Speech at the groundbreaking for the Ken Janke Sr. Golf Learning Center

This speech was given on April 28 by Terry Moore, co-chair of the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame, at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Ken Janke Sr. Golf Learning Center—the new home of the MGHOF—at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI. 


Kim & Ken Janke Jr. at the Groundbreaking

Ken Janke Jr. & Kim at the Groundbreaking

Good morning, everyone!

On behalf of my co-chair Greg Johnson and the 16 other Board members of the Michigan Golf Foundation, let me say this is a great day for Ferris State and for Michigan golf.

Today is the result of a  successful partnership between Ferris State and the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame and with the generous support of many alumni, organizations and donors, especially lead donors like Ken & Kim Janke and Mike Bigford. As such, the HOF is closer to moving into its new home. 

For over 5 years, the plaques, portraits, and artifacts have  been held in safekeeping here at Ferris State with only a few items on public display.

With today’s groundbreaking, we’re taking the next steps in our path for opening the doors to the HOF.

Greg and I along with our entire Board were overjoyed with the news of this groundbreaking.  BUT the reality really hit us about moving into a new home when we started getting sales calls from 2 Men and a Truck!  

As for why we’re so honored to be here today, let me quote three of our past chairs who have all given so much to our Board and to golf: 

Immediate past chair Fritz Balmer said, “What better place to exhibit the Hall of Fame than at Ferris State,  the birthplace of the Professional Golf Management curriculum. Putting the students in touch with golf history and the people who made that history is a perfect fit.” 

Bob McMasters

Bob McMasters

Another past chair, dynamic golf leader and generous donor Bob McMasters wisely said, “Individuals may come and go but an institution like a university lasts forever. Ferris State has the resources to ensure a sustainable future for the HALL OF FAME. And besides, it’s at a golf course with a state-of-the-art learning center. What can be any better than that?” 

Sara Wold, another energetic chair and major donor, said: “We are so excited to have a new home for the Hall of Fame. It’s important to preserve the legacy of women’s golf, and introduce the game to future women players as well. Ferris State is a great location.” 

At its core, the HOF is about recognizing and preserving the stories and the achievements of Michigan golf. With the new Ken Janke Senior Golf Learning Center, the Hall of Fame will celebrate the legacy of its notable champions and contributors. 

In remembering these stories, this slice of Pure Michigan,we hope students and visitors—golfers and non-golfers alike— will find a rich history, valuable lessons and perhaps even inspiration. 

At this time, let me express our gratitude to several key individuals and organizations: 

First, thank you to the Board of Trustees of FERRIS STATE and to President Eisler for their vision, their wholehearted support, and for their bulldog determination for this project. 

Thank you to the staff of the PGM program as well as the Advancement & Marketing team or all of their efforts. At the PGM program, we must mention Mark Wilson who years ago read a press release story by Greg Johson titled, “Michigan Golf Hall of Fame Seeking New Home” and then contacted us.

We commend Mark, a HOF member, for being not only an astute reader of the Rules of Golf but also of urgent press releases! 

Thank you to the co-founders of the HOF in 1982, Stan Aldridge and Ken Janke Sr., who conceived and nurtured it and made it a lasting part of Michigan golf history. Thanks too to those charter committee members still on the Board today: Larry Adderly, Jack Berry and Jim Dewling. We’re indebted to them for their long and loyal service and counsel. 

A thank you to all 8 of our member organizations—as well as their Boards of Directors— for their unwavering support over many years. And a special mention to these lead donors:

 The Golf Association of Michigan, Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association, Michigan PGA, and the Michigan Women’s Golf Association.

Meg Mallon

Meg Mallon

Finally let me share a few closing thoughts and words from Meg Mallon,  who grew up in Michigan, and became an 18-time LPGA winner, Solheim Cup captain and a member of Michigan’s and the World Golf Hall of Fame. 

Meg said: 

“What separates the great players from the very good ones are their work ethic, their of love of the game and their passion for competing.” 

Meg also understood what legendary golfer Ben Hogan meant when he was once asked what was the secret of his golf swing.

“It’s in the dirt,” he said, meaning the dirt of the practice range and all the time and sacrifice spent there to be a champion.

Today at this Groundbreaking we’re inspired by so many champions and supporters of both Ferris State and the Mich. Golf Hall of Fame, who made this day possible 

by their work ethic, 

by their love of the game and for learning, 

and by their dedication and passion. 

Yes, the secret and the promise of this groundbreaking is “in the dirt” and so much more.

Thank you. And see you at the Grand Opening!

—Terry Moore


photos courtesy of the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame and Ferris State University

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