It’s Not a Ross Course, Management Company Wants Out

A great story from the Orlando Sentinal. Maece Taylor Inc., which manages the golf course in Sanford, Fla. wants to break its lease with the city to run Mayfair Country Club because the layout, Maece Taylor claims, is not a Donald Ross design as Sanford maintains. The management company is relying on the word of Michael Fay, a founder of the Donald Ross Society, as its Donald Ross “authority.”  To me, it would have made more sense to trust the word of Donald Ross biographer Brad Klein or a golf course architect who is familiar with the work of Ross.

In his book, “Discovering Donald Ross,” Klein does not list Mayfair as a Ross design or redesign. The city has no proof that Ross designed the layout, even though the management company says Sanford has claimed it to be a Ross layout for decades.

The complete story can be found by clicking here.

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