Stroke Play is Killing American Golf

Stroke play as popularized by Americans is killing the game of golf. In many other portions of the world, the match play format is the preferred method of playing golf.

Consider this.  Look at the four golfers after a match. In stroke play, you have four unhappy people bent over their scorecards frowning. With match play, at least two are always smiling having won their match!

Besides, stroke play has slowed the game to a virtual crawl, as each blessed stroke is so important.  In match play, when one is out of the hole, they pick up and move on.

We Americans can become so anal and bottom-line oriented to lose sight of the purpose of the game, to enjoy oneself in a beautiful environment with good company, exercise, and perhaps some fun competition.  Don’t you tire of others questioning you after a round, “What did you shoot?”  And do they really want to hear all the details as to why our score could easily have been better?  C’mon now!

Players in the United Kingdom and Ireland have addressed scorekeeping and handicapping while enjoying the match play format, can’t we Americans?  Until then, the game is taking longer and longer to play, and will continue to drive millions away from it!

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