New Golf Nut Surfaces in Texas!

It was only a few years ago that yours truly was acclaimed by the Golf Nut’s Society as the “World’s All-Time Golf Nut,” but there is a “New Nut in Town.”  Texan Richard Lewis has already broken the Guinness Book of Records for the most rounds of golf played and walked in one year (587 on December 19th) and will shortly record his 600th on December 26th beginning at 10 a.m.  All of his rounds have been played at his two club’s two courses, The TPC Las Colinas and the Cottonwood Private Courses that host the Byron Nelson Classic.

What provided me notoriety was for compressing much golf into short time periods on many different courses along with my crazy travel, but I would take time off for business and family.  In contrast, you know at certain times of every day where you will find Richard Lewis.

Golf Nut Richard Lewis during one of more than 600 rounds walked in 2010!

An introvert by nature, Lewis has nonetheless shared a few interesting facts about his feat.  Lewis

* Estimates he has walked around 3,900 miles total (more than walking coast to coast!)

* Estimates this is more than 7 million steps

* Has played as many as 54 holes in a day

* Begins his daily round at 7:30 am, begins 2nd round at 10:30 am

* Has lost about 40 pounds off his original weight (now weighs 141 lbs)

* Missed only about 19 days so far due to sleet or below freezing temps (he’s a “trooper”)

* Makes himself eat at least 1 pizza a day & lots of protein drinks a week just to keep weight on

* Played in a driving cold rain with Four Seasons’ 5 PGA Class A Pros on Nov. 3 just to keep on track.

* Has used the same Sun Mountain golf club carry bag for more than 1,000 rounds.

* Used 9 different pairs of shoes

Lewis shares that the support of his local golf club helped make the feat possible citing encouragement by the staff and fellow members, plus the accessibility of two golf courses to play, along with great weather for most of the year.

His plans for the 600th round are to be surrounded by a few loyal friends and family members who have also endured and supported this monumental feat of personal athleticism and determination. Several supporters have paid more than $5,000 to play with him in this record 600th round on the 6.15 mile TPC Four Seasons layout so that monies raised may be donated in Lewis’ honor to support The First Tee of Dallas.

Four Seasons Club Manager Rob Cowan says, “The detail to his quest is just amazing. Just eating healthy, staying healthy and getting ready for another round.”

Paul Earnest, Four Seasons Director of Golf, says what amazes him about Lewis is his passion for the game. “He’s always trying to improve his game,” he said. “He’ll hit every shot and then go to the range and practice on something.”  Lewis is currently a 3 handicap.

Lewis says, “When I was 10 years old I wanted to be a PGA TOUR pro, but it never worked out for me. Now I have another quest, another goal, which I fully intend to complete in December.”

After playing the 600th round on December 26, Lewis plans to continue his feat until he plays his final round, likely his 611th of the year on Friday, December 31st.  Members of the Sports Club, its Men’s Golf Association and friends are invited to play in this final ceremonial and historical round for a donation of $75 (member) or $125 (guest). Each player will receive a commemorative scorecard signed by Lewis recording his and their scores for the round.  Proceeds from this day’s event will benefit the Junior Golf Foundation of the Northern Texas PGA.

Congratulations Richard Lewis for you truly are truly “Golf Nut.”  My hat’s off to you!  And can you imagine anyone else getting more for their money than Richard has?

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  1. Todd Halpen

    I wish I met him! I was at the TPC for the AMF Instructor Summit in September…seems like he may have had a spot in his regular group!

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