Best Golf Quote, April Fool Prank of the Week

Unlike many golf viewers, I find Johnny Miller to be interesting and entertaining during golf telecasts although he does have his aggravating traits, like when he insists there is grain in greens and all putts of a particular golf course break towards either (choose one) the ocean, the mountains, the ravine, the stream, the pond or the clubhouse.

The fact remains, though, he is often spot on with his analysis as he proved again this weekend during coverage of the Houston Open while a promo was running advertising two shows on the Golf Channel, The Haney Project and Feherty.

The Haney Project is renowned golf instructor Hank Haney working with celebrities on improving their swings.

After Dan Hicks read off what’s coming up this week on the two shows, Miller, bless his heart, blurted out: “Do any of these pupils of Haney’s get better?”

Never has a nail been hit more precisely on the head. Miller attempted to smooth over his comment by pointing out that golf is a game where improvement is rare and difficult. He’s correct, it is. It was still a great question.

The best April Fool golf prank comes courtesy of the wife of Chris Tritabaugh. He’s the very talented superintendent at Northland Country Club in Duluth, Minn. Unbeknownst to Chris, his wife changed his birthday on his Facebook page so for all of yesterday he received dozens of good wishes even though it wasn’t his birthday. Because Facebook apparently does not allow a birthday to be changed more than once a day, Chris couldn’t correct her prank. Kudos to her!

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