YOU ARE a LOVE Machine

Yes, did you realize that you are designed to be a magnificent love machine? Perhaps you are seeking love, but your true well-being is more predicated on giving love than receiving it. It’s not about what comes back, but rather what goes out that makes our souls fly high with joy.

We believe that we are hurt when we don’t receive love, but I challenge you to consider that our pain really emanates when we fail to give love. We were born to love, designed as perfect love machines. Society has conditioned us to believe that our well-being is dependent upon having others love us, but that is upside down. It’s even the same with our pets. While we feel that our pets love us back, it’s really about the care and nurturing we provide our pets that provides us the true joy. Yes, an animal may have a response that we interpret as providing love back to us, but it is more our unconditional outpouring toward them that fuels our soul.

Giving and expressing love can often be scary, but no true growth ever came from the field of “safety.” Real growth and learning come when we venture out of our comfort zone. For years I seldom ventured beyond my safety zone, afraid of what might happen if I expressed love. Then came marriage, children, and a greater appreciation of my parents, friends, and co-workers. As I started to convey my love and appreciation without conjecturing on the outcome, a surge of good feelings returned. Encouraged, I began writing expressing my passion for a few subjects and again the good vibes followed. Even penning this was a leap of faith for I was worried that people might not approve my style or become bored. Soon my friends expanded by the dozens. Yes, I was rebuffed at times in all these ventures, but the exhilaration of putting myself out in what for me had previously been a danger zone was tremendous.

What love do you have to express? To whom could you express it? What is the worst thing that could happen if you did? And what if you were to die never having taken the leap of expressing your love? While it might be your hope, it is not your purpose to give in order to get, so don’t become preoccupied with any outcomes. Because our nature is to love, the only way you can lose is to withhold love. When you are giving love you are winning! Giving love is a common characteristic of truly happy people.

Your task and mine is simply to put our love out for all and trust that that God, spirit, or source energy will take care of the rest. Our destiny is to become that endless LOVE MACHINE that we were all designed to become – and then savor the journey!

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