Ode to the Red-winged Blackbird

“How did you hit it over here?”
The Red-winged Blackbird gurgles in my ear,

Commenting on my slicéd drive
Which led to an unfortunate bogey five.

It’s just a remark, he’s seen it all,
The fruitless struggles with the strange white ball

Agreeably watching it all go by,
A darkened speck against the vast blue sky:

The red shoulder patches give his attire flavor,
Since otherwise he’s all in black–like Gary Player.

2 Responses to “Ode to the Red-winged Blackbird”

  1. Leon S White

    Your readers might be interested to know that golf poetry has a long history. The first known reference to golf in a poem goes back to 1638. The first book devoted entirely to golf is a 358 line mock-heroic poem, “The Goff” first published in 1743. I have been writing a Blog about golf poetry (www.golfpoet.com) for the past three years. I also have a book out on Amazon, “Golf Course of Rhymes – Links between Golf and Poetry Through the Ages” with a Foreword by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., himself an amateur poet.

  2. Tom Bedell

    He’s not kidding, folks, so check out Leon’s blog. Would the bard of the white ball care to lay an example on us here?

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