Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 3

21.     Golf is again a game of the affluent.  Wherever they came up with an average U.S. 18-hole  $28 green fee is beyond me.

22.     If you can’t break 100, what does it matter which equipment you play?

23.     Does anyone really watch the Champions Tour in person besides the people sitting in the corporate hospitality tents?

24.     Said George Peper, “If golf’s leading associations had worked as hard at finding a solution to the problem of slow play as they did getting golf into the Olympics, they would have done the game far more good.”  Amen George!

25.     Name a great golf novel.

26.     The golf industry (facilities, equipment, and the like) is awfully good at attracting “stupid money.”

27.     Nothing is worse than a bad caddie, if you can find any caddies at all.

28.     The PGA of America should instruct many of its members on how to travel to the other side of the counter, smile, and shake a hand.

29.     The better college players and developmental tours around the world, not to mention the major professional tour players have truly separated themselves from the very good scratch amateurs.   In earlier times, a 0-2 handicap might masquerade as a playing professional, but no longer.  Now they have more in common playing-wise with a 8-12 handicapper than a touring professional.

30.     Cell phone users on the golf course should have their phone tossed into the nearest water hazard, and if they persist, their ears should be severed.

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