Are You Happy? Ten Characteristics of Happy People




While there are scientists who maintain that some folks are predisposed to be happier than others, I believe that even with our differences we can choose to be happy. Though that may take some time and re-programming, anyone can acquire the state of happiness. Here are ten traits of happy people that once you imitate them, you may find yourself becoming happier as well.


1.   Happy people look for the good in life including the blessings in the unintended.

2.   Happy people are comfortable in their own skin and look for the best in others, finding creative ways to love everything including themselves.

3.   Happy people appreciate what they already have and are more apt to have “enough.”

4.   Happy people typically concentrate more on the present moment as opposed to the past or future.

5.   Happy people are more focused upon love and its cousins such as abundance, charity, joy, etc., as opposed to fear, scarcity, anger, hate, judgment, hate, worry, etc., which they are able to release.

6.   Happy people are more apt to give and less concerned about receiving.

7.   Happy people view life with awe as everything being a miracle.

8.   Happy people embrace all aspects of life because they realize that contrast can prove extremely valuable for it brings clarity and lessons. Though they may quickly identify what they don’t want, they convert that to what they do want.

9.   Happy people forgive others and themselves and allow themselves to feel all their feelings realizing that it is no crime to feel bad, but they take charge and revise their underlying beliefs to create more positive feelings.

10.  Happy people love everyone and everything and realize that we are all on our own perfect journeys though that may sometimes result in less loving toward them – unconditional love.





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