Six Essential Self-Coaching Questions


As a Coach or Consultant, people typically come to me with problems they’d like help in resolving. Often they feel they know what’s bothering them and want to experience quick improvement. Still others may be overwhelmed and feel that their problems are too many to pinpoint just a few. Regardless, my approach is similar and I don’t address problems; I address the person. I have never been able to adequately impact any so-called problems until we (my client and I) have explored the source. It matters not whether the subject is performance, finances, health, relationships, careers, business decisions, early, late, or mid-life crisis, etc. The process can even extend to organizations.

Here are six basic questions that I typically include in my initial conversation to begin to uncover my client. I encourage you to ask them of yourself and journal your answers.

  1. How do you want to experience the world?
  1. How do you want to show up in the world?
  1. What are your strongest values, interests, and abilities?
  1. If I were a genie, and could grant you three wishes to come to fruition in three years, what would they be?
  1. How willing are you to pursue your passions or to work for growth and change, no matter what? Who will you be when you attain your goals? Why is that important to you?
  1. What are your current beliefs that are limiting you from being that person right now? Would you release them? What else is there and how can we move forward?

Folks are affected by the high level of uncertainty that today exists. Social media and advertising only make people feel less secure about themselves. All this creates anxiety. Knowing yourself from the inside-out help provides you with that added stability in an everchanging world.

There are no correct answers. The interesting thing is that these questions are not age-specific, and over time, your answers may change. You may also discover multiple options, paths, or answers.

Was any particular question really difficult to answer? My goal is to get my clients to develop these answers from the inside-out, to own them, and not rely on me or any outside influences. Use these questions as compasses to lead you. Can you begin to appreciate how such exploratory self-questioning can provide you with the basis for empowering change? Now, how will your life look when everything has gone as well as it possibly could?

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