Two golf writers and a memorable round at the Masters

While visiting Boston this spring to see my new granddaughter, I happily pored over The Boston Globe, one of the country’s best newspapers, and enjoyed the fast-fading pleasures of reading it with a cup of joe. In spite of huge space devoted naturally to the Red Sox and the Celtics, the Globe admirably and surprisingly had a page and a half of golf coverage.

Moore and Whitmer at Augusta National's 12th hole, 1995

Written by Michael Whitmer, the “golf page” included an inspiring story about a new middle school golf outreach program, a New England golf notes column, a national golf notes column, pro tours-at-a glance listing, and a loaded local tournament schedule. Wow! In an age where such newspaper golf coverage is rare indeed, this was a most encouraging find. Noting Whitmer was a fellow member of the Golf Writers Association of America, I emailed him a ‘two thumbs’ up note. Within minutes Whitmer replied, expressed thanks, and asked me if I was the same “Terry Moore” who once played Augusta National as a media lottery pick on the Monday following the ’95 Masters (won by Ben Crenshaw.) Yup, that’s me. Well, lo and behold I had forgotten my friendly playing partner that day was Michael, in his words, “a young pup working at the newspaper in Columbus, Georgia” and covering his first Masters.

In his email, Michael said he’s been at the Globe the past nine years but only returned to sports “18 months ago—and I’m thrilled they’re able to give me decent space every Thursday on a seasonal basis.” From reading his well-written stories and notes, it’s obvious the Globe has a passionate and hard-working golf writer back on the beat. It’s also obvious that a reunion of sorts will be taking place on a Boston area course between two golf writers who shared a once-in-a-lifetime round at Augusta National.

It’s a small world indeed; but as someone once reminded me, it’s only small if you keep reaching out for connections. Take that, Facebook!

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