A Secret to Setting Yourself Free


This is a true story. Many years ago the Viceroy of Naples, Italy, the Duke of Assuna, was making a visit to a ship filled with convicts enslaved pulling the ship’s oars. He summoned each prisoner to ask them what they were doing there. He began to hear a litany of tragic stories.


One man relayed how the presiding judge was bribed to find against him, another told of being framed, and yet another spoke of being betrayed by his best friend. The stories went on. Finally, one man told the Duke, “I’m here because I deserve to be. I wanted money and stole a purse, and I deserve what I now suffer.” The Duke was astonished and said to the ship’s Captain, “Here are all these men who are innocent, who are here by unjust cause, and here is this wicked man in the middle of them. Release him so that he does not infect the others!” The man who had confessed his wrong was then set free and pardoned, while those who continued to excuse themselves went back to their enslavement.


Even today, the same thing happens to us. We make some error of sorts and then we go through life trying to excuse ourselves for it, rather than accepting that we merely goofed. We blame someone else or perhaps the circumstances instead of taking full accountability. Wouldn’t it be better to realize and say that “I have full control over my life and am the only one who has any power over my mind and thoughts, and where I am this very moment is the sum total of all my thoughts and decisions.” The moment we reach this truth, we free ourselves up from our self-imposed slavery, and become free to live the life that was ours all along.


Review your own path. Recognize the growing and learning process. Don’t be harsh on yourself for any mistakes you feel you have made, but do own up to them. Learn to forgive and love yourself, for God or source energy does. This all begins with awakening and forgiving, and taking responsibility for your past, present, and future. When you truly realize and stand in your own power, you also will realize you can co-create the life of your thoughts. May they be loving ones!


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