Product Review: The Most Comfortable Shoe in the World? TRUE linkswear

Shown above are the TRUE tour Models that retail for $129 – a fabulous shoe!


My title suggests that TRUE linkswear Golf Shoes may be the most comfortable shoe in the world, not just in the golf shoe category.   Touring professional Ryan Moore liked these shoes so much that he invested in the Company and plays in them everywhere.  For me, they are like playing in slippers with great traction.  “Simplified,” “ultra light,” and “revolutionary” only begin to describe them.


A while back, I was finishing the last hours of the PGA Merchandise Show walking countless miles on the hard concrete floors of the Orange County Convention Center.  Then I spied the TRUE linkswear booth; their sporty out-of-the-ordinary styling caught my eye.  My tired feet needed a break so I thought I try them on.  Wow!


Within a few minutes I located a few of my friends and asked them to try these cool looking new shoes on too.  Their reactions mirrored mine – the most comfortable shoes we’d ever tried.  The only sad part was that their floor stock was sold out and the Show was finishing.  Oh, if I had only found them three days earlier as my feet somehow felt refreshed.


Recently I got a pair of their black TRUE stealth Models and they’re just as comfortable as I had remembered.  The traction and balance allows me to make a powerful pivot and the grabbing action on the slopes and sand were good, much better than I had imagined.  And the best thing is that my feet feel so good even after 18 holes.  The memory foam in the heel and a fitted sock liner create instant comfort right out of the box.  The word “break-in” doesn’t apply to TRUE linkswear Golf Shoes.


While I loved the sporty saddle shoe models that dominate the TRUE tour Model line ($129), I wanted a cross-over shoe that I can wear anywhere, one that doesn’t scream “Golfer!”  The TRUE stealth Models of the solid black or brown fit that description to a tee and make for a stylishly conservative street shoe, that feel so very good on any surface.


The TRUE stealth Model in black.

My stealth Model has an oiled distressed black finish and is completed with a toe cap for a more traditional finish.  They come with a 2-year water-proof guarantee and a MSRP of $199.


So what makes these shoes even more comfortable than walking barefoot?  First the design was inspired by the emerging barefoot trend in running where the shoes have shifted away from the arch supports and heavily-cushioned heels to a thinner, flatter sole that closer fits the foot’s natural anatomy (essentially heel-less).  Call it a minimalist shoe that combines an ergonomic traction system to allow the golfer’s body to naturally stabilize itself and feel the ground like never before.  Another feature is the widened toe area that allows your toes to function independently of each other.  It is also the lightest shoe with the thinnest sole in golf – and it works.


Golf is a hard enough game.  TRUE linkswear will do for your feet what hybrids have done for your long distance approaches – help you!  And even if you fail to score better, your feet will thank you, and they look good too.  Bravo to True linkswear for these shoes make my “Best in Golf” list.


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