Book Review – “All the Courses in the Kingdom” by Richard E. Peck

Beyond The Old Course at St. Andrews, there are forty-two more courses in the surrounding area of Fife in Scotland with more coming.  Like most American travelers, Richard Peck headed straight to the famous “name” courses before he eventually discovered the treasures abounding elsewhere in the Scottish countryside.  “All the Courses in the Kingdom” investigates all the courses, not only the ones with a famous historical ring to them.  Ranging from links to parkland and upland layouts, each course is accounted for in an engaging first-hand manner by the author, refreshingly different than the “committee researched” accounts that populate most golf book shelves.  Part personal journal and part course description, “All the Courses in the Kingdom” may be one of the true hidden gems for any globe trotting golfer to acquire for their library.  I highly recommend this entertaining and informative book that is also nicely illustrated – makes me want to roam around where the game began.  This is available from REPertory, PO Box 1278, Placitas, NM 87043 for $39.95or call 877-737-3786.

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