Your Body, Health, Energy and The Law of Attraction

Want to really leverage the Law of Attraction?

Want to discover the difference between achievers and non-achievers?  Not only in sports, but also in any aspect of life, a healthy energetic body puts you in the driver’s seat.

No matter what you want in your life, be it good relationships, finances, or a successful career, it helps to have a healthy body.  Other than looking good, most of us truly pay little attention to our body’s functioning, but it is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. From a more pessimistic perspective, do you want to be the richest person in the graveyard?  Are you so preoccupied with your work that they will be carrying you out feet first to the coroner’s office?  Are you aging much faster than you suspect you should?  Does a lack of energy or frequent maladies keep you from living your life to the fullest?  Some very simple changes can create some really radical changes for the better!  They are all Law of Attraction-related.

The Law of Attraction, your mind, spirit, and body are all so inter-connected!   When you realize that energy is really the only thing that differentiates achievers from non-achievers, and really supercharges the Law of Attraction, you might view your body from a whole different perspective.  We all have an identical 24 hours in a day to accomplish whatever, but it is the amount of energy, and how we use it that dictates accomplishment.  People with charisma have energy.  Achievers have energy.  People leveraging the Law of Attraction to the fullest have energy.  Unless you rest before you get tired (are truly lazy), this section will be so critical to your life.

Remember, what you think and feel about, you bring about – you attract into your life.  The body’s chemistry is so reactive to your state of mind and feelings.  If you feel stress, frustration, resentment, anger, or think worry or hate, your body’s chemistry immediately changes.  In chemical terms, it creates acidity in your body, and acidity not only expedites the aging process, it outright ages and eventually prematurely destroys you.   It is no stretch that good health is really developed by the mind and spirit.  Furthermore it is you beliefs and philosophy concerning health that will determine the choices that you make in your everyday life – the Law of Attraction makes it happen!

Your physical health, alone, should be all the reason you will ever need to find out all you can about the Law of Attraction.  When you operate from a position of love, charity, joy, and abundance plus take a few simple steps based upon proven knowledge, you can put yourself into a better position to enjoy your life for much longer.

When many think about health or aging, people harbor fear – fear of illness, catching some illness, growing old prematurely, being overweight, etc.  They may also worry about a friend or loved one’s aging or illness.  How does you body feel when you worry?  Not good right?  That is because you are creating acid.  How about laughter?  Laughter induces healthy benefits.  Now you don’t have to live in fear, but you can relax, and expect and enjoy better health!

The teaching points about living from a position of love, joy, and abundance do, indeed, affect the body’s chemistry.  So also do the beliefs you have as to what and how you eat, rest, and exercise.

Unfortunately, our modern Western culture has grown to espouse what amounts to an unhealthy eating lifestyle composed of acids and acid-inducing consumption.   Entire industries promote unhealthy foods in excessive quantities as witnessed by “super-sizing”.  As Anthony Robbins says, “Most people are digging their graves with their teeth!”  It has been proven that acidity in the body destroys tissue – all body tissue.  Higher acidity levels also set into motion the body reacting to imbalances.  A body out of ease and balance becomes diseased.

Science is now showing us that stress from our environment, from our reaction to our environment, from our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our habits of eating too much and of eating the wrong things is taking its toll on us at the cellular level.  It creates acidity, which in excess destroys our hopes of vital healthy lives.

Just as the universe is made up of energy and electrical currents, so too our body is a unique system of electrical currents governed by our nerves.  Acid in our system creates the breakdown of our natural body systems.  Your body must have a certain level of alkalinity or ph to maintain the balance against acidity.  Our body should be slightly alkaline-based.  When that level shifts in favor of acidity, all kinds of bad things happen as our body scrambles to compensate.  For example, blood is the river of life.   Negative emotions and too much of an imbalanced diet strips or weakens the charges between electrical cells.  Blood cells have negative electrical energy to keep them from sticking together.   Acid weakens this charge, and the cells clump together and weaken, and die producing their own acids, compounding the problem destroying and polluting your body with a negative environment.  The artery walls then secrete cholesterol to protect the arteries from the acidity, which in turn, create blockages in the channels.  Heart attacks and strokes are the result.

In a “cleaner “environment free of acidity, we are often healthier than we might imagine, and more resistant to illness.  Unfortunately, our cultural customs change our rhythms.  Take, for example, the so-called “flu season”.  It usually begins in late December and lasts into February.  Take a moment, and see how we have weakened our bodies for it.  The process starts at Thanksgiving continuing with Christmas/Hanukah, and culminating with New Years or even later with a host of football game festivities.  There are, of course, the celebrations and parties in which we over-eat, drink much more alcohol, recover with large amounts of caffeine (a severe dehydrator), are stressed about shopping, traveling, entertaining, gifts, etc.  We might cheat on sleep while not only are we consuming more, but over-consuming dead animals, partying late, drinking more, and sleeping less.  And we might also forgo our exercise because we are to busy.  All these activities create much more acid in our systems.  As a result, our bodies are weakened and ripe for whatever malady comes along.  Nausea, vomiting, fever, colds, aches, pains, etc. are simply the body getting rid of the acid-induced toxins.   Is it any surprise this sequence repeats itself annually?

Acid leaches calcium from bones weakening them, strips your muscles of healthy cells making them flabby and weak. Fat is produced or retained as a survival tool.   You age and your cells die prematurely as will you eventually.

Normally a healthy body has a reserve of alkalinity built up to address emergencies, but a constant attack of acidity from whatever sources can wipe that out making you very vulnerable to maladies of all sorts.  You become vulnerable and the acids attack the weakest parts of your body that are unable to protect themselves, and produce diseases.  The body takes the acid away from the vital organs into the fat areas.  You become more stressed; maybe even you exercise to extreme, producing yet more excess acids.

So how do you overcome this?  I am not qualified to go into detail to comment on the medical details, but the lifestyle changes are relatively simple, yet amazingly effective.

Your Thoughts – Examine your thoughts and beliefs as we have mentioned, and focus upon cleansing the non-operating thoughts if you sense yourself feeling bad or stressed.  In other words, de-clutter rather than clog.  Eliminate anger and judgment of both others as well as yourself.  Learn to be more forgiving.

Eating thoughts and beliefs.  These thoughts and beliefs turn into behavioral eating habits.  You have the power and the option to change them.  Remember that it takes four parts of alkaline to balance out one part of acid.  Reduce or eliminate consumption (lower your calories), especially of dead animals, caffeine, starches, processed carbohydrates, oils, alcohol, sugars, and dairy products.  While fruits are good and necessary, don’t overdo them, especially early in the day, as they are high in sugars that convert to acid.  Do you have to cut all of this out?  That’s up to you, but moderation or lower intake would certainly be a good start.  By all means, most everyone would do well to lower his or her intake.

Take a break and create some quiet time for yourself.  With the constant disturbances of noise, cell phones, PDAs, television, etc., together with the stories of violence, scheming, and crime, you would be well-advised to monitor and control and minimize the stress that these “conveniences and entertainments” create.

Exercise sensibly and regularly to attain cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility activities.  Good oxygen intake is great fuel for the body.

Cleanse with super hydrating, particularly the green drinks.  Drink lots of water! 7-10 days would be preferable, but 3-4 days would be a minimum consuming many green vegetable drinks.  Consult your health practitioner for further details.

These simple changes produce radical changes.  This is just another lesson that the Law of Attraction makes it happen – whether by your thoughts and feelings or your resulting behavior.  Yes, you can free yourself from fear and place yourself in better alignment to receive.  As you are learning, everything and everybody is inter-related.  Your health and energy are so critical to and likewise so affected by the Law of Attraction.  Yes, again the Law of Attraction makes it happen!

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