Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 7

61.     The energy/spiritual side of golf continues to be the most overlooked and least understood aspect in enhancing golf performance and enjoyment, though I predict it will begin to be addressed in the future – abroad if not in the US.

62.     In general terms, American junior golfers are spoiled with a plethora of tournament opportunities and fawned over with free equipment and other favors.  They don’t work as diligently as their foreign counterparts.

63.     Most men grossly overestimate the length of how far they hit a golf ball.  (Hmmm, I wonder what else we overestimate?)

64.     Attending a meeting of golf course architects makes for the most fascinating people watching.  You will find creative types, practiced story-tellers, very accomplished sales people, and very opinionated folks with huge egos who, for the moment, are politely stifling their opinions and nicely greeting one another in favor of momentary peace and tranquility.  Get them aside  and “off the record” and their messages change.

65.     Junior golfers used to be the quickest group of players and now they’ve transformed into the slowest – thanks to the examples of the PGA TOUR.

66.     Meet any of the elite PGA club professionals in the country and it is always readily apparent that it was much more than good luck that got them their jobs – they are usually very impressive people.

67.     The future does not bode well for most of the private golf or country clubs, which will morph into semi-private ones.

68.     Modern golf equipment has turned the professional game essentially into a short-game competition.  The clubs have minimized the dexterity of the hit.  Everyone is strong and hits it a mile, which makes for less interesting television coverage.

69.     The quickest way to real scoring improvement is to focus upon the short game.

70.     I absolutely hated and detested the switch to soft-spike golf shoes, but must admit that except for a couple of slip and falls and the immediate loss of distance, they have been a significant benefit to golf courses and clubhouse carpets.

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