Five Reasons Why Properly Acquired Wealth Is Better


Maybe there are a million reasons why one might prefer wealth to poverty, but sometimes we are also apt to preach that wealth is not the end-all or be-all to life. There’s truth to that except when it leads to a hate or distrust of wealth. Contrary to some, there is nothing inherently bad or evil about being wealthy and if you harbor a secret hate for it, you are sabotaging your chances of improving your lot in life. The key may be how wealth is accumulated. If it is acquired by deceit, force, manipulation, or enslavement, etc., the following go for naught. Serving others, however, can be a way to wealth, and then the following applies.

Here are five very legitimate reasons why you might want to enjoy what wealth has to offer.

Wealth can provide you with CONFIDENCE. Confidence comes with accomplishment and when you accomplish something the shackles of doubt fade.

Wealth can provide you with new APPRECIATION. While it is true that wealth cannot buy happiness, it does buy a “better view.” Surrounded by luxury is more fun than the alternative and allows one to put their focus on previously unimaginable possibilities.

Wealth can provide you with more ENERGY. When many of life’s stresses are taken care of, you are apt to feel happier and lighter.

Wealth can make you FEARLESS. Having success in your pocket makes it easier to bypass fears. When you are not coming from a position of fear, you are more apt to succeed again, and might just become unstoppable. The only caution is to not take this to an extreme.


Most importantly, wealth can make you amore EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTOR. As more of your needs are taken care of, you may begin to think of how you can help others and you are in a more powerful position to do so. Not only helping others, but your example of helping may rub off upon others encouraging them to do the same. You are able to touch and impact more lives in a constructive positive way.

Wealth need not be blindly associated with greed. Properly used, it can be a gift to all. It demonstrates what is possible!

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