Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 11

101.     The older I get, the better I used to play!

102.     I am thankful to have been around at a time when golf was played as a walking game.

103.     With regard to the USGA leadership (not staff):  As individuals they are bright, accomplished, engaged individuals who kindly donate many hours of their time to the game (for generous perks), but as a group they come across as arrogant, stuffy, and “not in my backyard” types with that organization becoming increasingly irrelevant as they have let the game get out of control, especially with the golf ball.

104.     Name a publicly traded golf company where more that just a few insiders and founders have ever made sizeable profits on their investment.

105.     In America the first question you are asked after a round is “What did you shoot?” (medal play).  In the UK, it’s “Did you win or lose.” (match play)

106.     The major golf magazines are shrinking and many will disappear in the next few years.

107.     Golf industry salaries are comparatively meager to most industries, especially in middle management and below.  If someone leaves, there are always a host of eager people anxious to break into the business and take their place.

108.     A sad, but true fact:  99% of the PGA of America members do not write thank you letters, but the ones that do are sitting at the top of the proverbial pyramid.

109.     The toughest job in golf is being the wife of a touring professional, but sometimes the severance pay can be sweet.

110.      Every time I start bragging about my golf game, the Golf Gods find me, and squat upon me.

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