Accept Your Golf Results In Advance




My buddy Wayne Freedman captured me reaching a par-five in two at Mississippi’s Old Waverly. It was a fairly risky shot, but within my yardage capability. In order to have a chance of pulling it off, I had to focus more on the process and give up any expectations of the result.

Fear interferes with golf – and most anything for that matter. Sam Snead said, “Of all the hazards, fear is the worst!”

How can you swing a club when you grip it with fear? The quick answer is, you can’t!

Touring professionals will only hit a handful of perfect shots during a round of golf. Ben Hogan long considered one of the greatest strikers and golfers ever considered it a good round if he struck just three shots exactly as he planned. He understood that the game is one of misses and relative disappointment than one of perfection.

I have found it very lightening to simply PRE-ACCEPT the outcome of your shot before you hit it. When you realize that golf is not a matter of life or death and that you can also handle the results, you remove fear and the interference that it causes. You will definitely enjoy your game more and most likely play better golf as well!

Try taking this perspective to your general life as well and alleviate your stress.

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