offers all sorts of new possibilities.
  1. 1689) As a leader or as a parent, sometimes you have to let others feel the burn of failure. To do otherwise may be to rob them of life-defining lessons with the pain perhaps helping them never repeat those actions/behaviors again. Yes, pain can give birth to positive change. The constant need to rescue can often become an enabler, so consider this strategy.
  1. 1690) Putting the word “How” in front of your questions can lead to much more interesting and informative answers.
  1. 1691) We often label ourselves as lazy, incapable, procrastinators, or unmotivated when we are simply unwilling. Willingness is profound!
  1. 1692) “Learning to play and create after retirement and learning to gain younger friends as we lose older ones add more to life’s enjoyment than retirement income.” – Study of Adult Development
  1. 1693) Success can be the greatest danger to continued success. Thinking we know it all, hubris, arrogance, and over-confidence has repeatedly brought down the talented – people, organizations, countries, and even dynasties. Always embrace the spirit of the learner. Where might you commit yourself to greater learning?
  1. 1694) “There is usually more than one right answer and when you begin to find them, you get more comfortable in relabeling obstacles as opportunities.” – Dewitt Jones
  1. 1695) Everything is either a medicine or a poison depending upon how you use it and if it’s aligned with your purpose.
  1. 1696) Most of us enter relationships looking to see what we can get out of them at some level – what we can gain and hold onto. How about if we were to instead decide what part of us we’d like to give to a relationship? That might lead to a better appreciation of who WE REALLY ARE. Every relationship allows us to discover ourselves. Isn’t that the purpose of life?
  1. 1697) What’s your tone frequency? Love, abundance, compassion, etc. or anger, judgment, hate, fear, scarcity, etc.? Sometimes it’s good to check and clean house.
  1. 1698) “The optimist goes to the window every morning and says, ‘Good morning God!’ The pessimist goes to the window and says, ‘Good God, morning!’”  – Anonymous
  1. 1699) Experiencing childhood, schooling, family, jobs, people, competitions, birth, aging, death, the concept of “destination” is but a mirage. It’s all about the journey as infinite. Consciousness always has another horizon and we are all kindred interconnected souls on this trek. The sooner you truly emotionally embrace this endless change and commonality, the more fully and easily you can savor the joys and consider the disappointments… and glean the lessons that this fantastic journey affords us.
  1. 1700) Those hardest to love are usually the ones that need it most. Sometimes it could even be you or me.
  1. 1701) “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”  – Epictetus
  1. 1702) Relax, you will never reach your full potential, but isn’t it one of life’s joys to close the gap? You already are the person you’re willing to be.
  1. 1703) Expect nothing and accept everything. Embrace your situation as it comes so you can dance with life, and celebrate or recalibrate.
  1. 1704) “The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”  – George Carlin
  1. 1705) You don’t become a powerhouse by willing or wishing it. You do so by making small incremental changes in your life.
  1. 1706) Yesterday I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon… I’ll let you know…
  1. 1707) Did you know that studies have shown that people who are really high in savoring their surroundings even if they have poor health (a lot of pain, physical things that prevented them from doing the things they wanted to do), are just as happy as people who are perfectly healthy? Secondly, people who are totally healthy if they didn’t also savor the good things in life, they are apt to not be happy. It pays to take notice!
  1. 1708) If you are truly into hardcore achievement and productivity, you must rest, relax, and recover your mind, body, and psyche. There’s no alternative, but to take an occasional vacation!
  1. 1709) Anytime in the history of mankind as well as in individual lives, when an old order dies and a new one comes into being, there has been a preceding chaos. We are all constantly in a state of transformation.
  1. 1710) If troubled or stuck in darkness (and most of us are at some point), remember “I am light. I am love. I am enough and I am the healing energy to my soul and to all things.” At that core is forgiveness. Begin immediately with yourself – the beginning of compassion. Show others how to love.
  1. 1711) The past is a wonderful teacher, but a terrible Master. We’ve all suffered setbacks. Isn’t it time to let them go?
  1. 1712) Centuries ago Cicero said, “”If we are forced, at every hour, to watch or listen to horrible events, this constant stream of ghastly impressions will deprive even the most delicate among us of all respect for humanity.” What would Cicero say now if he was subjected to today’s inane, fearful, ridiculous television news broadcasts? If it bleeds, it leads (the broadcast).
  1. 1713) If you say yes to opportunity, fear dissolves. If you say yes to fear, opportunity dissolves.
  1. 1714) “Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles. We’ve all worked with that person. That person is a drag.” – Tina Fey, “Bossypants,”
  1. 1715) People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.
  1. 1716) Want to stand out? Do more than you have to. Enough isn’t. Be memorable. (Smile, communicating, dressing, serving, helping, courtesy, tipping, thank you’s, being friendly, etc, more than you have to.) Always do more than you get paid to for it’s an investment in your future. What might you do more of than expected today?
  1. 1717) Sometimes it helps to remember that GUILT happens when we forget that, like everyone else, we are simply doing the very best we can given our awareness, skills, and knowledge. When we can forgive both others and ourselves for shortcomings, we release a tremendous reserve of beautiful energy.
  1. 1718) No matter how good your response is, sometimes it’s just better to listen.
  1. 1719) “Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1720) Want to be happy? Forgive how you would like to be forgiven. Love how you would like to be loved. Do only to others that which you innately know they would want you to do.
  1. 1721) Every challenge has two handles. You can grab them by the handle of fear or by the handle of love and excitement. You can make any challenge easier by the way you “handle” it!
  1. 1722) The path ahead is under construction, but you’re the chief architect, project manager, and foreman.
  1. 1723) Silence is a greatly underestimated source of power.
  1. 1724) Become an Ambassador of Positive Possibility!
  1. 1725) Generally speaking, terrified people make terrible decisions. Why not choose curiosity over fear?
  1. 1726) In almost every area of life (business, relationships, sports, leadership, medicine, acting, teaching, every job, parenting, investing, etc.) there are only a few things that truly matter. If you can discover and master these few, you will be successful beyond belief. Forget the latest and glitziest ancillary and patiently focus on the two or three fundamentals appropriate to your field!
  1. 1727) Be with it and feel it, or you can’t do it!
  1. 1728) If you always favor and choose your passions, pretty soon you will be living a passionate life!
  1. 1729) If you seek to master anything, you must adjust your mindset to view failure as an integral part of your journey, not as an indictment of your judgment or ability, but as a learning opportunity.
  1. 1730) Nothing or everything is a miracle. Which do you believe?
  1. 1731) The strongest and most intelligent don’t survive, the most adaptable do.
  1. 1732) Speed is over-rated. If you or someone is headed in the wrong direction, more speed won’t help, but counsel or education might. When in doubt, slow down, pause, and look around. You may simply have been going too fast to notice the signals around you. And it never hurts to ask for directions from someone who has already been where you want to go.
  1. 1733) Certainty is a feeling and not a fact.
  1. 1734) Everyone is going through something – sickness, angst, bad luck, disappointment, grief, whatever. Just as we want others to understand us, we must understand others. If we all do better understanding others, there would be peace in the world.
  1. 1735) In challenging times, communication is best applied through action. “What messages are my actions communicating?” might be a good question. “Am I giving or taking, reacting or creating? Do I communicate love or fear, scarcity or abundance, ease or struggle?”
  1. 1736) Integrity is not a core value, but the result of living up to them.
  1. 1737) Too often when we grow up, we forget that the most important things are creativity, growth, and being happy.
  1. 1738) The functioning of all life depends on the flow of energy. When it’s flowing we feel well, and when it’s contracting we don’t. There is growing evidence that the ultimate cause of any health challenge is a continuing contraction of energy. That contraction in your body, heart, and mind causes dysfunction, no matter the original trigger might have been.
  1. 1739) “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  1. 1740) If you want to judge your progress, ask yourself these questions: Am I more loving? Is my judgment sound? Do I have more energy? Can my mind remain calm under provocation? Am I free from the conditioning of anger, fear, and greed? Spiritual awareness reveals itself eloquently in character development and selfless action.
  1. 1741) When you learn to imagine a best-case scenario, you get to enjoy the same experience twice. And this works in both directions!
  1. 1742) Fear, what are you trying to teach me? There must be a lesson or blessing there somewhere if we become aware.
  1. 1743) How are you enjoying your gift? What gift you ask? Well, you woke up this morning. Sometimes it helps to treat each day as both our first and last day alive and notice all the beauty and opportunities around you. Let each of your senses absorb them. Gratefully acknowledging what is around us leads to a life well-lived!
  1. 1744) There never was a time that is not Now, nor will there ever be.
  1. 1745) It’s a pretty amazing achievement when you begin to realize that today more people die from over-eating than from human violence!
  1. 1746) Life wants to harmonize. Everything you do, think, and feel is a vibration felt somewhere.
  1. 1747) If something is “on your mind,” then it probably isn’t getting done.
  1. 1748) “Someday is not on the calendar.”  – Unknown
  1. 1749) Are you willing to take advantage of opportunity?  On a scale of 1-10 how inspired or motivated are you?
  1. 1750) Your emotions are your alarm system. Don’t forget to periodically replace your batteries.
  1. 1751) If you pride yourself upon how much you can manage in your head, you are misusing your energy. Either act upon the woulds, shoulds, ought-tos, need-tos, may-want-tos, or release them and let them go. Otherwise you will continue to build conflict and stress. What might you act upon or let go of?
  1. 1752) Education without conscious, loving awareness is virtually meaningless, but their marriage can be priceless. When we are in an awakened, loving aware state (most of us, most of the time aren’t including me), miracles and insights abound!
  1. 1753) If you die today, what gifts or talents will go unrealized?
  1. 1754) When you try to cram in your past self into your future one, you create problems.
  1. 1755) You might be surprised to learn that more than 90% of the highly successful people are naturally introverted though they may disguise that in public – private persons living extroverted lives. (This my experience and virtually EVERY other fellow coach I have ever communicated with.) It may also comfort you to learn that these successful people also overwhelmingly believe that most everyone else is more extroverted than they are.
  1. 1756) When passing others, be proactive and take the initiative to rescue them by smiling, saying “Hi!” or “Good Morning,” perhaps introduce yourself, or compliment something about them. Their inner self will thank you and you will feel better too!
  1. 1757) When you throw a public tantrum, you communicate more about yourself than you do with the people you’re angry with.
  1. 1758) Have you experienced pain, dysfunction, or embarrassing failure? We all have to one degree or another and it can be a motivating blessing provided you leverage your adversity (“chip on your shoulder” or “fear of failing”) and turn them into advantages. Witness just a few like: Edison, Michael Jordan, Anthony Robbins, Disney, Lincoln, Jobs, Einstein, Rowling, Gates, Ford, Colonel Sanders, Macy, Honda, Woolworth, Darwin, Churchill, Poitier, Winfrey, Chaplin, Seinfeld, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino, Sam Snead, Oliver Stone, Van Gogh, Charles Schultz, Spielberg, Mozart, Elvis, Stephen King, The Beatles, Stravinsky, Biden, etc.
  1. 1759) Make the song in your heart louder than the voice in your head or the noise in the world.
  1. 1760) “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.”  – – The Dalai Lisa. Is that where all my shoes came from? It pays to check shoe closets when entering into new relationships.
  1. 1761) I have found that the quickest way out of my “funks’ is to help others climb out of theirs. Nearly always works!
  1. 1762) Breathe in strength, breathe out bullshit. Inhale love, exhale peace.
  1. 1763) If you want to be like everyone else, then don’t also expect to be exceptional. Being exceptional means being, thinking, and acting in a unique fashion.
  1. 1764) Men challenge. Women bond.
  1. 1765) What would my champion, mentor or hero, think, do or say?
  1. 1766) “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.” – Peter Drucker
  1. 1767) One minute of anger disrupts your immunity 4-5 hours whereas one minute of laughter boosts it for 24 hours.
  1. 1768) What are you reading?
  1. 1769) Try falling in love with this endless process (per Ray Dalio): Start with your audacious goal. You fail. Then you figure out why you failed. Design a better solution to your challenge. Then work on your solution. REPEAT. Keeping at it immediately builds a slightly better you that over time becomes a stupendous you!
  1. 1770) If you believe you are a child of God, how about showing some of your Father’s traits.
  1. 1771) I believe a common misconception about meditation is that it must be done in a special way, or you must sit in a certain position. All you have to do is place yourself in a position that is most comfortable for you and focus on your breath, in and out. It’s not about trying to empty your mind, it’s about more about developing a “non-judgmental awareness” of sensations, feelings, and state of mind.”
  1. 1772) Enthusiasm sells. Integrity seals the deal!!!
  1. 1773) There is no future in the past.
  1. 1774) Comparing yourself to others works only when it opens your eyes to what’s possible.
  1. 1775) “The greatest remedy for anger is delay.”  – Seneca
  1. 1776) Fix your supply chain. Dig deep into your communication rhythms. Figure out your priority list. Quit the tasks that are holding you back. Walk away from dead ends. Add rigor to your processes. Understand the difference between the things that feel urgent and those that are truly important.
  1. 1777) Positive feelings always trump positive thoughts. When you feel yourself as more, you will attract more.
  1. 1778) Next time you are struggling with something, try treating yourself like a very dear friend and see what happens.
  1. 1779) Try writing your own eulogy. Never stop revising it.
  1. 1780) I have too many flaws to be perfect, but I have too many blessings to be ungrateful.
  1. 1781) The difference between guilt and regret – Guilt is totally useless as it does no good to feel bad about something in the past you can’t change. On the other hand, sincere regret is more useful and connotes a lesson learned.
  1. 1782) When we are fearful, we are like a bird in a cage whose door has been opened. We are free to chase fulfillment, but too often our fear has us looking for all sorts of reasons not to when our instincts tell us deep down inside that they’re right. Be like the crows. When they encounter a dying snake, they act as if they were eagles. Or be like an eagle!
  1. 1783) Mindfulness is pure presence or simply paying attention to the present moment deliberately and non-judgmentally. It becomes the foundation of all contentment.
  1. 1784) “Why-Power” always surpasses willpower. You have to know or you’re likely to give up too easily.
  1. 1785) You can learn a lot about a person when they don’t get what they want.
  1. 1786) Sometimes you have to let go of the way you think your life ought to be and simply look for the joy in front of you.
  1. 1787) Not buying something is like letting go of something in advance. Pause and consider that before you buy more stuff.
  1. 1788) Never give up on the better person you are becoming!
  1. 1789) The quality of your being in any situation defines you as a human being and not a human doing.
  1. 1790) For every challenge, remember all the host of resources within you to cope with it.
  1. 1791) Everyone has a chapter they don’t read aloud. Don’t obsess about yours.
  1. 1792) Why not be the person you needed when you were half your age?
  1. 1793) How much can you learn if you think you are right all the time?
  1. 1794) Talent and smarts will never carry a quitter.
  1. 1795) If you haven’t applied your own advice to your own life, keep it to yourself.
  1. 1796) If you’re afraid to be wrong, you will never accomplish anything remarkable.
  1. 1797) Self-care is the first step to regaining your power.
  1. 1798) Gratitude helps you view what is as opposed to what isn’t.
  1. 1799) “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”  – Ambrose Bierce
  1. 1800) The comfort zone can be a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.
  1. 1801) “When we’re not clouded by emotions—not shut down by old habits and fears, even if for a moment—we realize what’s best for ourselves. We go in the direction of healing and openness. And we discover the freedom to love.”  – Pema Chodron
  1. 1802) Between stimulus and response sits freedom.
  1. 1803) Happiness is not dependent upon circumstances.
  1. 1804) The days we miss the target often provide the best opportunities for growth.
  1. 1805) “When consistency is disciplined, winning becomes incidental.”  – Darren Hardy
  1. 1806) When have you ever looked into the rear view mirror and wished that you had panicked more?
  1. 1807) “He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch. – Jean-Luc Godard
  1. 1808) “In those moments when we forget ourselves – not thinking, ‘Am I happy?’ but completely oblivious to our little ego – we spend a brief but beautiful holiday in heaven. The joy we experience in these moments of self-forgetting is our true nature, our native state. To regain it, we have simply to empty ourselves of what hides this joy: that is, to stop dwelling on ourselves.”  – Eknath Easwaran
  1. 1809) Righteous anger is one of the most destructive forces to you and the world.
  1. 1810) More lives can be saved by prevention than by surgery.
  1. 1811) Getting something out of life, whether it is money, recognition or power or prestige is not our real need. Giving to life is our real need.
  1. 1812) A positive change is a step in the right direction, no matter how small. How about creating one right now!
  1. 1813) “The knowledge that we are never finished is a reminder that we are more than just our minds or bodies.”  -Evalina Everidge
  1. 1814) Sometimes it’s good to review what are you not saying that needs to be said. Then take action.
  1. 1815) There is a minuscule difference between the idiot and the enlightened. An idiot is incapable of drawing conclusions while the mystic is unwilling. Both will sit in quiet enjoyment. The rest do not, but rather glorify their conclusions as knowledge… and are in constant struggle and suffering chasing something.
  1. 1816) Laughter is carbonated holiness – life’s WD-40!
  1. 1817) “It’s important to understand that only rarely does the volume of stress defeat us; far more often the agent of defeat is insufficient capacity for recovery after the stress. Great stress simply requires great recovery. Your goal in toughness, therefore, is to be able to spike powerful waves of stress followed by equally powerful troughs of recovery.” – Jim Loehr in “Toughness Training for Life.”
  1. 1818) Are you raising your sails to the winds of change or anchored in the dry dock of stagnation?
  1. 1819) In a champion’s mind, there is no failure. They will see that term and turn it around and figure out a way to harness it toward their objective.
  1. 1820) Innovations usually begin life with an attempt to solve a specific problem, but once they get into circulation, they end up triggering other changes that would have been extremely difficult to predict.
  1. 1821) Honestly… 99 percent of the time when we say we ‘can’t’ do something, we really mean we ‘won’t.’ What does ‘won’t’ mean? ‘Won’t’ means we’re unwilling. How many times have you truly exhausted your ‘can’t?’
  1. 1822) “The more you share your gifts, the more it will inspire others to do the same.
  1. 1823) We are here to play and evolve. None of what we are experiencing is as serious as we think. Behind every strong emotion and every serious situation, there is a belief system that makes it that way. One that is held in and made real by the mind. But the mind is not YOU.
  1. 1824) Pain pushes until vision pulls.
  1. 1825) “If you don’t maximize your downtime, you will minimize your lifetime.”  – Unknown
  1. 1826) “The most exquisite paradox: as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all. … As long as you want power, you can’t have it. The minute you don’t want power, you have more than you ever dreamed possible.” – Ram Dass
  1. 1827) “Most of the time, people want to be seen, understood and appreciated. And if we can offer someone dignity, we give them a gift that’s difficult to find.”  – Seth Godin
  1. 1828) Love is not blind, infatuation is.
  1. 1829) Seth Godin writes, What is in everyone’s highest and best good in this situation? How can I lead with love in this situation? What is a mutual and harmonious outcome in this situation? How can I find common ground with ____?
  1. 1830) What gift is trying to activate within you today?
  1. 1831) You don’t have to be an athlete to understand that making each moment the best you can is the best way to become your best you.
  1. 1832) Peace might not mean getting everyone else to do what you want them to do. Instead, it might involve understanding that people don’t always want what we want and don’t often believe what we believe. Everyone has their own narrative and is struggling with their own fears.
  1. 1833) “The wise man is not hurried and the hurried man is not wise.” – Lin Yutang…  Or as the Chinese say, “Man in a hurry cannot walk with dignity.”
  1. 1834) When I am knowing that I will have, be, do or get what I want then I am a completely different person than when I’m hoping. Both are states of mind and very state of mind is accessible in every moment of life. Every state is a choice and nothing else.
  1. 1835) If you set your intentions ridiculously high and fail, you will fail above other’s successes.
  1. 1836) Be flexible. – It’s important to have a plan that helps us aim toward a life well lived, but we also need to allow spaciousness for the unexpected so we are not attached to the outcome to the point that we get disappointed or discouraged.
  1. 1837) “A wise person learns from their mistakes. A very wise person learns from other’s mistakes.”  – Unknown
  1. 1838) Don’t overlook the peaceful warrior. The competitor who quietly prepares and does everything calmly with quiet confidence, ever present, patient, persistent, and peaceful. They are prepared to succeed.
  1. 1839) Happy is the heart that rejoices in the joys and successes of others.
  1. 1840) You are the only one who can carry or freely discard the grudges you hold.
  1. 1841) There Are Two Approaches To Learning. The first is by ABSORPTION in which you consume information. The second is by PUTTING ALREADY EXISTING KNOWLEDGE INTO PRACTICE by using it to create value. Doing the second makes you better at doing the first.
  1. 1842) There is no wealth without health.
  1. 1843) If you want to be a more effective learner, become a more active doer. In time, that spells wisdom.
  1. 1844) “The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self. Real strength has to do with helping others. Some days, doing ‘the best we can’ may still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn’t perfect on any front-and doing what we can with what we have is the most we should expect of ourselves or anyone else.” – Mister Fred Rogers
  1. 1845) Remember that on a dark night, a single candle can be seen from miles and miles away. Let your light shine forth!
  1. 1846) “Ain’t no shame holding on to grief as long as you make room for other things too.”  – Bubbles – The Wire
  1. 1847) Life is like a book with many chapters. You finish one and go onto the next. The same applies to aging.
  1. 1848) Concentrate on the small things that you are grateful for (your meal, your pet or plant, a dry bed, a helpful stranger, or the fact that you have gas in your car for example). You will see that your life is actually more about opening up to the simple beauty in life. With this approach, ‘larger’ problems tend to shrink.
  1. 1849) “Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle.”  – Ross Simmonds
  1. 1850) What would be the biggest impact from reach your goals?
  1. 1851) Energy is a valuable indicator of what works for you and what doesn’t. A good question to ask yourself may be, “Does this belief, action, feeling, person, decision, etc. add to or detract from my energy?”
  1. 1852) Trying is failing with honor.
  1. 1853) If you want to be considered a pro at what you do, it’s okay to take things seriously, but you can’t also take them personally.
  1. 1854) For the next week, let your focus be on simply noticing how you enter into conversations with others. Is your intention to convince them of your perspective or to learn together? Are you directing information at them or are you creating a space for them to openly share ideas and information? 
  1. 1855) If when you fail in daily life you can bring the attitude, “Not bad considering…” then you’ve exercised self-forgiveness to your advantage. You are enough.
  1. 1856) Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. Embrace the moment!
  1. 1857) “Three billion people on the face of the earth go to bed hungry every night, but four billion people go to bed hungry for a simple word of encouragement and recognition.” – Cavett Roberts
  1. 1858) Some days you may wake up and not have a song in your heart. Sing anyway!
  1. 1859) Do you like to gamble or take risks? Why don’t you bet on goodness? Try to be kind to someone who is unkind to you, and look upon it as a gamble. Should you lose, just keep on doubling your bet until one day you redeem all your losses. Gambling on goodness always wins in the end.
  1. 1860) “The trouble with communication is the belief that it actually occurs.”  – Unknown
  1. 1861) You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. No pressure, no diamonds. Problems create opportunity. Get the gist?
  1. 1862) The best companies I’ve worked with and for all sweat the small stuff, and realize that good business is good for them. That applies to us and our integrity.
  1. 1863) Make each day count by forgetting the past and not anticipating the future. Besides, it will never again be today after today.
  1. 1864) Life is not graded on how fast you can move through it, but how much you can enjoy it and help others.
  1. 1865) Don’t protect your heart by pretending you don’t have one.
  1. 1866) Relaxed concentration is the key to success in anything, and concentration is easier when you are interested.
  1. 1867) When we are at play, we relax and shed the anxiety that comes with obsessing about outcome. It’s fun. Want enlightenment? Take yourself lightly and play towards love and kindness. Resist all analysis, compulsion, and act from a position of flow and freedom.
  1. 1868) If you take on a life that someone else planned for you, your chances of succeeding are small. Become the architect and builder of your own life!
  1. 1869) Give energy to things you like.
  1. 1870) Your life will either serve as an example or a warning.
  1. 1871) High performers universally believe in and thus are inspired with their skill whether or not it is warranted.
  1. 1872) You are not your thinking, but pause and observe it. Give it space to breathe and pass. Don’t react to your thoughts. (This is what is done in meditation when thoughts invariably interrupt.) Just sit, chill, and observe. This can be especially helpful when your thoughts are depressing, confused, or scary.
  1. 1873) Self-blame is the greatest obstruction to realizing your gifts.
  1. 1874) Train your mind to be aware of what it’s doing, to observe from a detached perspective. You are not what your thinking is. The problem is never the problem, but rather what you think it is. Your realization of this is your step forward.
  1. 1875)” If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh
  1. 1876) Poverty exists not because the poor cannot be fed, but because the rich cannot be satisfied.
  1. 1877) Think about what really thrills you. When you are quiet, think about those things that really get your blood moving. What would you LOVE to do, either for fun or for a living? What would you love to accomplish? What would you try if you were guaranteed to succeed? What big thoughts move your heart into a state of excitement and joy? When you answer these questions, you will feel great and you will be in the “dream zone.” It is only when we get to this point that we experience what our dreams are!
  1. 1878) With all self-talk, we are either energizing what we want or what we don’t want.
  1. 1879) If you don’t maximize your downtime, you will minimize your lifetime.
  1. 1880) You cannot yourself build anything bigger than you perceive yourself to be. What is your value?
  1. 1881) Today emotional rather than physical labor is your major concern. Do you care enough to meet your goals, take action, persevere, and follow-through? Emotional quitting on your commitments is a major cause of unhappiness and frustration.
  1. 1882) To increase your success, double your failure rate. Take aware action and learn.
  1. 1883) In times of stress, remember to breathe more and deeper.
  1. 1884) No ask, no get. It never hurts to ask.
  1. 1885) We need to cut ourselves some slack, and take our thoughts less seriously whether negative or positive. We can balance our thoughts with our heart. Heck, we just happened to be born with a brain, but don’t take that too seriously!
  1. 1886) Shoulds don’t compute with joy.
  1. 1887) Pain isn’t your enemy. It’s just a messenger trying to show you that there’s something amiss. So instead of hiding from your pain or suppressing it, face it and pay attention to what it has to show you. In that way, you can understand why it’s there and how to get rid of it.
  1. 1888) Care to settle for average? Average is the best of the worst or the worst of the best.
  1. 1889) Pre-acting puts you into flow and trumps reacting every time.
  1. 1890) The most challenging inner work most of us will ever face is learning to believe in something before its evidence has arrived. Without the belief first in place, which is contained in the seeds of imagination, desire and trust, the Universe cannot send the experience our way.
  1. 1891) We are infected with a terminal, highly infectious, sexually-transmitted disease – life.
  1. 1892) A lot of us talk a good game about change, but then hold on to its energetic counterpart (control) for dear life.
  1. 1893) “Your mind can switch from problem to problem and dispatch them promptly when it is working free from the poison of worry.”  – Peter Thomson
  1. 1894) As we become the silent witness (observer) of more of our experiences, there is a greater sense of calmness and inner peace; a sort of sacred space that goes far beyond the fragile reactivity of the egoic mind. We watch the events of our lives unfold in a gentler and more accepting way, almost as an unruffled, neutral outsider sitting on a park bench watching a very different, more hectic part of us walk by.
  1. 1895) Do not get upset with situations or people. Both are powerless without your reaction.
  1. 1896) Don’t envy achievers. Be them!
  1. 1897) Quit allowing who you were to keep you from becoming your best self.
  1. 1898) One of the biggest illusions the ego likes to hook us into is that our emotional pain is very serious business. That’s why the ego becomes indignant if we are lighthearted, optimistic or allowing ourselves to have too much fun. After, all, the ego will ask us, shouldn’t you be worrying rather than enjoying yourself when there is a problem lurking on the horizon?
  1. 1899) People move nicely with “progression” and get stuck with “perfection.”
  1. 1900) Make peace with your past so it won’t mess up your present.
  1. 1901) When you find ways of giving, it’s hard to feel bad. Random acts of kindness start with yourself. The more we focus upon our own needs, the smaller our thinking and results become.
  1. 1902) Did you ever realize that your own joy can become a gift to everyone you will ever meet!
  1. 1903) “The ego spends its time defending and reacting; the soul loves and lives to create. The ego tries to dominate and bully; the soul already knows it is a winner. The ego has a fragile need for external validation; the should has an inner strength with nothing to prove. The ego seeks stimulation and non-stop mental chatter; the soul finds its strength in stillness and calm. The ego is fixated on problems of the past and future; the soul trusts in the unfathomable power and unfolding of the eternal here and Now.”  – Tim Kremer
  1. 1904) You have to let go if you ever want to be liberated!
  1. 1905) When you get tired, learn to rest and not quit.
  1. 1906) When something bad happened to you in the past, somehow you got through it. If the worst does happen, be confident that you will find that same strength.
  1. 1907) “The SCARIEST MOMENT” is always just before you begin.”  – Stephen King
  1. 1908) The whole purpose of life is to touch and uplift. Operate like a giant forklift!
  1. 1909) When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace. Breathe deeply and be.
  1. 1910) If anyone can gain your anger for more than thirty seconds, blame your own ego.
  1. 1911) With a mindset of impatience, negativity or pessimism surrounding the small things, we push the greater things further and further away. When we approach each small thing with an attitude and feeling of patience, enthusiasm, abundance, and self-love, the greater things cannot help but fall into place. This is not because we are trying any harder, but because we now have become an energetic match to that which we nurture and desire.
  1. 1912) Success is what happens when you’ve survived all your mistakes.
  1. 1913) Good health is a crown on the head of a well person that only a sick person can see.
  1. 1914) You were born an original. Don’t live your life and die a copy.
  1. 1915) There is far more than economic or material wealth. Inner wealth along with family, social, adventure, learning, and impact wealth are usually far more interesting and satisfying.
  1. 1916) Thinking without love is not thinking.
  1. 1917) Live full. Die empty.
  1. 1918) When you find you are rehearsing your worry script, get out your Mind remote control and change the channel. Awaken and replace your worry with a positive thought replacement.
  1. 1919) Take a moment and give yourself a chance to fall in love with what’s right with this world. It will change your life!
  1. 1920) It’s not the light that shines on us that counts, but the light that shines within us. Let your light shine forth!
  1. 1921) Nothing can bring you lasting happiness, but you have it already. It’s that still inner voice or spirit that whispers to you.
  1. 1922) We don’t learn how brave we are until being brave is our only choice.
  1. 1923) Who in your life should be acknowledged more? Would you like to acknowledge them for something today?
  1. 1924) A fool is one who never thought he was one.
  1. 1925) The deeper part of who we already are knows that most of what we think of as reality can be perceived a million different ways. After all, there are billions of differing viewpoints on the planet – yet with a closed, stubborn, opinionated, fearful, egoic mind we lose much of our ability to see things in a new, more objective and positive light. We keep getting what we’ve always had, not because we want the same old stuff, but because we haven’t yet figured out that to get something new and improved, we first have to be able to think outside the current comfy box.
  1. 1926) Angels without wings are called “friends.” Why not become one?
  1. 1927) “Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do, but won’t get you anywhere.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1928) The price of security is insecurity. Doing something great requires risk, stress, and constructive anguish.
  1. 1929) Joy is the great accelerator and multiplier of all things.”
  1. 1930) A good life isn’t always about maintaining a positive emotional state represented by a big smiley face. It is more about facing your fears, giving, resilience and moving toward your best self — and that doesn’t always feel like sunshine and rainbows.
  1. 1931) What if every fear you have was a lie? Would be too painful to rid yourself of your old, limiting beliefs?
  1. 1932) Our mind is the creator of all we experience so when you begin to truly cherish others, many of your so-called problems will go away. In contrast, envy, fear, hate, anger, judgment, retribution and the like keep them firmly planted. Real love can never be the source of anger or the problems anger brings.
  1. 1933) Whatever arises, love that. In doing so, you realize that all that life throws you has been created to help you grow.
  1. 1934) Your spirit will always be curious and interested in what you’re learning as an adventure. Think about activities as a drudge and you’re likely to keep putting them off or resent doing them.
  1. 1935) Improving a system returns our effort many times over.
  1. 1936) When viewing the top of a large staircase our minds tell us “WOW! I have a long way to go.” Our mind was focused on the End Result not the First Step which is easily within reach. Things do seem to fall into place nicely when we take out the “Noise” around us telling what we can’t do and listen to ourselves more telling us what we can and will do, and just then simply take a small first step into action. Before the word “Can’t” is the word “Can.
  1. 1937) “There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of ‘fuck-yeah’.” – Jen Sincero
  1. 1938) When you travel on a path for many years you become the path. The security of our path is an excuse as to why change may be difficult, but if you want to end up in a different destination you must choose another path. Would you consider another path today? Don’t worry you will not get lost – enjoy the journey!
  1. 1939) Those who know how to think are far more empowered than those who know what to think.
  1. 1940) “Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the adult afraid of the light?” – Plato
  1. 1941) In life there are no real “dead ends,” just re-directions.
  1. 1942) What are the five most important things you are proud of? Now compare them to the five most important things you will be proud of?
  1. 1943) When you feel the need to defend yourself, catch yourself and pay attention internally to how you’re feeling, Tell yourself to relinquish the need to defend. Ask yourself if it is possible that there is value in the feedback you’re getting? The feedback you are getting is just data, which may be useful or useless, but you don’t have to get emotional about it.
  1. 1944) Sharing what you can without expectation makes all the difference.
  1. 1945) Try driving while focused on the rear view mirror. Figuratively many try passing through life that way!
  1. 1946) There are only two primary emotions and at any time you are in one or the other, but never both at the same time. The one is love and the other is fear. Every other emotion is a cousin to one of them. That’s what I term the “Law of Polarity.”
  1. 1947) If you look for gift, you’ll find it, but it’s not in your bank account, status symbol, or on television or social media. Unstick you gaze on someone else’s things to what you have right around you.
  1. 1948) If you were to FULLY live your life, what is the first change you would start to make?
  1. 1949) Mother Teresa stated that she would never attend an anti-war rally. However, if there were a peace rally, she would be there. She realized it is far better to be for something than against it.
  1. 1950) Is your life defined by love or attention? This is a good topic to which to simply be authentically observant.
  1. 1951) Most of unhappiness comes from mistaking a partial picture for being the entire one and our reaction to it.
  1. 1952) Never dismiss the fact that little changes can become big changes… and huge improvements.
  1. 1953) When you are doing what you love and loving what you do, you awaken the genius within you. Do what’s most inspiring to you. Ask how is whatever happening serving you? How is it on the way instead of in the way? And if you care about humanity and service those needs, the greater the being you become.
  1. 1954) Who you are and who you can become is always an emerging possibility.
  1. 1955) “Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.” – Julie Andrews
  1. 1956) We achieve great things one small thing at a time. In fact, the energy and awareness we bring to the small things in each present moment determines whether or not the greater things can even arrive.
  1. 1957) Prioritizing control and safety guarantees that our life will remain both very small and unsatisfying. In contrast, being open to change, to whatever arises, or even the unknown creates a bigger, bolder, more authentic life.
  1. 1958) A calm, collected, focused mind will allow you to find things that looking won’t reveal.
  1. 1959) When you are justifying your actions, blaming, or making someone else wrong, you are not present to your power.
  1. 1960) Whatever is, is. Things could always be better and they could always be worse – no matter what. Choose your attitude or position and it will determine your altitude. Find a way to be grateful for what is and move on to creating something better. And whatever brain chemistry you are generating will affect those around you.
  1. 1961) Begin to view your life as something you can make happen rather than endlessly react to.
  1. 1962) All life is about communication within the context of community for it is within our relationships that our inner light can shine. Service is a form of communication for it speaks loudly of who we are. Every message sent out eventually returns to us. Is your message one of greatness?
  1. 1963)“I just realized that ‘Let me check my calendar’ is the adult version of ‘Let me ask my mom’.”  – Noell Chatham
  1. 1964) Be patient and persistent with your intended changes. Old habits took time to develop and change works better with consistency more than speed.
  1. 1965) “The way to truly help someone is for me to not get immersed in their suffering.” ~ Byron Katie
  1. 1966) Resist the temptation to judge yourself by other’s opinions of you. Most people have their own filters and fail to have a handle on their lives, so how would you expect them to see yours clearly?
  1. 1967) When you release your resistance, you can change immediately. It remains your thoughts and beliefs that affect the rate at which we can change.
  1. 1968) Don’t worry about getting old, but if you must worry, worry about thinking old!
  1. 1969) Try substituting compassion for judgment. Judgment machines that we are, we can only experience compassion when we catch ourselves judging other people, and instead, try to step into their shoes.
  1. 1970) I have a mind, but I am not my mind.
  1. 1971) “Excuses are crutches for the unprepared.”  – Wayne Dyer
  1. 1972) If any Want is the source of anxiety or sorrow, that Want is yours and not Life’s. The more Wants and attachments you can train yourself to release, the more relief and peace you will come to feel.
  1. 1973) Give yourself permission to be forgiven for past mistakes. This is evidence of love.
  1. 1974) When you think about something in the past, you have no control over it other than your perception of it. Divorce yourself from the past and direct your attention to the present. That’s awareness where you do have more control.
  1. 1975) “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi. Lombardi makes the critical distinction preferring excellence over perfection, but appreciating that perfection carefully pursued certainly has its benefits.
  1. 1976) “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. Just make sure to have your thoroughly examined regularly and wiped clean every once in awhile.”  – Anonymous
  1. 1977) Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm flicks the switch.
  1. 1978) “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” – Colin Powell
  1. 1979) Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  2. 1980) None of us see life as it is, the world as it is. We all see life as we are. We look at others through our own likes and dislikes, desires, and interests. It is this separatist outlook that fragments life for us – man against woman, community against community, country against country. If only we throw away this fragmenting instrument of observation, we shall see all life as an indivisible whole.
  1. 1981) Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket! 
  1. 1982) “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou
  1. 1983) The speed at which our dreams become our reality is slowed down only because of sabotaging thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In other words, every thought becomes an instant and immediate manifestation if thought is pure enough to keep contradictory vibrations at bay.
  1. 1984) Risk is what you don’t see, aren’t thinking or talking about, and aren’t prepared for.
  1. 1985) Want positive changes in your life? Consistent action equals consistent change. Occasional action equals little or temporary change, and no action amounts to no change.
  1. 1986) “Are you a wandering generality or a meaningful specific?” – Zig Ziglar
  1. 1987) It actually takes less discipline to do something that is not optional, than to do something that you “should” do. Take creating new habits like exercising for example. Simply think, “It’s not optional.” And just do it. Besides, if you can do it today, you can do it tomorrow — But you have to do it today.
  1. 1988) “The instant we feel anger, we have already ceased striving for the truth and have begun striving for ourselves.” – The Buddha
  1. 1989) Instead of worrying, prepare. Beside worrying is way overrated.
  1. 1990) Seriousness can actually become like an illness within you as it is a cousin of fear and creates tension within you. Playfulness is a joyful celebratory emotion that is related to love. Which emotion do you believe equates to better performance? Seriousness is some our modeled behavior that we acquired during our journey that has diminished the genius within us. The evolved enlightened individual will always side with joy and playfulness.
  1. 1991) Winners find ways!
  1. 1992) Worst game in the world? Musical chairs. Emphasizes competitive aggression. Far better would be having all the children figure out how to sit on fewer and fewer chairs encouraging collaboration, communication, and cooperation which spell creativity.
  1. 1993) “A frog in a well cannot be talked to about the sea.”  – Chuang Tzu
  1. 1994) Guilt can be a useful trigger –  the signal that beliefs and actions are out of alignment. Many of us justify away the guilt without looking at what is out of alignment; belief or action. When we take the time to uncover what is going on then we can set into motion whatever it takes to align the two. Where do you feel guilt and what gets to be aligned?
  1. 1995) Positive psychology is all good to a point, but also shine the light on negativity and troubles for that will shrink them, Neglecting them only allows them to grow.
  1. 1996) How long are you willing to accept the status quo of where you are now?
  1. 1997) Michael Gelb challenges us to write down our 100 most compelling questions (about anything). After 100, check to see what themes develop and which ones really “fire you up.” Select the top ten and write them out somewhere separately. Now the fun has begun for it’s time to focus on them and either discover or express them in your life.
  1. 1998) Never be so fixed on what you want that you wouldn’t take something better.
  1. 1999) “When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision.” – Paulo Coelho
  1. 2000) Everybody wants change, but don’t want to change. Life has no remote control. Sometimes you have to get up and change things yourself. Remember the saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
  1. 2001) Use time with attention and intention for it is not refundable.
  1. 2002) Know that every single moment is a choice. You are either moving toward or further away from your best and highest self – your gifts.
  1. 2003) The question is never whether or not our hopes and dreams can come true. The question is whether we can hold on to them long enough and strong enough to believe in them and feel them and desire them and cherish them to make them become so real that we won’t be able to get out of our own way.
  1. 2004) Problems are not our enemy, but the fear of them is.
  1. 2005) Don’t confuse stability with happiness. Stepping out of your nice, little comfort zone at least every once in awhile is where growth and an exciting life happens.
  1. 2006) “Grace is perfect even when my life isn’t.” This is a thought you might want to say aloud several times and make it a focusing point of your day.
  1. 2007) A daily gratitude practice will make you significantly happier – instantly. It makes you less stressed, helps you deal with difficult people or challenging situations, and really helps you put your life into a much happier perspective.
  1. 2008) When you forgive someone, you must release or let go of the personality that you’ve created, but in doing so, you birth one even more beautiful and angelic. And if everything is energy, not forgiving keeps energy stuck.
  1. 2009) If you want to feel rich, just take a moment and count all the things in your life that money can’t buy.
  1. 2010) “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be One.”  – Marcus Aurelius
  1. 2011) Knowledge is weightless, a treasure that you can easily always carry with you.
  1. 2012) Days may be long, but life is short and the world is small, so smile, laugh, and love more. Worry, hate, judge, and fear less.
  1. 2013) “Let’s trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together.” – Ram Dass
  1. 2014) We are far from finished products. Our being is in our becoming and we only move in that direction when we are, indeed, moving – in motion. If you are not seeking, searching, exploring, and improving, you are atrophying – a slow, steadfast march to extinction.
  1. 2015) If our beliefs are not in harmony with our desires or life journey, we detour, stop, or reverse our advancement. Sometimes it’s a good idea to audit your beliefs. Are they fear/worry-based or love/abundance/service-inspired?
  1. 2016) “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  – African proverb
  1. 2017) Who are your heroes and why? I like to call them in for a meeting once in a while and get their opinions!
  1. 2018) Neither extroverts nor introverts live on a deserted island. Cultivate the relationships that matter most.
  1. 2019) It’s not your job to make others see the light, but rather for you to be the light. When they’re ready, your example will say more than words of wisdom ever could.
  1. 2020) Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect. It’s our imperfection that binds us together.
  1. 2021) When you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.
  1. 2022) Many of us stubbornly argue for our limitations to the point of where we no longer allow anything new and exciting into our lives. We become stuck between can and cannot do, getting close to what we want, but then delaying its arrival with sabotaging thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
  1. 2023) It is important to monitor the contents of our inner thoughts as often as we can, since nothing new can arrive until we open ourselves fully to the possibilities of our grandest hopes and dreams – one thought and moment at a time.
  1. 2024) Resolutions don’t work. Habits and systems can.
  1. 2025) Every thought we have involves a story that relates to one of two things: past or future. That is why a lot of our thinking can be so disempowering – it is not happening Now, and therefore not happening in real time.
  1. 2026) “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth – not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha
  1. 2027) Cherish your health. Each of our true homes reside within our skin.
  1. 2028) I challenge all to “feel it all” rather than “fear it all.” That can make for an amazing shift in awareness. Learning to “love what is” is transformational and keeping within (y)our divine nature.
  1. 2029) Discipline is nothing more than deciding between what you want now and what you want most.
  1. 2030) Life is a gift and not guaranteed. It owes us nothing, but we all share the privilege, the opportunity to bring our gifts to it.
  1. 2031) “The art of living lies in the fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”  – Havelock Ellis
  1. 2032) Every quality you admire in others is already in you – merely awaiting to be acknowledged and expressed.
  1. 2033) Willpower is one of the strongest predictors of everything in our lives.
  1. 2034) “Person who chases two rabbits catches neither.”  – Confucius. In other words, the person who tries to do everything accomplishes nothing.
  1. 2035) Are you avoiding anything in your life?
  1. 2036) If it’s true that we all have insecurities, why not be a blessing to someone else by seizing the opportunity to improve someone’s life? A simple “Hello” is a start. Be a blessing!
  1. 2037) Curiosity is one of the most overlooked qualities of a fruitful life. What might you do to increase yours?
  1. 2038) A year from now, you may wish you had started today!
  1. 2039) I am not grateful because I’m happy. I am happy because I’m grateful! Sure, much could be better, but not because we deserve it (we don’t, not really). Rather because if we work at it, invest in it, and connect with others around it, we can make it better. It’s on us. It’s difficult work, counter-instinctual work that never ends, but we keep trying and it’s worth it.
  1. 2040) Realize that commitment can have a shelf life. The more you can increase yours, the further you will go. And as Abraham Maslow once said, “If you deliberately plan on being less than you’re capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.” The issue is whether or not you can hold onto your hopes and dreams  long and strong enough to believe in them and feel them, to cherish them to make them so real that nothing else is possible.
  1. 2041) What you decide to pay attention to is a choice. It has a huge impact upon what happens to you.
  1. 2042) “My life is my message.”  – Mahatma Ghandi. This no less true for you or for me. We already possess all the qualities and strengths we need. Our attitude can heal or conversely destroy.
  1. 2043) Can you act? Are you still struggling to be happy? Act like a happy person would act for studies have shown that such behavior can boost your well-being. Feelings follow behavior or in other words if you must, fake it!
  1. 2044) Peace comes from knowing that good is all that exists.
  1. 2045) If you can only do a few things, try to include service to others without expectation, forgiveness and kind compassion to all with an open, aware heart and mind.
  1. 2046) “What I began by reading, I must finish by acting”. – Henry David Thoreau
  1. 2047) “You have tremendous untapped power you will probably never tap, because most people never run far enough on their first wind to ever find they have a second.”  – William James
  1. 2048) Remember:  It is never too late to finish strong!
  1. 2049) My great-uncle, Malcolm A. Schweiker, was truly a remarkable individual in every sense of the word I can imagine. He based his life on four creeds from Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Nietzche, and Jesus who said respectively:  “Know Thyself, Master Thyself, Elevate Thyself, and Give Thyself.” I will add, “Practice Love.” I hope you will agree that they are worthy directional signposts.
  1. 2050) Think you are enlightened? Try joining me in Covid-19 isolation. You see, I am currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.


We enter and leave life empty-handed. The wealth we acquire is only in how we have allowed its experiences to enrich us. At the core, we have so much in common. If we choose conscious responses as opposed to haphazard reactions, no adversity is an impediment. Manure can transform into sweet fruit. No matter the nature of our circumstances, conscious awareness can enhance our experience if we allow so.

Yes, your job is to become happy. Does that sound trite? I can make a good case for us all being happy. Have you ever witnessed any truly happy person stealing, bullying, lying, killing, embezzling, cheating or intentionally hurting another? It’s hard to be hateful when you’re grateful. Besides, have you ever experienced anyone truly helping the world who isn’t happy? Teachers, healers, philanthropists, caretakers, or peacemakers tend to be happy. Your first task is to become truly happy and the second is to infect those around you.

Next time you take yourself really seriously, remember that you are just a ghost of a sometimes-conscious awareness driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust inhabiting a speck of dust too tiny to register in the essence of the Universe and gone in a flash. While nonetheless an absolute miracle, it might be argued that anything more is a fabrication of our ego.

Remember to own your full self. Forgive your shortcomings, and feel proud of even your small creations, the places you’ve visited, the acquaintances you’re fond of as well as those forgotten. They all add up to the treasure of you. After all, you’re human. That’s a success. Everything matters. Open your eyes. Look at what you have now and in the past. Serve without expectation. Forgive and be grateful. Never miss a chance to “pay it forward.” This is where it all begins. Your future self will thank you.

While many of us identify with a religious philosophy, let’s not forget that kindness, love, and compassion were original common threads so why not bring those back to the forefront? Let’s lay down our arms so we may instead lock our own arms together so we can move forward together celebrating not only our few unique differences, but also our many commonalities. Again, imagine the possibilities.

I began this referring to you as an angel, which I believe is totally accurate though we may be in varying stages of training. Remember that we are angels for each other at one time or another. And the purpose of an angel is to remind us that we are not alone and are loved. Love changes things. The inner forecast is sunny. Trust, surrender, and let go.

As you practice love for yourself and others, the world will love you back. A challenge to both of us will always be to love more often. So love yourself as if your life depended upon it, because it does. May joy be with you!



Bob Fagan

Bob Fagan has failed in one respect or another at practically everything he has ever attempted – jobs, business, investments, love, marriage, sports, school, etc. He’s suffered serious injury and like most, grieved. He has, however, experienced amazing mentors at crucial moments so he’s been fortunate to also discover some successes in all of these same areas. Turning around challenged organizations in more than a dozen industries as a leader or consultant, helping build a multi-billion startup valuation from scratch, enjoying good health and a loving family and marriage, and establishing a charitable foundation contrast some of those failures. For fun, he’s well-traveled and in one of his passions, golf, he won at the state, collegiate, and professional levels and enjoyed playing many more than 4,500 golf courses. He’s published more than 1,700 articles, several books, and produced a DVD/CD on subjects ranging from business, leadership, golf, travel, spirituality, and self-improvement.

Along with his writing, Bob Fagan’s most rewarding calling has been coaching and co-creating fulfilled winners – elite athletes and performers, business execs, and regular folks. Studying human performance for nearly sixty years and more than 26,000 hours invested in coaching has been supplemented by an MBA, a PhD. in Holistic Counseling, and a Doctorate in Divinity. Ongoing study at Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford, UC- Berkeley, John Hopkins, Penn, Princeton, Dartmouth, Rollins, and Yale reflect his ongoing curiosity. He is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Chaplain.

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