About the SPG

The Southern Players Guide is meant to provide useful, candid navigation for traveling, discerning players who find themselves in the Southeast (and beyond).

The goal of SPG is to become a resource of online golf criticism while placing the focus on the consumer’s experience of playing each course and, ideally, the appreciation of its architecture. As consumers we rely on critics to help us chose products ranging from restaurants to movies to cars. We might base the purchase of a $9 movie or a $15 bottle of wine on the rating of a critic, yet in golf there are few, or only vague, equivalents. This despite the fact that playing 18 holes can consume 5 or 6 hours of our time and cost us, sometimes, $100 or more. Shouldn’t there be more reliably frank gauges of how to spend this time and money?

New reviews will be added to the SPG weekly–check back often for new courses. Hopefully you will reference SPG when searching for a place to play; to compare your notes on a particular course to mine; to seek out how one course rates against others in a particular area; to get beyond the PR fluff; or to read updates on new golf courses.

Above all I hope you simply enjoy reading the course reviews. While I’ve graded each course and given it a score, much of the most valuable information is found in the written text. The reviews are meant to be honest, entertaining and good-natured while providing the essential pieces of information about what you’ll find at each course.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy The Southern Players Guide.

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