No Hurry, No Worry, Just Relax




Every Polar Bear Has Its Own “Journey.”


Are you in a rush to relax or improve?


If you are interested in self-improvement or development, you can easily get caught up in a race to fix yourself. You hang onto teaching points (perhaps mine) and work hard trying to “get it.”  The reality is that we may be like parched earth and the truth is like rain.  It is natural and acceptable that we like the earth may not be ready or prepared to accept and retain the rain (or truths).  We can all soften up and become receptive to the rain on our own schedule.


So often I see couples where one is frustrated with the progress or lack of it with a partner, or a manager or leader who is disappointed that his/her whole team can’t instantly be transformed into some “improved state.”  The question I’m usually asked is “How can I change those around me?”  My answer is that you can’t and rather you might be cognizant of allowing others to pursue their own perfect journey – even if it is clearly imperfect by your standards.


Like the rain, our lessons can be very gentle and take time to sink in.  Sometimes it takes a long time (maybe a lifetime or longer) for our earth to soften.  “Trying to get it” with parched earth just doesn’t do it.  The way we prepare our earth is to give up control, relax, trust, and let go with our mind.


Too much angst or effort actually sends you backwards out of alignment whereas the aspiration to open up, observe and accept yourself with all your intricacies is the better prescription for preparing the soil.  Be patient and ask yourself if you are awake and fully engaged and then just relax.  By asking that very question, you will be drawn to the present.  By trying to let go (whether you do or not) is a start.  Then just be calm and patient and observe what happens.  We all discover and accomplish growth on your own schedules so remember that when you observe yourself or others, resist the urge to critique or be impatient – practice patient and tolerant understanding.  In that manner you will likely get better results for yourself and your good vibrations will rub off on others.

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