Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 6

51.     Far too many men play from tees too far back for their ability, and then they play too slow.

52.     The PGA club pro today is far better educated than his counterpart of 30-40 years ago, but on average is a far less accomplished player.  With the Champions Tour and mini-tours, now the good players play.

53.     According to most, “Ten yards of distance is better than five shots off your score.”  What about the short game fellow golfers?

54.     From my 18 years experience as a “Golf Expert Witness” regarding litigation often involving accidents, very smart and accomplished people can go “brain-dead” once they step foot on a golf course or practice area.

55.      Just as it is hard to find a person who doesn’t think they don’t have an above average sense of humor, it is just as challenging to find a golf instructor who doesn’t regard themselves as above average.

56.     The PGA TOUR is the 800-lb. Gorilla in the room as regards to golf.  Just look at the gigantic salaries they pay their top dozen staff members.  The American game revolves around the TOUR and not around the American golfer – not a good thing.

57.     The little known Radar Golf Ball was the single best golf invention I’ve ever experienced, and one that the golf ball powers have apparently managed to squash.  The second best is Sun Mountain’s Club Glider golf travel bag that effortlessly glides through airports.

58.     The PGA Merchandise Shows of the 90s were such a fun, fantastic grandiose experience that unfortunately we shall never again experience.

59.     Once golf in China becomes less of an elitist game, watch for the Chinese to begin to play a dominant role among the best players.

60.     The saddest golf experience I had was witnessing the total demise of the East Lake Country Club clubhouse where human feces and graffiti adorned the walls, windows were broken, and there were holes in the walls big enough to slip into the building.  Thankfully, not only the clubhouse and golf course were restored, but the entire neighborhood was enhanced via the loving renovation of the Club.

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