Product Review: “Tin Cup” – Make Your Mark on the Greens

Tin Cup's "Bombs Away!" Model

Did you know that The Rules of Golf require that you positively be able to identify your golf ball?  This is specified under Rule 12-2.  Most players including the top professionals as well as many serious amateur and club players will take a permanent marker and mark their balls with a unique mark or color before beginning their round.  In that way, they can identify their golf ball as required.  Now here comes the fun.

One of the best, most fun products I’ve seen in a long time is called “Tin Cup.”  This is a 100% Stainless Steel half shell that one places over their golf ball which allows a golfer to mark their golf ball with a customized marking template and a permanent ink pen.

You simply take your design and place it over your ball whereby you trace through the template stenciling the image onto your ball.  The Tin Cup Products company produces dozens of stock images as well as offers a customer custom-design service.  Using different colored pens you can have an American Flag logo, a crown, wine glasses with beverages, shark, arrow, whale, cigar, dog, feet, lobster, gecko, gator a martini glass, shark, or one of many more single colored designs.  I chose the “4-leaf Clover” and “Happy Face” designs.

There is a wide variety of interesting choices in the stock designs that range from $17.95 to $19.95 and custom tin cups range in options up to $69 (Shipping & Handling is $5.95).  England’s leading player Lee Westwood ordered a cup with a “W” on it.

Nowadays, there is little you can buy a golfer that they really can become attached to, but the Tin Cup is one of the best gift ideas out there – that is if your golfer hasn’t already snapped one up like I did.   Refer to:

Just a few of the many stock samples offered.

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  1. Adrienne Robards

    I saw your product at The Kraft Nabisco LPGA at Palm Springs. I want to know more about your product and the possibilityof importing them to Australia. Thank you

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