Ah, Ah, Ah!

What do you call a spoof of a spoof? How do you calculate Spoof2?

Whatever you call it or no matter how you calculate it, the Golf Boys video has already been sincerely flattered by imitation. Four players from the Ladies European Tour–Sophie Giquel, Sophie Sandolo, Jade Schaeffer and Cassandra Kirkland–have basically copied “Oh Oh Oh”–albeit with a Continental accent:

It seems somewhat regrettable that there’s no chest-baring in this version.  Though the video was shot about 15 miles west of Paris, this is apparently not the place in France where the naked ladies dance.  It was shot at the Golf de Saint-Nom-la-Bretéche club, an exclusive 36 holes melded into a composite course for competitions.


It will be the site of the 2011 Vivendi Trophy match in mid-September this year, the second running of the tournament between (male) players of Continental Europe against Great Britain and Ireland, in alternate years from the Ryder Cup. In May, the cup was renamed, and players will now vie for the Vivendi Seve Trophy.


Getting back to the girls, Sophie Giguel, Jade Schaeffer and Cassandra Kirkland are French; Sophie Sandolo is Italian, although French-born. She went to UCLA and played on the golf team there; Kirkland was a standout at the University of Arizona.

All are exempt players on the tour, all have websites, but only Schaeffer and Giguel have the ever-elusive victories, one each. Giguel is tenth on this year’s money-list to date.

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