Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… Day 1

There are “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” so why not “The Twelve Days of Bob Fagan?”  Most of my life for some sage reasons, I’ve been pretty reluctant to share my golf opinions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have them.  Now time is running out for me, and maybe for the game I love as well.  For the next dozen days I will cut loose with 10 opinions daily that previously I’ve kept mostly to myself.  While there will be some controversial ones that may offend a few, they are based on what I have observed as a player of nearly fifty years and working in the business for twenty.  Here it goes…

1.     Golf is the most “over-taught” sport in human existence – a contributing reason why so many frustrated people are leaving the game.

2.     There have been some funny golf movies (love Caddyshack), but not yet a truly great one.

3.     Tiger Woods is at the same time a most exemplary golfer and, at the same time, a least exemplary individual.  I formed that opinion after he returned to competition for reasons that are not directly related to his extramarital activities.  Hopefully someday his actions will make me think better of him as a person, and I sincerely wish him the best.

4.     If the United States Golf Association ran Major League Baseball, baseball would be using aluminum bats.

5.     If you are young, old, or a good shot-maker, fourteen clubs are way too many.   And I will add most women to that list too, but I still need at least 16 or 17.  😉

6.     No one ever got a lasting game improvement from a magazine tip.

7.     Most golfers look like they’re trying to kill snakes.

8.     Byron Nelson may have been golf’s “All-Time Role Model.”  Unfortunately he’s dead.

9.     A mediocre seaside or links course beats a good inland one every time.

10.   We are all victims of our best shots and our worst memories.

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  1. Patrick Mateer

    I enjoy your writing. Inspired me….

    1. Golfers who like slow play also enjoy rush hour traffic and standing in long lines for movie tickets.
    2. Televised golf should have a warning – ‘Don’t try this at home!”
    3. If you have a pre-shot routine, have it start and end in the same day.
    4. Golf is slowing and everyone hates slow play, but there are no slow players. Find one golfer who admits to being a slow player, and I’ll recant that statement.
    5. The slower we play, the higher our scores.
    6. Thinking about your swing on the course is like dancing and thinking about each step you make.
    7. Tour players get paid for being on TV. They’re in no hurry to depart the stage. Helps them – hurts the game.
    8. If Kobe Bryant went through the same routines as golfers, he wouldn’t make half his free throws.
    9. Golf is a great 3 ½ to 4 hour experience. It’s no fun at 5 hours, and a root canal past that.
    10. That which continually slows will eventually stop!

    Pat Mateer,
    Founder, Four Under Golf
    Author – The Return of the Four Hour Round

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