Vistas In Northwest Ireland: Rugged And Colossal

The scenery throughout Ireland is real eye candy, but most of the standard imagery involves verdant, fairly gentle terrain. Such topography certainly exists in the northwest section of the island, but there’s also some extremely austere landscape resembling moors.

There are also several mountain ranges and some landforms, like the mesa-like formation, Benbulben Mountain, on our drive between Donegal and Sligo, where it forms an ubiquitous landmark on the golf course at Rosses Point.

An imposing landform on the way to play Carne

For golfers, of course, perspectives with mountain and ocean backdrops are only slightly less entrancing than the behemoth dunes that define the routing of so many of the region’s courses. Few golf destinations can match their scale.

Dunes like this provide a design element that is inimitable. The 16th at Carne (left) and the 13th at Enniscrone. Photography copyright: Henebry Photography