Product & Book Review: “Power Feel Golf” by Eben Dennis

Eben Dennis

You can choose to believe that golf is a hopelessly complex and difficult game or a simple one. You can guess what choice that any great player has made; that golf is a simple game. Yet pick up most golf books and the game is explained in such detailed manners that you’d be forgiven if you think golf is difficult. Well, I just discovered a wonderful little book that is so simple and direct that it may actually embarrass many instructors who teach golf as a series of complex positions. This little treasure is called “Power Feel Golf” and it’s written by Texas teaching professional, Eben Dennis. And I am going to save a special treat for you until the end of this article.

Mr. Dennis grew up experiencing first-hand the philosophies and techniques of four of the greatest golfers ever – between them they won ten Masters and many more majors. They were Jimmy Demaret, Jackie Burke, Jr., Ben Hogan, and Arnold Palmer.  All were or have been associated with the venerable Champions Golf Club outside of Houston, Texas that Demaret and Burke founded. Dennis happened to grow up adjacent to the course. Hogan came there often to take lessons from his only teacher and best friend, Jimmy Demaret. Arnold Palmer was a friend to all of them as well as with Eben Dennis’ father. Can you imagine the wisdom that young Eben gleaned?

Eben Dennis played a strong game, but back ailments curtailed his professional career while his brother Clark did play the PGA TOUR for several years. Eben’s loss may be our gain. Dennis’ teaching credentials are strong. He has taught and coached thousands, which include TOUR players such as Hall of Famer Nick Faldo, PGA Champion Sean Micheel, Robert Gamez, Bob Estes, Taylore Karle and Billy Mayfair.

What makes “Power Feel Golf” so special? Well, without giving away the store, Mr. Dennis shares his lessons from Demaret, Burke, and Hogan to focus upon the hands as the key to the golf swing. He builds a systematic and logical approach that the position, control, and path of the hands really dictates the golf swing. This is not to confuse that the swing is “handsy,” but rather the role that the hands play. By merely concentrating on this part of the swing and our anatomy, Eben Dennis really succeeds in de-mystifying the golf swing. He continues to show that this same focus is as relevant to the putting and short game areas as it is to the full golf swing. Absent is the dictate that the golfer conforms to an idealized swing, but rather Dennis succeeds in de-mystifying the swing and cleaning out the clutter that inhibit our natural ability.

Not only has Eben Dennis’ message got me eager to get to the practice tee, but I have saved a special treat for you. “Power Feel Golf” can be read for FREE on the Internet by visiting and click on “Book” on the left hand side. And if you really serious, you may want to contact Mr. Dennis for a personal lesson.

Epilogue: Since I first wrote this review, I have had the good fortune to meet Eben Dennis who has helped me tremendously with my game. Though I grew up without any formal lessons, in the past twenty years or so I have had the benefit of working with and observing many great and famous teachers. Overnight with the advent of softspikes, I immediately lost significant distance. Most everyone who observed my swing quickly dismissed my issue as a concession to age. Actually my clubhead speed has remained well above 100 miles per hour, but I had been putting too much distance-robbing spin on many long shots. Eben quickly spotted my issues and I have been able to instantly regain 2/3s of my distance loss. Actually I am now employing a counter-intuitive easier swing of less than 100 M.P.H. and hitting it even further – all with the principles that Eben Dennis provided me!

Eben Dennis has a keen eye, great patience, and the gift of communication that positions him in my opinion as truly one of the world’s top golf instructors. Of course not everyone will be able to experience a one-on-one session as I did with him. Therefore, I strongly recommend you consider Eben Dennis’ “Power Feel Golf” kit. Forget those other quick fix gadgets. For only $69.99 (shipped anywhere in the Continental US), you get Eben Dennis’ revolutionary golf instruction book, it’s DVD companion piece which really makes things clear, as well as a training grip. Would you trade the cost of a round of golf for some permanent improvement in your golf game?  I did and I’m so glad I did!

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