Book Review – “Extreme Golf – “The World’s Most Unusual, Fantastic and Bizarre Courses” By Duncan Lennard

“Extreme Golf” is a nicely illustrated book for the golfer who has everything.  (I received it as a gift, and curiously did not already have it.)  If you are a golf nut like me who has played six course in a day in 124-degree heat or in freezing temperatures well below zero, you might get a charge out of seeing others playing golf on snow-covered mountains or in cracked desert make-shift course surrounds with painted features.  Or perhaps you might savor the crocodile pits in Sun City, Africa.  There is a smattering of conventional courses the likes of Cypress Point, Ocean Course at Kiawah, The TPC at Sawgrass, Coeur d’ Alene, Koolau, and others in America and Scotland for which the text is only mildly interesting.  More fascinating are the descriptions of the extreme golf experiences that are, indeed, unusual and extreme.

What is also unusual is that there is a listing of contact information for most of the courses and events.  So if you want to play in the World Ice Golf Championship in Greenland, this book will provide you with information to make that happen.  At $29.95 the price is a bit dear, but perhaps justified by the color photography.  “Extreme Golf,” though hardly an essential for your library, may prove an “interesting” addition.

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