Product Review: Forbes Riley’s SpinGym


Forbes Riley demonstrated the SpinGym to me at the PGA Golf Merchandise Show.


Enjoying a lifetime of appreciation for the role of strength and fitness in both golf and life, I am always on the look out for effective, economical, versatile, and simple devices that work.  In discovering the SpinGym, I may have hit the Mother Lode for upper body toning.  Developed by National Fitness Hall of Fame Member Forbes Riley, the SpinGym is a genius low tech device of high performance nylon rope, two rings, and a polished aluminum weight put together in such a way that it is like a horizontal yo-yo.  And no matter your strength, you will strengthen your core, quick twitch muscles, and overall strength and vitality.  Sound like a tall order?  You bet, at least I thought so.

Interestingly, the more strength you exert, the more resistance you experience, thus the SpinGym is as versatile  for a young athlete as it is for a recuperating senior.  It provides an outstanding warm-up regimen as will as a strength-building one.  The vibrating, slightly irregular load created by the rotation of the central weighted disk can be felt throughout the arms, chest, back, and shoulders while strengthening the core.  Two DVD’s with creator and fitness expert Forbes Riley and a complete pocket manual show you how you can affect different muscles by just changing the position or hold of your SpinGym.

SpinGym is a neat compact device that can transform any sitting activity such as watching television into a highly effective effective workout.  The secret to this magical little device is that it combines inertia, gyrotronic resistance, and isokinetics to deliver rotational forces of up to 20 pounds per pull.  Suffice it to say that just a couple of minutes using this delivered a nice little burn.  It’s ideal for traveling and fitness “on the go,” and best of all, it’s a time saver.  Sculpting and toning takes as little as five minutes a day.

Golfers, baseball players, or those in the martial arts, bowling, tennis, archery, volleyball, basketball, or swimming will find the SpinGym simply indispensable.  So will anyone bound to a chair.  The SpinGym truly is one size that fits all!

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