Book Review – “A Disorderly Compendium of Golf” By Lorne Rubenstein and Jeff Neuman

The title, “A Disorderly Compendium of Golf” pretty much says it all.  Lacking even a Table of Contents, this is, indeed, a “thrown-together” collection of the interesting and quirky stories and information that populate golf.  It is hardly the quality of good creative work that one normally associates with co-author Rubenstein as anyone one could search the Internet, cut and paste information, and create a similar piece.  That said, the paperback book is a fun and interesting source for which you can open to nearly any page and be entertained.  At $13.95 one cannot quibble too much for 390 pages of truths, trivia, minutia and black-and-white photos.  If this is your cup of tea, buy it.

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