Ten Quick Steps on Taking a Sales Prospect to a Closing


Congratulations, you have a sales prospect and you’ve stimulated them enough to have them call you. Fantastic! Now what do you do?

1.   You’ve already found out their points of pain and what they need, now you want to demonstrate that you are both interested and knowledgeable.

2.   Reaffirm with the prospect that you understand their problems and needs.

3.   Let them know that you do, indeed, have solutions for them.

4.   When you speak with them, offer information, ideas, expert expert perspectives, and education they can profit from.

5.   Advise them and don’t sell them. Act professionally. This is not an information dump, but rather the matching of features to the prospect’s needs.

6.   Create a mutually beneficial appointment time if now is not the proper time to take things to the next step.  Remember that they called you so take maximum advantage of that fact.

7.   Ask them if they have any other further questions or concerns.

8.   Call for action; ask for their business and close the sale.

9.   Upon closing, establish and confirm exactly what is the next step for both parties and when.  This could include getting a signed contract, making a deposit, or your performance like a delivery.

10.  Follow-up.  There are many decent sales closers that stop there at Step 8 and fail to finish with Step 9 or follow-up to see that everyone has delivered.  Don’t let that be you!

Bonus: Whenever possible, ask for referral prospects!

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