I’d like to hear from you.

As a travel writer, I try to provide readers with vacation ideas, adventurous activities, or useful locations. I aim to describe and detail the destinations details and subtleties such as a sunset suite or Sangria at the spa. It doesn’t happen often, but I love it when people tell me their travel stories. It is fun to hear of the places they loved and the experiences they simply must share:

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  1. Emily Gerkin Palsrok

    “My husband and I went to France in late June for a wedding and some international exploration. Red wine was flowing and lots of great cheese and breads. In retrospect, we wish we had more time in French countryside. It was amazing, and we barely saw the tip of the iceberg.
    We did a lot of the touristy, but must-see highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe. Although I was very excited about the trip, it blew away my expectations, and my husband David must have said 12 times on the trip, “this is so much better than I thought it was going to be.” Emily Gerkin Palsrok, Lansing, MI

  2. Jon-Pierre Medawar

    “Cancun, Mexico on New Years Eve. The all-inclusive hotel threw a huge party with entertainment and fireworks. There was also a wonderful seafood restaurant in the heart of Cancun, right on the water, called Lorenzillos where I had the most amazing three-pound lobster, cooked to order. An hour outside the city is a place called Xelha, where fresh water meets salt water. You can snorkel, scuba- dive, swim, and even jump off a 20-foot cliff into the water. The pictures from my underwater camera prove I came face-to-face with an eight-foot Barracuda, and plenty of other tropical sea life, while snorkeling. –Jon-Pierre Medawar, Grand Ledge, MI

  3. Judean Lokuta-Bulchak

    “Our best vacation ever was a trip to the woods in Pine River, Michigan with my kids, my husband and me. It was all rustic: no water, electric or bathrooms. We had to pump water from an old well, catch our own food, cook by bonfire, and use oil lanterns. You can’t get any closer to nature than that!” Judean Lokuta-Bulchak, Wyandotte, MI

  4. Brian Jones

    “I traveled around portions of northern and southern Norway seeing big cities such as Oslo and small towns on the fjords and the North Sea. I saw beautiful countryside, mountains, and streams, too in this very clean, unspoiled country.” Brian Jones, Birmingham, MI

  5. Ryan Halfman

    “I took my girlfriend on our very own Pure Michigan tour. We started in Mackinaw City, then we took the beautiful Highway 2 along the Upper Peninsula coast and settled in some cozy cabins on Little Manistique Lake, right in Curtis, and hiked even further north to see Tahquamenon Falls. We stopped at Oswald’s Bear Ranch and had our picture taken with the cubs! I had never heard of the natural Big Spring at Palm Book State Park, which proved to be beautiful and rich in history.” Ryan Halfman, Hubbardston, MI

  6. Julie Brixie

    “My husband and I took a camping trip to Yosemite National Park with our three daughters. Everyone loved views of El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Falls, and Vernal Falls and the wild bears! The kids survived without computers or TV and enjoyed nature. Every direction you looked you saw some spectacular scene: Half Dome, Glacier Point, and Yosemite Falls.” Julie Brixie, Meridian Township.

  7. Rita LaMoreaux

    “My most memorable destination? Southwestern England’s Camelot Castle, in Cornwall, matched what I was looking for – historic atmosphere, on the water, relaxing, and affordable – at least according to the hotel’s website. My room was like a small closet with a rickety bed. The bathroom was all one pre-formed piece of plastic where you could take a shower and use the toilet or the sink at the same time. The small window had an amazing view of Tintagel Castle and the ocean, which would have saved the horrible room except for the gale force winds that came straight though the window howling and blowing on me all night. My dinner, though, consisted of wine and an amazing beet soup that felt like I was eating a magic potion!” Rita LaMoreaux, Lansing.

  8. Mike Nussdorfer

    “Two years ago we drove our pop-up camper across I-80 to the Black Hills. The highlight of the trip was coming over the hill ad seeing Mt Rushmore for the first time framed in a rock arch. We also loved other vacations to Acadia National Park in Maine and trips around Lake Huron, to the Smokey Mountains, and across the Upper Peninsula to the Porcupine Mountains.” Mike Nussdorfer, Okemos, MI

  9. Maryann Bale

    “We cruised from Rome to Venice, and saw Monte Carlo, the ruins at Pompeii, Athens, Ephesus in Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Sicily, Malta, Corsica, and Portofino. It was just like a movie. 24 days of cruising – the trip of a lifetime!” Maryann Bale, Wyandotte, MI

  10. Terri Rytleswki Shaver

    “My husband Tom and I backpacked inside Haleakala the volcano on Maui. There are three cabins for rent at various elevations if you hike miles inside miles the abyss, so we launched into the crater. There is a meadow that is so lush and tropical it almost looks like Jurassic Park. The moonscape that one normally sees from the visitor’s center is just a small part of what’s actually inside Haleakala. The cabins are primitive and must be reserved months in advance, and logistics nightmare, but it was well worth the effort!” Terri Rytleswki Shaver, Lansing, MI

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